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  • Hello. This is 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English.

    哈囉,這裡是BBC 6分鐘學英文。

  • - I'm Neil.  -And I'm Sam.

    - 我是Neil。 - 我是Sam。

  • People in the UK are enjoying a four-day holiday as part of the celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee.


  • A jubilee celebrates the anniversary of a special event, and the word is mostly associated with the Royal Family.


  • In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, commemorating 70 years since she became Queen in 1952.

    英國女王伊麗莎白二世在2022年慶祝她的白金禧,紀念她從1952 年到現在,成為女王的70週年。

  • People are doing all kinds of things to celebrate.


  • From large events at Buckingham Palace and St Paul's Cathedral, to smaller street parties in towns and cities up and down the country, and abroad.


  • In this programme, we look at the Platinum Jubilee in an unusual way, by hearing about a cake competition to make the official jubilee cakethe Platinum Pudding.

    在本期節目,我們將以不一樣的方式來了解白金禧,通過一個蛋糕比賽來製作出官方的禧年蛋糕──「白金」 甜點。

  • And, as usual, we'll be learning some related vocabulary as well.


  • This isn't the first celebration of Queen Elizabeth's reignthe period of time when a monarch rules a country.


  • In 1977, the Queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee, marking 25 years as queen, followed by her Golden Jubilee in 2002 , and her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.


  • But what's so special about this year's Platinum Jubilee is that Queen Elizabeth II is the first British monarch ever to spend 70 years on the throne.


  • And I have a question about it, Sam.


  • Queen Elizabeth II is Britain's longest-ever reigning monarch, but who was the previous longest-reigning before her?


  • Was it: (A) Henry VIII (B) Elizabeth I? or (C) Queen Victoria?  

    是:(A) 亨利八世 (B) 伊麗莎白一世 或 (C) 維多利亞女王?

  • Hmm... I know it's (C) Queen Victoria.

    嗯…… 我知道是 (C) 維多利亞女王。

  • OK. I'll reveal the answer at the end of the programme.


  • As the first monarch ever to have a platinum jubilee, many celebrations are being planned for the Queen.


  • These include an official birthday parade, Trooping the Colour, which ends with jet planes flying over Buckingham Palace,


  • and the Platinum Pageant, a live concert in front of the palace, featuring music and dancing, puppets of the Queen's favourite pets, her corgi dogs, and a performance by Ed Sheeran.


  • And that's just in London.


  • All across the UK street parties are being held for people to eat and drink with friends and neighbours.


  • There's a tradition of inventing a new food dish to commemorate jubilees, going all the way back to the Victoria sponge, a cake named after Queen Victoria.


  • This year a competition was held to find a new dish to become the official pudding of the jubilee.

    今年也舉辦了一場競賽來找出本次的官方「白金」 甜點。

  • Here's BBC reporter, Daniella Relph, to explain more.

    這裡由BBC記者,Daniella Relph 來介紹更多。

  • First, there was the Victoria sponge, then coronation chicken, now we have a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Pudding.

    首先,有維多利亞海綿蛋糕,然後有加冕雞,而今天我們則有女王伊麗莎白二世「白金」 甜點。

  • The winning lemon Swiss roll and amaretti trifle is a twist on a traditional trifle, with layers of Swiss roll, jelly, custard, mandarins, amaretti biscuits and cream.


  • In 1953, a mix of chicken and curry cream sauce called, coronation chicken, was invented to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's coronation, the ceremony at which she was made queen.


  • This year, competition winner, Jemma Melvin, has invented a lemon and Swiss roll amaretti trifle as the official jubilee cake.

    今年,這場競爭的獲勝者,Jemma Melvin, 發明了一個檸檬瑞士捲配義大利杏仁餅查佛蛋糕,作為今年官方的禧年蛋糕。

  • Trifle is a sweet, cold pudding made of three layers a layer of fruit and cake, a layer of custard, and a top layer of cream.


  • Jemma's jubilee trifle is a twist on a traditional trifle.

    Jemma 的禧年查佛蛋糕是用傳統查佛蛋糕變出的新花樣。

  • When talking about food, people use the phrase "a twist on something" to describe a new variation of a traditional recipe, using different, exciting ingredients.

    當人們講到食物時,人們會用片語 a twist on something 來表達用耳目一新的材料來在原有食譜上做出新變化。

  • Jemma learned her winning recipe from her grandmothers.

    Jemma 從她的外婆那學到了這份冠軍食譜。

  • She wants her trifle to be "the people's pudding," something to be enjoyed by everyone.


  • Here is Jemma Melvin describing how she felt to discover her trifle had been chosen as the official Platinum Pudding.

    以下是 Jemma Melvin 描述當她知道她的查佛蛋糕被選為官方的白金甜點時的感受。

  • I cannot believe it!


  • Everything I was up against was just the most beautiful desserts and pudding with beautiful stories.


  • This quite humble trifle has won is a bit surreal.


  • Jemma describes her trifle as humblemodest, and not proud.

    Jemma 用 humble 來描述她的查佛蛋糕,humble 指的是很謙虛、不驕傲的。

  • Although the pudding contains ingredients like amaretti biscuits and cream, which are good enough for a queen, she wanted to base it on a humble trifle, something everyone around the country can make.


  • Enjoying a bowl of Jemma's Platinum Pudding sounds like a great way for some to celebrate the Queen's seventy-year reign.

    享用一碗 Jemma的白金甜點聽起來像是慶祝女王七十年在位的好主意。

  • Which reminds me of your question, Neil.


  • We know Elizabeth II has reigned for 70 years, but who was the second longest-serving monarch?

    我們知道伊麗莎白二世已經在位 70年,但誰是第二個在位時間最長的君主?

  • I said it was (C) Queen Victoria.

    我說是(C) 維多莉亞女王。

  • I'm glad you were so sure, because you were correct, Sam.

    Sam 我很高興你對答案這麼肯定,因為你是正確的。

  • Victoria was queen for almost 64 years which is a long time, but not as long as Elizabeth.

    維多利亞擔任女王的時間大約是 64年,這個時間滿長的,但是還是沒有像伊麗莎白一樣長。

  • OK, let's recap the vocabulary from this programme about the Queen's jubilee, a celebration of the anniversary of a special event, usually involving the Royal Family.


  • A king or queen's reign means the period of time they rule a country.


  • A coronation is the ceremony at which someone is made monarch, the king or queen.


  • Trifle is a popular pudding made of a layer of fruit and cake, a layer of custard, and a top layer of cream.


  • If you say a food dish is a twist on something, you mean it's a variation of a traditional recipe, using new and exciting ingredients.

    如果你說某道料理是新花樣(a twist on something),代表著它是在原本的食譜上做出的改變,運用令人耳目一新的食材。

  • And finally, someone who is humble is modest, and not proud.


  • If you were inspired by this recipe, why not try making it. But that's all from us.


  • - Goodbye for now. - Goodbye!

    - 下次見 - 再見!

Hello. This is 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English.

哈囉,這裡是BBC 6分鐘學英文。

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