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  • I think Ali Wong said it best in her comedy special when she said that the best part of marrying an asian man is that they could shit talk Koreans together.

    Ali Wong 在她的喜劇中說得很好,她說嫁給一個亞洲男人最好的部分是可以一起講韓國人的壞話。

  • I've been having a lot of conversations this past year, especially during Stop Asian Hate about the nuanced hierarchy within Asian communities that keep us divided, and on a personal level, I've experienced this social disparity myself.

    在過去的一年裡,我進行了很多對談,特別是在 Stop Asian Hate 期間,關於亞裔群體內的細微等級制度,就個人而言,我自己也經歷了這種社會差距。

  • I've had people say shit like "wait, you're half Filipino?"


  • - Yeah, why? - You never talk about it.

    - 是啊,為什麼?- 你從沒說過。

  • - Why would I talk about it when I show you literally every day? I know - Wow.

    - 我每天就長這樣,我為什麼要說? - 哇。

  • - Or... Yeah. - Wait. You're Hawaiian?

    - 或是...... 是啊。- 等等,你是夏威夷人?

  • Oh, so you're like half fancy Asian and half island Asian, you're a little half-blood, half-breed mud, are we?


  • - Says the half Indian, half Argentinian brouhaha.


  • - Or...? - You only identify with your Japanese side because it's trendy.

    - 或是......? - 你只認同你有日本血統,只因為聽起來比較炫。

  • - Well, I did also live in the country, go to public school there and I speak the language fluently.

    - 我確實生活在那個國家過,在那裡上公立學校,而且我還能講那語言講得很流利。

  • - Oh my God, Anna Akana, how did you get into my house?

    - 哦,我的天啊,Anna Akana,你是如何進到我的房子內?

  • - No, don't change the subject, we're talking about something really important right now which is your nuanced racism.

    - 不要轉移話題,我們現在討論的事情很重要,也就是你的種族歧視。

  • I was having a conversation with an actor friend the other day about Shang-Chi and how we hoped that this would really open up the doors for more diverse superheroes with its phenomenal global success.


  • And it was interesting because even though we're both Asian, he was still sad about Shang-Chi because he's Indonesian and enlightened me that there's very rarely any Indonesian stories in America and I was like why is that?


  • Well, Indo is one of the lower-tier Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Thailand while the front and center cool kids are Japan, Korea,n and China.


  • And when he said that I swear it was like a veil was lifted and I suddenly saw just how much he was right.


  • Look, I've always known that there's like tensions among various asian groups.


  • But when he put it like that a hierarchy akin to high school, it all suddenly really clicked into place and all of these moments in my life that reinforced this hierarchy came to me like when I was a kid.


  • - Anna, cross your arms. - Mom, why won't you teach me Tagalog?

    - Anna,雙手交叉。- 媽媽,你為什麼不教我他加祿語?

  • - Oh no, Tagalog is a poor man's language. @#^#*&($)#

    - 不行,他加祿語是窮人的語言。

  • - Mom, I don't know what you're saying If you don't teach me.

    - 媽,你如果不教我,我就不會知道你在說什麼。

  • - Or doing auditions in my twenties, blue... - Can you do it with an Asian accent?

    - 或像在我二十多歲的時候參加試鏡...... - 你能用亞洲口音說嗎?

  • - Oh yeah, sure. Which one?

    - 哦,好啊,哪一個?

  • - Oh, What's your background?

    - 你的背景是什麼?

  • - Oh well, I'm a lot of stuff.

    - 哦,好吧,我有很多血統。

  • - Specifically what? Just name them all.

    - 具體來說是什麼?全部說出來。

  • - I'm Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, Irish, German, Spanish... - Ok wait, just the asian ones. What are those?

    - 我是夏威夷人、菲律賓人、日本人、愛爾蘭人、德國、西班牙人...... - 只要講亞洲血統,有什麼?

  • - Hawaiian? Filipino? Japanese. - Nah, nah. Yeah, that's great! Can you do it with that accent?

    - 夏威夷人?菲律賓人?日本人。 - 不要,不行。好耶,太好了!你可用那口音講嗎?

  • - Sure. Yeah, no problem.

    - 好啊,沒問題。

  • - Amazing.

    - 太讚了。

  • Even in dating.


  • - Oh, I love your last name. I went to Tokyo once.

    - 哦,我喜歡你的姓氏,我曾經去過東京。

  • - Thanks. But actually my last name is Hawaiian

    - 謝謝。但那是我夏威夷的姓氏。

  • - Oh, I'm more of a sushi guy.

    - 是哦,我比較喜歡日本人。

  • - What?

    - 什麼?

  • Honestly the reason some Asian countries hate each other is pretty simple.


  • A complicated history of war, territorial disputes, propaganda, cultural indoctrination and plain old ignorance.


  • But in all seriousness, if you are Asian, I urge you to examine the ways that your cultural commodify specific nationalities.


  • Especially because a lot of that in the United States translates to the model minority myth.


  • And the good and sort of bad news is, you know, we're rapidly attempting globalization so before you know it, it won't matter what country you're from.


  • You can find your Starbucks or your Mcdonald's or Sir, This Is A Wendy's on every corner on every continent whether you want to or not.


  • I'm Anna Akana and thank you to the patrons who supported today's video and they get a better help for sponsoring today's episode.

    我是 Anna Akana ,感謝今天影片的贊助商。

  • Do you need help navigating life struggles, pinpointing what's interfering with your happiness, or creating patterns that help serve your life more?


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    Better Help 可以評估你的需求,為你匹配屬於你的專業治療師,你可以在48小時內開始與治療師溝通,

  • Professional counseling that is done securely online with a broad range of expertise.


  • Better Help has more than 15,000 counselors in their network that otherwise may not be locally available in many areas.

    Better Help 在其網絡中擁有超過15,000名諮詢師,否則在許多地區可能無法提供服務。

  • You can log into your account any time and send a message to your counselor plus schedule a weekly video or phone session.


  • Plus Better Help offers more affordable access than traditional online counseling and financial aid is available.

    加上 Better Help 提供比傳統的網路諮詢更實惠的服務,並且費用更能負擔。

  • Better Help wants you to start living a happier, more fulfilled life today.

    Better Help 希望你從今天開始過得更快樂、更充實的生活。

  • You go to


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    拼法是 Better H e l p,加入超過一百萬人的行列,在有經驗的專業人員的幫助下,今天就去 註冊,第一個月可以得到10%的折扣。

I think Ali Wong said it best in her comedy special when she said that the best part of marrying an asian man is that they could shit talk Koreans together.

Ali Wong 在她的喜劇中說得很好,她說嫁給一個亞洲男人最好的部分是可以一起講韓國人的壞話。

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