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  • six Queens, read them and weep.


  • Not so fast.


  • Seven queens Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 times the Simpsons got sued.


  • This combines my two least favorite things, other people's music and other people for this is to be looking at the moments and circumstances that led to America's favorite yellow family and or its creators and producers to be sued or nearly sued in real life, which Simpson's lawsuit caught your attention let us know in the comments below number 10 the louis lawsuit, even though he's just one of Fat Tony's henchmen, the Simpsons character, louis ended up becoming just as infamous, although not in the way you think.


  • In 2014, louis was the focus of a lawsuit filed by actor frank Severo who played Frankie Carbone in Goodfellas, make that coffee to go.

    2014年,路易斯是演員frank Severo提起的訴訟的焦點,他在《古惑仔》中扮演Frankie Carbone,讓咖啡去吧。

  • Let's go.


  • Severo claim that the riders of the show still car bones likeness and mannerisms which Severo based on his own personality while they live next door to him in 1989 as compensation.


  • Severo demanded a total of 250 million in damages.


  • Unfortunately for Severo is lawsuit was rejected in his attempt to appeal the case in 2018 ended in failure.


  • You're all talk Hamill, you never even finished Jedi school legal issues aside, it's kind of impressive that a henchman like louis could cause such a commotion in real life.


  • Can we go by the Lexus Place I want to test drive the new hybrid, You are a hybrid.


  • Half, idiot, half moron, Whoa!


  • Number nine A F.

    九號A F。

  • M versus 20th Century Fox and Nbcuniversal After more than 30 years on the air, the Simpsons theme song has become one of the show's most iconic trademarks.

    M與20世紀福克斯公司和Nbcuniversal公司對峙 經過30多年的播出,《辛普森一家》的主題曲已經成為該節目最標誌性的商標之一。

  • However, as important as the song is to the show, it's also been the source of some legal trouble as well.


  • The show's theme song was used in a roller coaster ride at Universal Studios, Hollywood and the american Federation of Musicians took immediate legal action claiming that this act violated a 2010 agreement with 20th century Fox and Nbcuniversal.


  • Fox refused to comment on the lawsuit, while Universal Studios denied the union's claims, insisting that their use of the song was purely for promotional purposes.


  • That was for you bleeding gums, you've made an old jazz man happy Number eight, Morrissey almost sued in the season 32 episode, Panic on the Streets of Springfield, lisa becomes a fan of musician Quill A B a parody inspired by the smiths frontman, morrissey flush that you cover with cheese is proof of your moral disease.

    那是為了你的牙齦出血,你已經讓一個老爵士樂手高興了 八號,莫里斯在第32季的劇情中差點起訴,《斯普林菲爾德街頭的恐慌》,莉莎成為音樂家奎爾A B的粉絲 一個模仿者,靈感來自史密斯樂隊的主唱,莫里斯的同花順,你用奶酪覆蓋是你道德疾病的證明。

  • However, lisa's ideal image of Quill A B goes up in flames when she discovers that he has gone from a vegan who shared many of her political beliefs to an overweight meat eating and hateful man, morrissey was less than pleased and spoke out against the episode, claiming that the hatred expressed by the show's creators towards him was akin to a taunting lawsuit in the end morrissey chose not to sue the show as doing so would have cost him more money than it was worth.


  • I'm only here because I lost my fortune suing people for saying things about me that were completely true.


  • Number seven, ALF clauson takes legal action after being recruited as the Simpsons music producer In 1990 ALF clausen went on to produce some of the series most memorable musical scores, controls the metric system.

    第七,ALF clauson在被聘為《辛普森一家》的音樂製作人後採取了法律行動 1990年,ALF clausen繼續製作一些系列中最令人難忘的音樂配樂,控制公制。

  • However, in 2017, Clausen's time with the show came to an end when its creators announced that he was being let go at the time Clausen's dismissal was attributed to creative differences and for farming out work to other composers, including his own son.


  • He's guilty of mayhem exposure, indecent freak Not behavior, both chronic and recent things only got more intense.


  • Two years later, when Clawson launched a lawsuit against his former employers for wrongful termination because of his age and for being diagnosed with Parkinson's Clausen's legal battle with Fox continued for a couple more years before eventually dropping the suit.


  • In early 2022, Number six, the Simpsons get in trouble with Brazil leave it to a show as famous and long lived as the Simpsons to almost cause an international incident.


  • One of its more infamous episodes, blame it on lisa features the Simpsons traveling to brazil for the first time.


  • Hi lisa, thank you for your donation because of your generosity.


  • I bought sturdy shoes that will last for 1000 sambas along with offensive stereotypes and cultural inaccuracies?


  • The episode also portrayed brazil as a dangerous location where tourists are likely to be kidnapped or robbed.


  • My american friend, I'm afraid that this is a kidnapping so that means I don't have to pay the fare.


  • Eventually Rio de janeiro's tourist board took action and threatened to sue Fox for ruining brazil's image and costing them revenue, forcing the guilty party to issue an immediate apology.


