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  • In a joint effort to make the web more secure and usable for all, Apple, Google and Microsoft

  • announced plans to expand support for a common passwordless sign-in standard created by the

  • FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium.

  • The new capability will allow websites and apps to offer consistent, secure, and easy

  • passwordless sign-ins to consumers across devices and platforms.

  • When you sign into a website or app on your phone, you will simply unlock your phoneyour

  • account won't need a password anymore.

  • Instead, your phone will store a FIDO credential called a passkey which is used to unlock your

  • online account.

  • The passkey makes signing in far more secure, as it's based on public key cryptography

  • and is only shown to your online account when you unlock your phone.

  • To sign into a website on your computer, you'll just need your phone nearby and you'll simply

  • be prompted to unlock it for access.

  • Once you've done this, you won't need your phone again and you can sign in by just

  • unlocking your computer.

  • Even if you lose your phone, your passkeys will securely sync to your new phone from

  • cloud backup, allowing you to pick up right where your old device left off.

  • Password-only authentication is one of the biggest security problems on the web, and

  • managing so many passwords is cumbersome for consumers, which often leads consumers to

  • reuse the same ones across services.

  • This practice can lead to costly account takeovers, data breaches, and even stolen identities.

  • While password managers and legacy forms of two-factor authentication offer incremental

  • improvements, there has been industry-wide collaboration to create sign-in technology

  • that is more convenient and more secure.

  • The expanded standards-based capabilities will give websites and apps the ability to

  • offer an end-to-end passwordless option.

  • Users will sign in through the same action that they take multiple times each day to

  • unlock their devices, such as a simple verification of their fingerprint or face, or a device

  • PIN.

  • This new approach protects against phishing and sign-in will be radically more secure

  • when compared to passwords and legacy multi-factor technologies such as one-time passcodes sent

  • over SMS.

  • Hundreds of technology companies and service providers from around the world worked within

  • the FIDO Alliance and W3C to create the passwordless sign-in standards that are already supported

  • in billions of devices and all modern web browsers.

  • Apple, Google, and Microsoft have led development of this expanded set of capabilities and are

  • now building support into their respective platforms.

  • These companies' platforms already support FIDO Alliance standards to enable passwordless

  • sign-in on billions of industry-leading devices, but previous implementations require users

  • to sign in to each website or app with each device before they can use passwordless functionality.

  • This new announcement extends these platform implementations to give users two new capabilities

  • for more seamless and secure passwordless sign-ins:

  • 1.Allow users to automatically access their FIDO sign-in credentials (referred to by some

  • as a “passkey”) on many of their devices, even new ones, without having to re-enroll

  • every account.

  • 2.

  • Enable users to use FIDO authentication on their mobile device to sign in to an app or

  • website on a nearby device, regardless of the OS platform or browser they are running.

  • In addition to facilitating a better user experience, the broad support of this standards-based

  • approach will enable service providers to offer FIDO credentials without needing passwords

  • as an alternative sign-in or account recovery method.

  • These new capabilities are expected to become available across Apple, Google, and Microsoft

  • platforms over the course of the coming year.

In a joint effort to make the web more secure and usable for all, Apple, Google and Microsoft


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FIDO passkey for a passwordless future(FIDO passkey for a passwordless future | Apple, Google and Microsoft agree to support FIDO standard)

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