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  • POLISH: Hello, I am SA Wardega, I introduce to you: Robert Lewandowski

    波蘭語: 哈囉,我是SA瓦德嘉,這邊向各位介紹:羅伯特·萊萬多夫斯基(名足球員)

  • -I am Robert Lewandowski. -That's great, Robert, but we're a little busy

    -我是羅伯特·萊萬多夫斯基. -好極了,羅伯特,可是我們剛好有點忙

  • -Could I just give some tips now or? -No. -Afterwards then? -I would love that

    -我可以分享一些撇步嗎? -不行. -等訓練結束? -那樣的話很好

  • Let me get this going again, we're almost done. -We'll be happy to have a chat with you

    讓我再持續一下子,我們快結束了。 -我們會非常開心能和你聊聊

  • Let's introduce Robert Lewandowski, professional player, plays for Borussia Dortmund

    這裡介紹一下羅伯特·萊萬多夫斯基,專業足球員,效力於德國波魯西亞 多特蒙德隊

  • He said he had a couple words of wisdom for you, so I figured I'd let him share


  • Yo do not score... until you score

    你不會得分... 直到你得分為止

  • Excuse me. Hi, I'm Robert... Lewandoski

    不好意思。嗨,我是羅伯特... 萊萬多夫斯基

  • -What was that? -Lewandowski

    -剛說什麼? -萊萬多夫斯基

  • What is your name?


  • Listen, I'm here for brief time. Perhaps, I could grab your numbers and we could, you know, get together


  • All of three of us? -Well, perhaps seperately

    我們三個一起? -唔,可能分開那樣

  • What is your number?


  • 273


  • Number? -530

    電話? -530

  • -Would you like to kiss? -No. -No?

    -妳要親一下嗎? -不要. -不要嗎?

  • I fly you to one of my games. -Okay

    我買機票請妳去看我的球賽. -Ok

  • What is your number? -909

    妳的電話是? -909

  • Good meeting you. Kiss?

    很開心遇見妳. 親一下?

  • -No, I mean like make out. -Oh, like a real kiss? -Yes

    -不是,我是說接吻. -哦,真正的親嗎? -是的

  • That is it?


  • I can get your number?


  • -No, I don't think so. -Why is this?

    -不,我覺得不可以. -為什麼不行?

  • I'm Robert... Lewandowski

    我是羅伯特... 萊萬多夫斯基

  • I find you very attractive


  • No, but this is why I talk to you. So perhaps, I've much money and we could go out


  • Nice dinner. Can I grab your number?


  • I have a boyfriend


  • You can see me play. I get you free tickets


  • -Where at? -In Europe. -Shut up. -Really

    -在哪邊? -在歐洲 -屁啦 -真的

  • Really really? How do you do that?


  • Take a plane. Lufthansa. What is your number? -909

    坐飛機囉. 德國漢莎航空. 妳電話是? -909

  • Nice to meet you


  • What is your number? -209

    你的電話是? -209

  • Get, get


  • -You play soccer? -Yeah -What position do you play? -Defense

    -你踢足球? -是啊 -妳踢什麼位置? -防守

  • What is your favorite position? -I like all positions

    妳最喜歡的位置(雙關語=姿勢)是? -我喜歡所有的位置

  • All positions... What is your number? -818

    所有的位置... 妳的電話是? -818

  • -You play soccer? -Yes, I play soccer -...I want to take you on a date. -I have a boyfriend

    -你踢足球? -是的,我踢足球 -...我想和妳出去約會 -我有男友了

  • What does he have to do with me?


  • What is your number? -951

    妳的電話是? -951

  • -Hi, how's it going? -Good. -I'm famous soccer player. -Oh, really? -Yes

    -嗨,最近怎麼樣? -很好. -我是有名的足球員 -哦,真的嗎? -是的

  • -What is your name? -Meg -My name is Robert... Lewandowski

    -妳叫什麼名字? -梅格 -我的名字是羅伯特... 萊萬多夫斯基

  • Listen, I am new here, to this country


  • -Perhaps I can grab your number -Sure

    -可能的話我想要妳的電話 -當然

  • What is your number? -559

    妳的電話是? -559

  • -I'm Robert... Lewandowski -Can I have your autograph? Yes

    -我是羅伯特... 萊萬多夫斯基 -我可以要你的簽名嗎? 可以

  • What do you want me to autograph?


  • This might not be the best pen... Oh, there you go

    這可能不是支很好寫的筆... 哦,簽好了

POLISH: Hello, I am SA Wardega, I introduce to you: Robert Lewandowski

波蘭語: 哈囉,我是SA瓦德嘉,這邊向各位介紹:羅伯特·萊萬多夫斯基(名足球員)


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羅伯特-萊萬多夫斯基泡妞 (Robert Lewandowski Picking Up Girls)

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