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  • So what is an After Effects Expression?

  • Expressions are snippets of code that, when applied to a property, manipulate the values

  • in ways that manual techniques cannot easily produce.

  • According to Adobe, an expression is "a little piece of software - much like a script - that

  • evaluates to a single value for a single layer property at a specific point in time."

  • The primary benefit of using expressions is to automate, simplify, and enhance complex

  • tasks that would normally require many keyframes and lots of patience.

  • When keyframing something like a squash and stretch, you have lots of keyframes placed

  • very close together with only slight changes in value.

  • Swapping keyframes for expressions generates data with clean and accurate results,

  • allowing for easy editing.

  • With expressions, you can dynamically link properties and effects from layer to layer,

  • comp to comp.

  • Translating a 3D position to work with a 2D effect is now possible with two lines of code

  • and very little effort.

  • A very small expression can become a huge time saver if used correctly and efficiently.

  • When it comes to automating trivial tasks, creating random values, or calculating the

  • exact length between two positions, After Effects has a solution - use expressions!

  • There are many cases where an expression will complicate a simple idea and can add to the

  • production and render times if not planned correctly.

  • Sometimes, keyframes are preferable to an expression for simplicity and speed.

  • If it's easy to keyframe, just keyframe it.

  • We've arrived at the end of Lesson 101: An Introduction to Expressions in After Effects

  • If you enjoy this expressions course, consider purchasing the paid content.

  • It includes in-depth documentation, extra tutorial content, high definition videos,

  • and all the project files used in the training.

  • Your purchase will help to create more free courses like this in the future.

So what is an After Effects Expression?


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After Effects 表達式 101 - 表達式簡介(After Effects Expressions 101 - Expressions Overview)

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