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  • Movies: Iron Man 3 Interview with Robert Downey Jr.


  • Hey, everyone. Welcome to Fandango�s Weekend Ticket. I�m Dave

  • Karger. It is the week of May third and I am here at the new Iron Man

  • exhibit at Disneyland to commemorate the opening of Iron Man

  • 3, starring Robert Downey Jr. INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT DOWNEY JR.

  • DAVE KARGER Of all of the Iron Man or Avengers

  • movies, this one is the sneakiest, I think. Do you agree?

  • ROBERT DOWNEY JR. That was the big idea. We thought

  • it was just a really big risk to take, but that�s what weve gotten

  • used to. Ya know, big risk has equaled our big rewards. And in

  • Iron Man 3, nothing is really as it seems.


  • I�ll have more of my interview with Robert Downey Jr a little bit later

  • in the episode, but first, let�s delve into Iron Man 3.

  • Intercut with Iron Man 3 footage. DAVE KARGER (CONT�D)

  • Now like the other two Iron Man films, Iron Man 3 contains a blend

  • of serious action and sly humor. Robert Downey Jr�s co-stars,

  • Gweneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle, are both more central to the action

  • this time. (MORE)

  • And this new movie brings new characters, played by Ben Kingsley

  • and Guy Pearce, who are both very worthy adversaries to Tony Stark.

  • Now there is a huge twist involving one of the new characters, that

  • gives the movie a big lift about an hour in. I didn�t see it coming, at

  • all. If you don�t know the twist, make sure your friends do not tell

  • you about it, before you see the movie. Iron Man 3 is rated PG-13,

  • which means that some of the action sequences might be a little bit too

  • scary for kids under ten, but my favorite scenes in the movie are

  • actually involving Robert Downey Jr. and eleven-year-old actor Tye

  • Simkins, who plays a huge Iron Man fan who Tony Stark meets in

  • Tennessee. Now Robert Downey Jr., himself, also had a great time

  • filming these scenes. Take a look. Interview with Robert Downey Jr.

  • DAVE KARGER (CONT�D) My favorite scenes are with you and

  • Tye Simkins who plays young Harley. Oftentimes, I�m allergic to

  • precocious kids in movies but it really works here. Was it super fun

  • to do those scenes? ROBERT DOWNEY JR.

  • Tye�s a big deal. And there was a lot of pressure on him. He had to

  • kind of represent the heartland of America in a way that he can be a

  • little bit cocky, but he has to be the one who just sees Tony as -- a

  • kid fan sees him. And he really captured that and I loved working

  • with him. And we said a fair amount of what was written, and there was

  • a lot of stuff, the best stuff in our scenes that -- I just wanted to

  • encourage him to feel natural and free and boy did he do it.


  • DAVE KARGER Yeah. There�s a great moment when

  • Tye Simkins wants to talk about the Avengers, and you basically tell

  • him to get lost. Does that happen a lot to you as youre living your

  • day to day life -- people wanting to come up to you and ask you these

  • questions? ROBERT DOWNEY JR.

  • I�m happy to talk about anything. I think the funny thing is, I was

  • saying, how can this kid get under my skin in a way that parents can

  • understand why is it that kids will just drill you when youre saying,

  • don�t you understand daddy is a little stressed out right now. To

  • the point where they drive you over the edge, and then call you a


  • So that�s what�s going on this week at the movies. If you end up seeing

  • Iron Man 3 this weekend, please send us a tweet and let us know

  • what you thought. And be sure to join us next week when I�ll be

  • previewing The Great Gatsby and Peeples. Thanks so much for

  • watching, I�m Dave Karger...wait a second, guys. Iron Man�s been

  • filming me the whole time? Closing titles.

  • DAVE KARGER (CONT�D) So what�s your Weekend Ticket going

  • to be? Buy your tickets, on Fandango.

  • 3.



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