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  • (The diary: Anne's most precious possession)

    (日記本:Anne 最寶貴的所有物)

  • Anne Frank is famous for her diary.

    Anne Frank 因為她的日記而聞名。

  • - Maybe one of my nicest presents. - She wrote.

    - 也許是我收過最漂亮的禮物之一。 - 她寫道。

  • This red checked book was a present from her parents on her 13th birthday.

    這本紅色格子書是她父母送給她的 13 歲生日禮物。

  • It wasn't a surprise gift; Anne had been allowed to choose it herself.

    這不是一個驚喜的禮物,因為 Anne 被允許自己選擇。

  • A few weeks after her birthday, the family went into hiding in the secret annex.

    在她生日數週後,全家人逃匿到了祕密住所中。(譯註:annex 為「附屬建築」,Anne 一家當時藏匿在其父親工作大樓書櫃後方隱蔽房間中。)

  • - I am oh-so-glad that I brought you with me. - She wrote in her diary.

    - 我非常高興我把你帶在身邊。 - 她在日記中寫著。

  • Anne missed her friends, and in her diary, she pretended she was writing letters to a large group of imaginary friends.


  • Finally, she picked one, and the rest of the diary entries were addressed to Kitty.

    最後,她選定了其中一位,其餘的日記都是寫給 Kitty 的。

  • Dear Kitty... I like writing to you most.

    親愛的 Kitty,我最喜歡寫信給妳。

  • You know that, don't you? And I hope the feeling is mutual.


  • In the diary, Anne wrote about her life in the secret annex, about the arguments with her mother and Fritz Pfeffer, the final addition to the group in hiding who shared her room, and about her fears and emotions.

    在日記中,安妮寫下了她在祕密居所的生活、與母親和 Fritz Pfeffer(最後加入藏匿團隊、與她共用房間的人)的爭吵,以及她的恐懼和情感。

  • The whole house is echoing with arguments.


  • Mother and I, van Pels and Papa, Mother and Madam... everyone's angry with everyone else; nice atmosphere, don't you think?

    母親和我、van Pels 和爸爸、母親和夫人⋯⋯每個人都在生別人的氣,氣氛可真不錯,你不覺得嗎?

  • After the Dutch government-in-exile broadcast a radio appeal asking people to keep diaries and documents, Anne decided to edit her diary so that it could be published as a book after the war.

    在荷蘭流亡政府於廣播中呼籲人民寫日記和保存文件後,Anne 決定編輯她的日記,好讓它可以在戰後作為以書籍的形式出版。

  • She even had a title, "The Secret Annex".


  • She rewrote parts of the original diary on loose sheets of paper, leaving out some entries she found too private.


  • But Anne never got to finish her book.


  • The hiding place was discovered, and they were arrested.


  • Two of the helpers, Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl, found Anne's diaries and saved them.

    Meep Gies 和 Bep Voskuijl 這兩位幫手發現了 Anne 的日記,並將其保存起來。

  • Only Anne's father, Otto, survived the war.

    只有 Anne 的父親 Otto 從戰爭中生還。

  • On his return to the Netherlands, he read her diaries and was surprised.


  • He had had no idea she had such profound thoughts or was so self-critical.


  • He decided to carry out Anne's wish and publish the diary.

    他決定實現 Anne 的願望並出版日記。

  • Her book was published on the 25th of June, 1947, two years after her death.

    她的書於 1947 年 6 月 25 日出版,這天是她逝世兩週年紀念日。

(The diary: Anne's most precious possession)

(日記本:Anne 最寶貴的所有物)

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