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Fifty-one sheep. Fifty-two sheep. Fifty-three sheep. Why am I still awake?
Oh well, at least it's only three a.m.
where you've all been there.
Getting quality sleep is easier said than done. So today, we're going to show you how sleep is tied to your physical and mental health.
We're also going to show you five easy ways to get that refreshing sleep that you need.
We all know that we feel groggy and slow when we don't get enough sleep.
But that's not the only effect lack of sleep has on our bodies.
Another episode are sleep creativity.
We told you that not getting enough sleep over extended period of time can lead to high blood pressure, which can also lead to heart attacks and aneurysms.
But it's not always easy to try to get that good quality sleep.
Some nights you stay awake worrying about that presentation that you have to get first thing in the morning.
Then some nights you just can't get comfortable.
And other nights, you fall asleep just fine. But then, you wake up every fifteen minutes worrying that you're gonna miss the bus.
Alright, there's no one way to guarantee that you're gonna get awesome sleep.
But, we do have five easy tips and tricks to help you get on the path towards good sleep hygiene.
Step one: Develop a relaxing bedtime ritual.
When you think about it, we all learn to sleep by routine.
When we were really little ,our parents gave us baths, read us books, tucked us in, got us an extra glass of water, all in the name of good sleep.
Now that you're older, you're gonna have to develop a routine of your own
Whether it's a cup of decaf tea and a chapter from a book, or bath than fifteen minutes in a metal yoga.
Of course, there are some activities that should to be kept out of the bedtime ritual.
Don't drink alcohol before bed.
It might help you fall asleep. But chances are you'll wake up in the middle of the night.
Don't exercise two hours before bedtime.
Sure, it gets your blood flowing, but it will lamp you up mentally.
Step Two: maintain a regular sleep and wake schedule.
Now, you don't have to wake up at exactly 7:02 and go to bed at 10: 53 every night.
That's a bit on the neurotic side
But do try to wake up and get to bed at generally the same time six days a week.
According to doctors at Harvard University, this will help set your internal clock
so that even on those rare days when your schedule is run off, you'll be able to get right back on track and avoid what doctors call "a sleep hangover".
Step Three: Stop watching your clock.
Studies show that people who constantly look at their clocks are less likely to fall asleep easily.
Why? well, when you're thinking: It's 11:03. I have to be up in six hours and fifty-seven minutes.
Stresses you out. So try to keep some distance between you and that alarm clock.
That way, those blinking numbers will quit knocking you, and you'll sleep easier.
Step Four: Create an optimal sleep environment.
A Mayo Clinic study found that people sleep best in dark quiet cool environments.
With all the benefits of sleep, it's worth investing in blackout blinds, comfortable ear plugs and a fan or air-conditioning.
The more comfortable you are physically, the better you sleep.
Step Five: Unplug
Make your bedroom a tech-free zone.
I know, but, research shows that electronics interfere your sleep because it's easy to get distracted by them.
Checking your email right before bed could add more stress. Watching TV or movies make it harder to sleep.
And getting something to say Pinterest right before bed could keep you up for hours. I like that. I like that, too. Oh that's pretty.
Let's Recap
Today we learn a few more reasons why you need good sleep.
We also taught you five simple ways to help improve your sleep health.
Next time you start tossing and turning,try to develop a ritual.
Maintain a schedule. Stop clock watching. Trick your bedroom out or unplug.
It could help.
From all of us here wellcast, sweet dreams!
Tweet us at watch WellCast. Email us at watchWellCast@gmail.com
Or leave a comment down below.
We'll see you next time



超實用!常被失眠所擾嗎?百萬人點閱的好睡五招! How to Sleep Better

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