  • The fact that even the Brazilian president at the time also supported the idea of a lawsuit shows just how serious the situation was.


  • This is a cigarette butt you burned me with, you slept like a baby that night.


  • Number five Sega takes legal action.


  • Released in 2001.


  • The Simpsons Road Rage is known for more than just selling over a million copies and its poor graphics as it turns out, this game was the focus of a lawsuit filed by the Sega video game company against Fox Interactive electronic arts and radical entertainment for patent infringement home.


  • Are you going to atone for your many sins by getting me to my destination on time.


  • While the game does take place in a poorly designed version of Springfield, the game's objectives plot and overall gameplay bear many similarities to the 1999 Sega arcade game.


  • Crazy taxi.


  • Hey, it's time to make some crazy money.


  • Are you ready?


  • Here we go.


  • In the end, the case was privately settled between the two parties before ever got to courts.


  • Well Simpson did you learn something today.


  • Oh did I ever number four hologram Usa is lawsuit.


  • This particular lawsuit may not have been the first time that the Simpsons were sued for patent infringement, but it definitely was under unique circumstances.


  • Oh Gloria, glorious, heavenly testament to the eternal majesty of God's creation while celebrating their 25th anniversary at san Diego Comic Con in 2014, matt graining introduced and spoke with a hologram of Homer Simpson although it was a memorable and hilarious moment.


  • It also caused Alki David from hologram Usa to sue 20th century Fox and Gracie films for using Homer's hologram without a license to the technology used to create him.


  • I'm somewhere where I don't.


  • A year later, both Hologram Usa and Fox settled a lawsuit with David confirming that he was satisfied by the outcome.

    一年後,Hologram Usa和福克斯公司都解決了訴訟,大衛確認他對結果感到滿意。

  • This is the worst place yet.


  • Number three sued by a Russian father.


  • Not every Simpsons lawsuit comes from a big name company or celebrity.


  • Yes, that's what we wanted you to think.


  • Sometimes even regular people have a bone to pick with them.


  • Just look at the case of Igor smoke off.


  • In 2000 to smite cough sued the Russian tv channel ren tv claiming that by airing the Simpsons along with family guy, they promoted moral degeneracy and violence as well as encourage kids to disobey their parents after claiming that both shows caused his son to show an interest in illicit substances and call his mother a toad smi cough, demanded monetary compensation and also tried to prevent future airings of certain Simpsons episodes such as Homer's phobia, hot stuff coming through.

    在2000年,Smite cough起訴了俄羅斯電視頻道ren tv,聲稱通過播放《辛普森一家》和《家有兒女》,他們促進了道德墮落和暴力,並鼓勵孩子們不服從他們的父母,在聲稱這兩個節目導致他的兒子對非法藥物感興趣,並稱他的母親為蛤蟆smi cough,要求金錢賠償,還試圖阻止今後播放某些《辛普森一家》的劇集,如霍默的恐懼症,熱東西來過。

  • However, the judge cleared the Simpsons of any wrongdoing and the case was thrown out after a day.


  • Eat all of our shirts.


  • Number two, the lawsuit of Tracy Allman, Even though actress and comedian Tracy Allman was instrumental in the Simpsons rise to fame.


  • This did not stop her from trying to sue them.


  • Most of you already know that with a little love and confession, any puppy will grow up to be a cuddly little bundle of joy before getting their own show.


  • The Simpsons family originally debuted in shorts that aired during the Tracey ullman show toward the end of the 19 eighties.


  • As the Simpsons grew in popularity, Olman claimed that she was entitled to up to 10% of the show's merchandizing profits.


  • Congratulations!


  • You just earned yourself a reward when this did not happen, launched a lawsuit that lasted for nearly two years after a period of deliberation Almonds claim was ultimately rejected, costing her a settlement that would have earned her more than two million at the time and nonsense, taught by charlatans and learned by bloody twits.


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  • Number one Fox versus Fox.


  • It takes gutsiness for the Simpsons to make comedic jabs at their own network.


  • I'm river Murdoch, the billionaire tyrant and this is my skybox.


  • During the episode.


  • Mr Spritz goes to Washington.


  • A Fox news ticker is shown featuring satirical headlines that poked fun at Fox is political views During an interview matt graining claim that this event supposedly made Fox News threatened Fox entertainment the channel which airs the Simpsons.

    在一次採訪中,福克斯新聞顯示了諷刺性的標題,嘲笑福克斯的政治觀點,Matt Graining聲稱這一事件應該使福克斯新聞受到威脅,福克斯娛樂是播放辛普森一家的頻道。

  • I do appreciate your being here.


  • You're usually so mired in sleaze.


  • It must be an effort to come down to the studio.


  • Ultimately granting, stated that Fox decided against suing their sister network as it would only result in Fox suing itself.


  • Although Fox News said they never considered taking such legal action, the network did prohibit the show from doing any more Fox news ticker parodies.


  • However, this has not stopped the Simpsons from making fun of Fox every now and then, just to make sure you got it, the producers of the program put this dopey card up on the screen.


six Queens, read them and weep.


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