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  • if I could play a movie character, I would, I would love to play superman.


  • So we're saying now what's up, vanity fair, It's Shawn Mendez, I'm here in L.


  • A.


  • Getting ready for the Oscars Welcome, we're just hanging here with you guys and then we're gonna go to the Oscars and then maybe an after party and hopefully I'll be back in bed tucked in by 9:30 p.m. I'm presenting with Tracy, Ellis Ross and I met her at an award show a year a couple of years ago and this is actually her first Oscars too.

    為奧斯卡做準備 歡迎,我們只是在這裡和你們一起玩,然後我們會去看奧斯卡,然後也許會有一個會後派對,希望我在晚上9點半之前回到床上蓋好被子。我和特蕾西,埃利斯-羅斯一起頒獎,我是在幾年前的一個頒獎典禮上認識她的,這實際上也是她第一次參加奧斯卡。

  • She's amazing, it's not my world, so have a lot of respect for their world, Always a little nervous.


  • And then what happens when you put the tuxedo on is you get the superpowers from the tuxedo and everything gets a little bit easier.


  • I'd like to try and do a little meditation or like a little gratitude kind of moment because whenever you're doing an event, the ego can really get involved and you and you start thinking, oh, I want people to see me, I want people to think of me a certain way and then that's what gives you anxiety is when you might not be able to meet those expectations.


  • Talking about my own obviously experience.


  • So I'd like to just be grateful that I, that I'm here, you know, and feeling good and going to the Oscars and no need to be more than that, you know, I did an audition for a movie and it was the most nervous I've ever been in my life, like, truly the most nervous like where I'm like hands shaking, lips shaking, the eyes twitching.


  • Acting is like a whole different other skill.


  • It's um taking on the role of of somebody else and I'm trying to figure out how to take on the role of me first.


  • So Maybe one day in a few years I'm about to put on my tuxedo.


  • So we're gonna take photos for instagram and then we're gonna go to the Oscars and hang out there.


  • Thanks so much for getting ready with me.


  • I'm off to the Oscars.


  • I'm feeling good.


  • You think this looks good?


  • Yeah.


  • All right.


if I could play a movie character, I would, I would love to play superman.


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