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The President: Are you getting this?
Come on, we've got to film this.
Iman Crosson: It was just, it was a mind-blowing moment.
I've been doing it for so many years, to be in his office,
doing an impression of him, for him.
Now, look, I'm happy to be here in the Oval Office.
I either -- get to work, or you can.
You can take a lunch break, and I can take an hour and fill in
for you.
I'm just happy to be here, and happy to shake your hand.
The President: You're going to have to get
some gray hair, though.
Iman Crosson: Yeah.
The President: I used to look like you.
Hannah Hart: Today was incredible.
The President took time to come and meet with myself and some
other digital influencers I suppose,
and really kind of find out our opinions on health care,
other issues that are important to us,
and how we reach out to our communities.
The President: For the next five weeks,
get as many people to sign up as possible.
So we've got a short-term agenda.
And anything you guys can do, any suggestions you have,
just let us know.
Tyler Oakley: I was thinking, even while I was talking with
the President, I'm like oh my gosh, my friend and I,
we've talked about how he doesn't have insurance.
And like, this is the easiest solution ever.
All you have to do is go online and do it.
Hannah Hart: As a YouTuber, I'm basically self-employed,
meaning that I'm a small business owner and my small
business is entertainment.
So, because of that, I don't have insurance
coming from anywhere.
I'm 27, I don't qualify to be on my parent's insurance.
So I went to healthcare.gov, which redirected me to Covered
California, and then I chose the plan that fit best for me.
Iman Crosson: By myself, up until now,
I had never had health insurance.
And I've been in situations where I dislocated my shoulder
twice, and ER visits, and hospital visits,
all on my own dime.
Dimes that I didn't actually have.
So, you know, when you're not covered and something happens,
you can actually place yourself in a position to be
in a lot of debt.
Hannah Hart: At the end of the enrollment process,
it says like tweet to tell a friend.
And I thought about all the friends that I have who don't
have insurance.
So, I tweeted, hey, I got covered at Covered California.
And then Covered California contacted me,
and I ended up hosting a live stream for them at the YouTube
space, which was awesome because it kind of gave me a chance
to reach out through YouTube to my community.
I want them all to have health insurance.
I like them very much.
I'd like them to live long, happy, healthy lives.
Iman Crosson: I just wanted to get involved and have people
begin to talk about the Affordable Care Act,
and what it is, and how do you sign up.
And so the easiest thing way to do that was to do a parody song
saying, sign up like it's hot, because once you go to the
website, you can read for yourself and you can ask
questions or you can read the FAQ and understand exactly
what's going on.
So, that's why I made that video.
Tyler Oakley: My audience is a really young audience,
which is really cool, because I think me talking about the
things that are important to me, like health care,
gets them into the mindset of, okay,
well this isn't something that adults have to worry about.
It's something that affects everybody.
Iman Crosson: With the upcoming deadline of March 31 approaching
quickly, I think young people, as much as we're integrated into
social media, we can use those tools to get that word out.
The President: So, it's a complicated time for us
to get information out.
And this group really can help to advise us in terms of how
do we reach people.
Iman Crosson: And I think it's important to spread the word
because we're in a position to have something for us,
in terms of health care that we've never had before,
this country's never had before.
And you don't want to get past that March 31st deadline and
have to wait until it reopens again because you never know
what can happen in that window.
So, spread the word.
Just get covered, prepare for it, ahead of time.


YouTube 明星在白宮談健保 (YouTube Stars Talk Health Care at the White House)

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