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  • Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 inappropriate moments and kids video games.

    歡迎來到Watch mojo,今天我們將評選出十大不合適的時刻和兒童視頻遊戲。

  • Yeah.


  • For this list, we're looking at various scenes and e rated video games that may not exactly have been suitable for younger audiences which of these moments shocked you the most.


  • Let us know in the comments Number 10 a time to celebrate Super Mario Kart.

    請在評論中告訴我們 10號是慶祝超級馬里奧卡丁車的時間。

  • So much of the Mario Kart series is nothing but harmless fun.


  • Safe for the times when someone rages after getting hit with a blue shell.


  • There was a time when Mario and company were a little more adult.


  • Well at least in Japan, both peach and Bowser's victory animations, see them enjoying a bottle of champagne to celebrate their victory.


  • These animations were removed from the north american release on account of drinking age is in the US and Canada as well as a Nintendo of America's policy on featuring alcohol in their games.


  • It wasn't family friendly for Western audiences.


  • So it was removed from the game number nine, the grumpy old man Pokemon, red and blue when exploring viridian city players will find an old man sprawled in the middle of the walkway and are unable to walk past him.


  • According to his grandson.


  • Grandpa has been grumpy because he hasn't had his coffee yet.


  • However, the japanese version tells a different story.


  • This time we learned that the old man is completely drunk and needs coffee in order to sober up.


  • Of course we can understand why this change was made and it was probably for the same reasons why super Mario Kart had its Champagne references removed.


  • Number eight, The toad in the shower Mario and Luigi Superstar saga.


  • The first game in the Mario and Luigi series starts off on a really adult note with its dark intro, it only gets more adult when the player gains control.


  • For the first time.


  • As toad, the player must explore Mario and Luigi's house to find our plucky plumber.


  • It isn't until he approaches the shower when he hears Mario singing instead of you know, knocking or yelling from Mario outside, toad Walters on in and freaks out from seeing mushroom kingdoms hero in a not so heroic situation, kids might laugh at toad being disgusted by Mario's chest hair, but older players know toad was traumatized by something else.


  • Okay, number seven, the western ending Mario Party two, we have yet another regional difference between japanese and western versions, but this time it's in one of the classic Mario party games and Mario party two players can compete in Western land for the chance to take on the outlaw Bowser.


  • The brash western audiences saw Bowser and the winter dueling with pop guns and shooting corks at each other.


  • The japanese version on the other hand, had the characters use actual revolvers?


  • Would western audiences have liked seeing Mario and the gang literally putting a bullet in Bowser probably not then, but today's audience would probably find it hilarious.


  • I mean, no, we must think of the Children.


  • Number six Red Canyon to Kirby's Dream Land two.


  • It's time we realized that Kirby isn't the insanely cute and innocent little Puccio.


  • We've been led to believe.


  • We only need one shred of evidence to prove that notion exhibit a Kirby's Dream Land two.


  • In the final level of Red Canyon, Kirby will enter a room where the blocks are arranged in a very particular order.


  • Of course, it doesn't look like much of the Game boy screen, but when the room is fully assembled and scaled it reveals the true pattern, A smiling naked lady, how this got past Even Nintendo of America's sensors is beyond us.


  • Number five.


  • A roll in the tub mega man Legends.


  • Let's take a break from Nintendo games for a brief moment.


  • Some Playstation games aren't any better at hiding adult jokes in e rated games take Capcom's mega man legends, there's a moment where Vultan can enter Rolls room while she's taking a bath while we don't ever see her.

    一些Playstation遊戲在E級遊戲中隱藏成人笑話方面並沒有什麼好辦法,就拿Capcom的mega man legend來說,有一個時刻,Vultan可以在Rolls洗澡的時候進入她的房間,而我們卻沒有看到她。

  • It's not this bit that we're concerned about.


  • It's the aftermath.


  • Roll gives walnut an earful and yells at him to leave.


  • Sure, walnut looks ashamed and embarrassed, but when he finally leaves the little delinquent does a quick fist pump like you just achieved something.


  • The sheer audacity.


  • That was no accident before opening the door.


  • Number four, the infamous Wall Luigi chop super Mario strikers.


  • Mhm One of the bits that made super Mario strikers so memorable was the change in tone compared to most Mario games.

    Mhm 讓超級馬里奧前鋒如此令人難忘的一點是,與大多數馬里奧遊戲相比,語氣的變化。

  • This one had some grit attitude behind it.


  • For parents, there may have been a bit too much Britain attitude, especially when our lord and savior while Luigi was on screen when scoring a goal while Luigi will sometimes get carried away and celebrate with a crotch chop.


  • Yeah, that was not a site that we were anticipating and the pelvic thrusting certainly doesn't help us forget the image.


  • We're sure the internet doesn't mind it though.


  • Number three, the bone and terry dactyl land banjo too.


  • Mhm This one is a bit more explicit than the other Nintendo games, kids may not put two and two together, but the adults will see it and can never unsee it.


  • While exploring the prehistoric environments of terry dactyl land players will come across a small swampy area with the narrow path of rocks going down the middle.


  • Only thing is that this path of rocks looks a little bulbous and flashed it.


  • Don't you think like we said, you'll never unsee it.


  • Hey, what else would you expect from a series known for the occasional innuendo?


  • Mhm.


  • Number two, A PCI shower.

    第二,A PCI淋浴。

  • Paper Mario, the 1000 year door.


  • Speaking of steamy moments in Nintendo games, the paper Mario series is blushing in the corner as we speak.


  • We know exactly why to the 1000 year door shows a scene where peach is exploring the rooms of the place where she's being held captive.


  • One of these rooms holds a shower and is interactive kids will most likely think nothing of it.


  • It's just someone taking a bath or a shower for an adult passing by though, sensors are most likely kicking into overdrive.


  • The mushroom kingdom will shower through any crisis.


  • Huh?


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  • Number one Star leans glitch ratchet and clank granted ratchet and clank isn't exactly a kids game as it is rated T for teen, but any normal parent would flip if this appeared on their kids screen regardless of age.


  • In the original ratchet and Clank for Playstation two.

    在原版《棘輪和叮噹》的Playstation 2中。

  • There's a really weird glitch that for some reason affects Starlene, just start flip jumping around like a madman while strafing in her cleavage will grow somehow.


  • Yeah, video game logic also.


  • Yes, this is possible in the PS three H deport why this happens is a mystery to everyone, including the developers themselves in the mood for more awesome gaming content.

    是的,這在PS三H deport中是可能的,為什麼會發生這種情況,對每個人來說都是一個謎,包括開發商自己在為更多令人敬畏的遊戲內容的心情。

Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 inappropriate moments and kids video games.

歡迎來到Watch mojo,今天我們將評選出十大不合適的時刻和兒童視頻遊戲。

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兒童電子遊戲中的十大不恰當時刻 (Top 10 Inappropriate Moments in Kids Video Games)

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