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  • lucy, you got some.


  • Splaining to do Welcome to watch mojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 tv examples of the Mandela effect beam me up, jesus for this list, we'll be going over some of the notable examples of collective false memories related to tv shows to be clear, we won't be including cartoons as those have a list of their own.


  • If there's something about a tv show you could have sworn was different share your conspiracies in the comments.


  • Mhm Number 10 I pity the Fool the 18 this eighties classic has a surprising number of Mandela effects attached to it, murdock here and crazy be a opinion the phone while it was tempting to discuss howling mad murdock being misremembered as mad dog Murdoch or the confusion around the team's van color?

    Mhm Number 10 I pity the Fool the 18 這部八十年代的經典之作有令人驚訝的曼德拉效應,Murdock here and crazy be a opinion the phone while it was tempting to discuss howling mad murdock being misremembered as mad dog Murdoch or the confusion around the team's van color?

  • We're going with the catchphrase that never was Mr T starred in the show as B A Baracus, that's what a little boy named Joey bring them out.

    我們要用從來沒有過的口頭禪T先生在劇中出演B A Baracus,那是一個叫Joey的小男孩給他們帶來的。

  • Many seem to recall the character using the phrase I pity the fool and while Mr T himself is known for this catchphrase, he never used it in arguably his most famous role.

    許多人似乎記得這個角色使用了I pity the fool這句話,雖然T先生本人以這句話而聞名,但他從未在可以說是他最著名的角色中使用過這句話。

  • I'm calling for a vote, I say we take a vote on this case, do you pity the Fools who remember this wrongly or are you one of us them?


  • No, I don't hate balboa, but I pity the fool.


  • Number nine Hi ho Silver, the Lone ranger.

    九號 嗨,希爾維,獨行俠。

  • The lone ranger.


  • While the lone ranger may have been before the time of most of our viewers and most of us to the general facts about it have pervaded pop culture away.


  • A masked ranger fights for right with his native american friend tonto and he says hi ho Silver when he rides his horse.

    一個戴面具的護林員與他的美國本土朋友tonto一起為權利而戰,當他騎著馬的時候,他說hi ho Silver。

  • Except that cat phrase may not be the same as most remember it.


  • What he's actually saying is hi yo Silver, the difference is subtle, which is probably why so many misremember it plus hi ho seems way more common than hi yo.

    他實際上說的是hi yo Silver,區別很微妙,這可能就是為什麼那麼多人記錯了,而且hi ho似乎比hi yo更常見。

  • Just ask the seven dwarves number eight Sex in the city.


  • Sex and the City.


  • I need a favor.


  • Ou do actually.


  • It's for the city of new york, the famous tv series and later films about a group of women in their often sexual escapades in new york.


  • Sex and the city has caused some confusion.


  • There are some who will swear that it's title used to be sex in the city rather than and for the most likely explanation is that people tend to slur the word and to just end like when people say Ben and jerry's, do you want to make apple trainees and watch sex in the city at my place.

    有一些人會發誓,它的標題曾經是sex in the city,而不是和為,最可能的解釋是,人們傾向於騷動這個詞,並像人們說Ben and jerry's時那樣直接結束,你想做蘋果的學員,在我的地方看sex in the city。

  • However, there are still people who insist that they have seen the title printed to read as sex in the city.


  • No, you don't talk to me that way we'd write it off as bad eyesight from a night with Carrie and the girls.


  • If there weren't so many eyes involved.


  • Number seven judy's gavel.


  • Judge judy.


  • Judge Judith Sheindlin presided over her reality tv show based courtroom for over two decades.


  • Well I don't have it.


  • You want to get it for me?


  • That's not an answer.


  • I believe I can, I believe I can be a staple of daytime television.


  • Judge judy was watched or at least famous among millions of people.


  • But one aspect of her show that reality seems to have ruled against is her use of a gavel.


  • My sister has never done anything.


  • Did you watch this?


  • I don't want to use it while it is true that judy occasionally used one early on during her shows run and in some promotional photos by and large throughout her shows time on tv, she didn't use one.


  • So has someone altered reality?


  • Now here's an ad about a fat people disease you have or do people just associate a gavel with judges and therefore one of the most famous judges will leave it up to the jury to determine guilt or innocence.


  • Number six holy relevant phrase, batman batman, let's get one thing clear.


