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  • Hey it's Jennifer from Tarle Speech  with your question of the week.

    嘿,我是Tarle Speech的Jennifer,為您帶來本週的問題。

  • We have another heteronym this weekHeteronyms are words that are spelled  

    本週我們有另一個異形詞。 異形詞是指那些拼寫為

  • exactly the same. They just have a different  pronunciation and a different meaning.


  • So we have the word subject which is  a noun meaning a theme; and to subject  


  • which is the verb meaning to force upon someone.


  • So we're really only going to focus today just on  word stress. To stress the syllable you are going  


  • to make it louder, higher in pitch, and longerThe unstressed syllable, this is important,  

    以使它更響亮,音調更高,時間更長。 無重音的音節,這很重要。

  • must be shorter, softer, and lower in pitch. So  that difference is key. This is a great word to  


  • practice because we have only two beats, or two  syllables, so you can practice shifting those.


  • So again for the noun, and let me  write that on here so you can remember,  


  • this is the noun and this is the verb. So for the  noun, we're going to say subject subject subject.


  • Then for the verb it will  be subject subject subject


  • subject - subject 

    課題 - 課題

  • subject - subject subject - subject

    科目 - 科目 - 科目

  • And now for a sentence: The subject of the essay is interesting.  


  • I'll give you a summary so I don't subject  you to the lengthy reading passage.


  • Give it a try people are going  to notice the difference. If  


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  • Thanks everyone have a great week!


Hey it's Jennifer from Tarle Speech  with your question of the week.

嘿,我是Tarle Speech的Jennifer,為您帶來本週的問題。

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