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  • # Gave proof through the night... #

  • A superstar singer, a sea of flags,

  • and some meme-worthy mittens.

  • I, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, do solemnly swear...

  • This is how America

  • officially welcomed its new president, Joe Biden...

  • So help me God. MAN: Congratulations, Mr President.

  • Thank you. (CHEERING)

  • ..and its first female vice-president,

  • Kamala Harris.

  • I, Kamala Devi Harris, do solemnly swear...

  • But after a big day for waving,

  • more waving and some serious fireworks,

  • it was pretty much straight down to business.

  • The president has promised to tackle some teeny-tiny problems,

  • like fixing the economy,

  • ending racism, fighting climate change,

  • oh, and dealing with the world's biggest outbreak of COVID-19.

  • Actually, they're pretty big!

  • 400,000 Americans have died.

  • That's more than have died in all of World War II.

  • But on top of all of that

  • is the tough job of trying to unite a divided country.

  • Over the holidays,

  • you might have seen some pretty dramatic pictures

  • from the US Capitol.


  • These were supporters of Donald Trump,

  • who had just spoken to a crowd in Washington.

  • We fight like hell.

  • And if you don't fight like hell,

  • you're not going to have a country anymore.


  • Since the election, he's been saying that Joe Biden's win was unfair

  • and that the Democrats cheated.

  • And while there's no evidence of that,

  • a lot of his supporters believe him,

  • and thousands of them stormed the Capitol building

  • where the federal government sits.

  • We want our country back!

  • We are protesting for our freedom right now!

  • For something like this to happen in a democratic

  • and mostly peaceful country like the US was a pretty big shock.

  • Twitter and Facebook even banned

  • the president's accounts at the time,

  • saying they were worried

  • he'd encourage more violence.

  • And now US politicians have decided to impeach Mr Trump...again.

  • Donald John Trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanours

  • by inciting violence against the government of the United States.

  • Impeachment is a process written into the US constitution,

  • which allows the parliament to get rid of a president

  • who's broken their oath of office.

  • Donald Trump is only the third

  • president ever to be impeached.

  • But, as you might remember, the Senate voted not to remove him.

  • Now he's become the first president in history to be impeached twice,

  • and the only one to be impeached after their presidency has ended.

  • If he's convicted, that'll be another first.

  • And while he can't be kicked out, because he's already out,

  • he might be stopped from ever running for president again.

  • The impeachment trial starts next week,

  • but back to the new POTUS -

  • that's President of the United States,

  • in case you didn't know.

  • He's already made some big changes, or changed some things back,

  • including stopping the building of a wall between the US and Mexico,

  • adding America back onto the Paris climate agreement

  • to fight global warming,

  • and making friends with the World Health Organization again.

  • He's also made wearing masks and social distancing

  • compulsory across the country,

  • and says more Americans will be given free COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • Whether or not it'll be enough to fix the many problems

  • facing the world's most powerful country,

  • well, we'll have to wait and see.

# Gave proof through the night... #


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美国新政府:国会大厦骚乱、特朗普禁令和弹劾、就职典礼、拜登的变化 - BTN(New US Government: Capitol Building Riots, Trump Ban & Impeach, Inauguration, Biden's Changes - BTN)

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