  • Burt Ward's, Robin does have a catchphrase where he says holy insert relevant yet bizarre in or out of context phrase here, you're not misremembering that Holy haberdashery that can't be regulation prison uniform, can it?


  • One half of the Caped crusaders somehow managed to turn the oddest part of his and batman's adventures into an exclamation, Holy cinema sculpt but one thing all these ridiculous outbursts have in common is that Robin almost never says batman at the end.


  • He does rarely.


  • Yes, but not usually Holy bargain basements batman.


  • When other people do the gag, it's understandable why they add the batman, it makes it clear they're doing a reference.


  • Yet if somehow memories or the world have been changed, We know who we call to solve the case.


  • Holy Conspiracy is a tricky one.


  • All right, Careful.


  • # five Foncier's jacket.

    # #5 Foncier的外套。

  • Happy days Arthur The Fonz Fonz Morelli is a pop culture icon and of course everyone knows his deal.


  • He's your typical greaser with slicked back hair, a black leather jacket and he says, hey, but many find themselves doing a double take when they look at his jacket now it's not black, but rather dark brown boy, you must think I'm pretty stupid, granted it's a darker color.


  • So that may account for the discrepancy in people's memories, they might also be conflating the Fonz look with other famous greaser characters like Danny zuko from grease.


  • No matter his wardrobe though, the Fonz is still the Fonz, I like to warm up a little bit.


  • Okay, so I'm gonna be right back as soon as I finish warming up.


  • Okay, just number four, Yeah, Science bitch.


  • Breaking Bad as one of the most acclaimed and popular tv shows of the 21st century so far, Breaking Bad has inspired plenty of catchphrases and memes I am not in danger.


  • Skyler, I am the Danger jesse Pinkman is famous phrase Yes, Science bitch is actually only one of the latter, although many mistaken for being a catchphrase of his two Yeah, bitch magnets.


  • Oh, while jesse is indeed famous for favoring the derogatory word for a female canine.


  • He doesn't use it along with his famous line about Science instead, he says, So you do have a plan.


  • Yeah, Mr White's Yes.


  • Science a famous meme macro has combined jesse's actual catchphrase with this scene, so it's no wonder people got this one mixed up.


  • Number three, lucy, you got some Splainin to do.


  • I love lucy, I love lucy is one of the most influential tv shows of the 20th century.


  • It basically codified a lot of the tropes of sitcoms and was watched by millions.


  • Ricky Ricky, I want to talk to you about something lucy's husband, Ricky is well known for saying the phrase Lucy you got some Splainin to do whenever his wife got up to her usual shenanigans.


  • So what is all this lucy explain?


  • However, while he does say Splaine and variations thereof in the show, he never says this phrase exactly, he better do some explaining before I match up some face guacamole.


  • There are plenty of parodies of the show which used this misquoted catchphrase but surely with how widely viewed the show was, There would be more consensus about it.


  • Can someone explain this to us now, please don't make me explain it to you again.


  • # two, a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    # 二號,在附近的一個美麗的日子。

  • Mr Rogers neighborhood.


  • This one hits right in the childhood.


  • Mr fred Rogers entertained generations of Children on his program.


  • Mr Rogers neighborhood.


  • He would begin every show by singing the song, Won't you Be my neighbor?


  • However, the lyrics of that song are not what most people remember them as.


  • It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor.


  • The song does not begin with the line, It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, but rather this neighborhood not the this is arguably a completely different meaning for the song.


  • It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor and it's rather odd that not only parodies of the song got it wrong, but also the title of the biopic from a few years ago and the sign in Roger's own hometown.


  • Are we living in a world of make believe.


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  • Number one beam me up scotty star trek beaming up notified Transporter room.


  • The star trek franchise has a whole quadrant full of things.


  • People never picked up on like Picard fiddling with a crystal on his desk a lot, but much more shocking is the fact that the phrase beam me up scotty is never said once in the entire original Star trek series or on screen at all for that matter, prepare to beam me aboard on my signal.


  • There are a few times where characters come close, but this exact phrase, despite its fame, is entirely a fan invention.


  • Although James Doohan scotty's actor did write an autobiography with this title, Leave Me Aboard.

    雖然詹姆斯-杜漢(James Doohan)scotty的演員確實寫了一本以此為題的自傳《離開我吧》。

  • Energized.


  • Could there have been some sort of transporter accident?


  • We all know how pesky those can be.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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  • Yeah.


lucy, you got some.


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