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  • your honor gary hackers on behalf of the people Dressed in orange garb with a white medical mask.

    尊敬的加里-黑客代表人民 穿著橙色服裝,戴著白色醫療面具。

  • The 18 year old suspected white supremacist who was accused of killing 10 people in a grocery store, appeared briefly in court Thursday.


  • His hands were shackled in his head, slightly bowed.


  • The hearing was adjourned after a few minutes with the judge scheduling the suspect Peyton Genderen to appear again on June nine with relatives of some of the victims.

    聽證會在幾分鐘後休庭,法官安排嫌疑人佩頓-蓋倫(Peyton Genderen)在6月9日與一些受害者的親屬再次出庭。

  • Watching someone in the courtroom gallery could be heard yelling at the teen as he exited the courtroom.


  • Hey, you're a coward Thursday.


  • A New York Grand Jury voted to indict genderen with a single count of first degree murder in the shooting of 13 people, 11 of them black at the tops friendly market store on saturday afternoon.


  • Irie County District Attorney john Flynn said the grand jury had not yet completed an investigation and more charges could come.


  • However, no indictment in the case appeared to have been filed in court as of thursday raising questions about the status of the grand jury probe.


  • An indictment is filed after a grand jury finds that prosecutors have presented enough evidence to bring a defendant to trial the rampage, which authorities said the gunman had carefully planned with an eye toward killing as many black people as he could.


  • Has touched a nerve.


  • In a country that has grown accustomed to mass shootings, authorities said Genderen is believed to have posted a lengthy racist post online outlining the great replacement theory the idea that minorities are replacing white people in the United States and other countries.


  • Us House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thursday joined the growing voices in Washington and beyond in denouncing the spread of this hateful ideology.

    美國眾議院議長南希-佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)週四加入了華盛頓和其他地區越來越多的聲音,譴責這種可憎的意識形態的傳播。

  • It's an extremely alarming and despicable idea and it must be rejected by anyone who claims to embrace our american ideals.


  • It's spread by social media algorithms where people find people who think the way they do in an evil way promoted on top television networks.


  • Genderen is accused of webcasting video of the attack he was committing in real time on twitch.


  • A live video platform owned by amazon dot com.


  • New york.


  • State Attorney General Letitia James on Wednesday opened an investigation into several social media platforms.


  • She said the buffalo grocery store gunmen used to plan, promote and broadcast the attack.


  • Genderen will remain in custody without bond and faces life in prison without parole if convicted on the murder charge.


your honor gary hackers on behalf of the people Dressed in orange garb with a white medical mask.

尊敬的加里-黑客代表人民 穿著橙色服裝,戴著白色醫療面具。

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