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  • For them to have the intentions of just knocking over the rock for the sole purpose of being Vandals.


  • Just you know, just makes me upset.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 tourist attractions ruined by morons.


  • Any American who stands in those beautiful places will be equally angry about this.


  • I mean it's something that every american feels very close to for this list will be looking at the times tourists caused damage to historic and otherwise noteworthy travel locations which of these angers you the most let us know in the comments number 10 casa dos mouros Dolman Vigo Spain.

    我的意思是,這是每個美國人都感到非常親近的事情,這個名單將著眼於遊客對歷史和其他值得注意的旅遊地點造成的破壞,其中最讓你生氣的是哪一個,讓我們在評論中知道,10號casa dos mouros Dolman Vigo Spain。

  • Despite the fact that there are so many morons doing moronic things in this world, it's always kind of shocking when things like this happen.


  • A popular tourist attraction in Virgo Spain is the casa dos mouros Dolman, a 4000 year old megalithic stone formation in 2016.

    西班牙處女座的一個熱門旅遊景點是2016年的casa dos mouros Dolman,這是一個有4000年曆史的巨石陣。

  • Someone spy painted one of the dolmen stones with a symbol from harry potter of all things and wrote always with what appears to be an emoticon heart.


  • At the end, it's honestly an inexplicable action and defies any common sense.


  • Dolman czar believed by archaeologists to be tombstones and grave sites.


  • So not only is this immature, it is highly disrespectful, treacherous little bleeder said no one, we can trust number nine margate beach Market.


  • England.


  • This is something that happens frequently, but let's just pick out one beach in particular market in Kent UK refers to itself as the original seaside on tourist sites and is home to many attractions such as a theme park and art galleries in 2019.


  • An event, a track Around 500 people was held on the beach.


  • In addition to the number of usual beachgoers, the event was provided with trash bins, bags and plenty of provisions to not make a huge mess in the sand.


  • This was all futile.


  • However, as visitors were said to leave a heartbreaking amount of litter on the beach.


  • The seagulls were thrilled humans not so much Andy, you gonna clean that up?


  • Oh yeah, I will number eight.


  • The cliffs of moor Ireland.


  • The cliffs of more were naturally formed over 320 million years ago and are a unique geological wonder to behold on the coast of Ireland.


  • They've been declared part of a unesco global Geoparks, which means that there is extra effort to conserve the location and it's awe striking visuals.


  • However, we clearly can't have nice things.


  • This particular location is out of the way, it won't be visible to tourists by and large.


  • My concern is that people copycat will, will do other artwork.


  • In 2013 to french graffiti artists who go by mama and Dirty Ed Uar decided to spray paint an eight by six ft swirly, multicolored and impossibly unwelcome abstract piece of street art on the cliffs.


  • Why just why would you do such a foolish geologists were quick to assess the damage, Some saying that erosion and waves will likely naturally remove the paint.


  • However, it could take years and possibly decades to entirely disappear.


  • The rocks 300 million years old.


  • It's got its own natural beauty.


  • It's weathered by the waves, the wind over vast periods of time.


  • That's what people come to see.


  • They don't come to see somebody spray painting.


  • Number seven the little mermaid statue, Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhagen's most famous statue, The little mermaid has been victim to vandalism an astonishing number of times over the years.


  • Well, look at what the catfish Look at you, look at you, there's something different.

    好吧,看看這條鯰魚 看看你,看看你,有什麼不同。

  • It seems people have seen the piece fit for a number of protest declarations.


  • The statue was commissioned in 1909 and has since been beheaded twice had her arms sought off was found floating in the harbor, held some adult toys and Has been covered and paint a couple of times.


  • In 2020, uh, Vandals spray painted the words racist fish onto the stone beneath the mermaid without any direct explanation.


  • A number of monuments have been defaced in the past few years with explanations.


  • It's hard to see what the character that would eventually become Ariel did to anybody.


  • However, number 6, 15 statues parquet museo La venta.

    然而,6號,15個雕像的鑲邊博物館La venta。

  • Tabasco Mexico.


  • The problem with allowing tourists to view historical objects in a large open space is that they are much too close to the artifacts.


  • Stay back Kaiju specimens are extremely rare.


  • So look, but don't touch.


