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  • When I'm running, I completely shut my mind off.


  • I'm in a very cathartic state.


  • It's like an active meditation.


  • When I'm putting all my energy into it, I feel like I'm on the top of the world.


  • My name is Hannah Gavios and I am a runner.

    我的名字是 Hannah Gavios,我是一名跑者。

  • I've been a runner since high school. I was on the LaGuardia High School track team.


  • Running is just a way of letting go and just getting my mind off of anything that bothers me.


  • I am classified as a level 3 patient.


  • I was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury.


  • I have a fracture at T12 and my bones were completely shattered.

    我在 T12 處有骨折,我的骨頭完全被打碎了。

  • My accident happened in September of 2016.

    我在 2016 年 9 月發生意外。

  • After I graduated, I landed a job in Vietnam teaching English.


  • I was on my way back to my hotel but got a little bit lost.


  • I asked for directions and the guy took me up to a dark wooded area and attempted to rape me.


  • I pushed my attacker away and when he began following me, I picked up speed and that was the last time I ran in over three years.


  • According to various reports, as I ran away from him, I fell 150 ft off the cliff.

    根據各種報告顯示,當我從他身邊跑開時,我從懸崖下 150 英尺深。

  • I was in the air for almost a minute long enough to have all these thoughts.


  • I already committed to the idea that I wasn't going to live.


  • When I was in Mount Sinai Hospital, I would walk around with my walker with my crutches in Central Park.


  • I saw runners doing the New York City marathon and I would just pay attention to people's steps and how effortlessly they would take those leaps.


  • I just remember feeling bitter and jealous that I wasn't able to do those things anymore.


  • My dream was to one day run the marathon and I felt like after my accident that was completely taken from me.


  • I thought the most important thing to do at that very moment was focus on all the small steps rather than the bigger picture.


  • Even though I can't move my ankles and feet, I have some function in my lower body that allows me to walk and do all the things I do today.


  • Release anything that doesn't serve you. On your next inhale, reach the fingertips off.


  • In addition to running, I teach yoga and I practice yoga. If I could learn anything from my practice of doing yoga is to keep breathing.


  • That helped me get through this horrible experience.


  • And I decided after my yoga teacher training to sign up for Krav Maga lessons and learn self-defense, just in case I'm ever in a similar situation again, I'll know how to protect myself.

    我決定在瑜伽教師培訓後報名參加 Krav Maga 課程,學習自衛,以防我再次遇到類似情況,這樣我就知道該如何保護自己。

  • I love being faced with new challenges every day because the more challenges I face, the stronger I feel as a person.


  • Running now is not so different from the way it was before my accident.


  • I like to call it crunching or going out for a crutch, it's just maybe looks a little bit different.


  • But mentally, it feels exactly the same.


  • Because I could still use my legs, I've decided to use my legs in the marathon.


  • Good luck, good luck, good luck out there today. Have a great run.


  • I wanted to run in my own way, but I never really thought that it was possible until my sister sent me a photo of a woman named Amanda Sullivan, who is an amputee and she completed various marathons with her crutches.

    我想用自己的方式跑步,但我從未想過這是可能的,直到我姐姐給我發了一張名叫 Amanda Sullivan 的女人的照片,她是一名截肢者,她拄著柺杖完成了各種馬拉松比賽。

  • I thought maybe that's something I can do as well.


  • 26.2 miles is such a long distance for anybody. You really have to have that mental willpower.

    26.2 英里對任何人來說都是一個很長的距離,你必須有堅強的意志力才有辦法跑完。

  • In my case, I'm out there for over 11 hours, most people, you know, finish in five hours.

    以我的情況來說,我跑了超過 11 個小時,但是大多數人在五個小時內就可以完成。

  • I have to tell myself, "I'm going to get through this. Everything's going to be okay. I might be hurting now, but once I cross that finish line, I'm going to heal. I can do anything."


  • I want people to know that no matter what adversity that they're facing in their lives, they can just use that to grow as a human being, and maybe that will steer them in a different direction that they wouldn't have normally thought of.


  • Before my accident, I was a very active person, but I almost feel like my adversity exposed my character even more.


  • No matter how much you've lost in your life, there's always gains and there's always something that you're going to grab from it.


  • If you want something so badly, you're going to find a way to still bring it back into your life, no matter what.


When I'm running, I completely shut my mind off.


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