  • This has often been an issue in the british museum for the same reason, the parquet museo la venta is a stun outdoor museum and park in which visitors can view centuries old all Mac culture sculptures.

    由於同樣的原因,這在英國博物館經常是一個問題,parquet museo la venta是一個眩暈的戶外博物館和公園,遊客可以在其中觀看幾個世紀的全麥文化雕塑。

  • In 2018, 2 men, tourists from Indonesia were taken into custody after damaging 15 of these sculptures by pouring oil all over them.


  • 15.


  • It's difficult to know why anyone would do this, but thankfully these two idiots were caught number five azalea trees, Liangshan china, the Sichuan province of china is home to an incredibly beautiful bloom of azalea trees and idyllic scenery Because of this, thousands of tourists flock to the area in their cars, blocking local traffic and life.


  • That's not the worst part.


  • However, the tourists can't just look with their eyes aside from the trash left everywhere, tourists have been known to approve and steal the azalea trees, tear the branches off to get better pictures and even use the azalea branches to start barbecue fire pits.


  • Azalea trees can only grow 2800 ft above sea level atop mountains and are thus delicate to begin with.


  • These are earthly wonders that will rapidly disappear with continued barbaric behaviors and by the, by smoking don't apparently the number four, the Duck Bill rock formation Oregon us.


  • The Duck Bill was a sandstone rock in Cape Co wanda State Natural area in Oregon us.


  • It was an ancient hoodoo formation which is basically a tall, thin spire naturally resembling a duck's head.


  • Hence its nickname.


  • The key word here is, was as it's no longer there.


  • In 2016 a group of teenagers decided to topple the formation over destroying it.


  • The search is on today for these knuckleheads who toppled an iconic rock formation over the years, the structure had become weakened from the abundant amount of visitors climbing it.


  • So the park had erected a fence around it to avoid tourist contact, claiming to be doing the park a public service to avoid accidents.


  • Sure, the teens pushed the rock until it collapsed and shattered.


  • It kind of just like laughed it off, took it with pride that they destroyed something magnificent and then just kind of disappeared right after number three, the hot springs Yellowstone National Park Wyoming Yellowstone is known for its impressive natural hot springs and many a tourist has done stupid things in or around them.


  • However, this one is a slow burn caused by a large number of visitors.


  • Morning glory is one of the most famous springs.


  • Images from the 19 forties show the spring in its former glory pun intend with a tropical blue hue hence its floral name.


  • However, recent photos show the spring is now a dark green edged with yellow and orange guest started complaining of a strange colored water and also a foul odor.


  • This has been proven recently to be due to the abundant amount of pennies, rocks and general trash tourists throw into morning glory if your penny wish was to ruin a stunning natural phenomenon, congratulations.


  • Number 27 US National Parks US social media has really led to some moronic behavior in the past decade or so over 26 days.

    第27個美國國家公園 美國的社交媒體在過去十幾年裡確實導致了一些低能的行為,超過26天。

  • In the fall of 2014, 23 year old Casey knock.


  • It defaced government property in seven US national parks with her graffiti, which consisted of her mediocre artwork and instagram handle.


  • She claims to have done so quote in the name of art, but that's a little hard to believe given the social media info provided knock it even bragged about using acrylic paint and when an instagram user told her it would be difficult to wipe off rock.


  • She replied, I know I'm a bad person due to said info.


  • She was quickly tracked down and caught by authorities knock.


  • It was subsequently sentenced to two years probation and is banned from all government owned parks.


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  • The pyramids and the Sphinx Egypt arguably the most recognizable tourist attractions.


  • The Egyptian pyramids and the sphinx are subject to decline due to massive amounts of visitors.


  • There are some natural phenomenon at work here, such as breath and humidity from tourists in abundance.


  • Doing damage to the ancient structure walls.


  • However, there is of course a human stupidity element as well.


  • Once again, people can't just use their eyes.


  • Tourists have been Known to chip away at the rocks on the attractions to get souvenirs as well as flat out, steal parts of artifacts and illegally climbed the structures.


  • In 2013, the temple of Luxor was defaced by a teenage tourist who wrote the classic so and so was here on ancient Egyptian artwork Bravo.


  • It was an accident.


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For them to have the intentions of just knocking over the rock for the sole purpose of being Vandals.


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