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  • Comic-Con has once again played host to some of the biggest names in Hollywood as two MAJOR

  • franchises were previewed at the event.

  • The cast of upcoming Marvel movies "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Ant-Man" met at the event

  • to walk the red carpet and host Q and A panels.

  • Robert Downey Jr. seemed delighted to be reunited with his co-stars.

  • The greatest thing about this is, I really love these folks, like I really have become

  • close with these people, we don't just hang out on press lines you know, they're like

  • family to me.

  • And it's quite an experience according to the Hulk himself Mark Ruffalo.

  • You know, you come out here and oh, you've seen everything, done, you know, maybe I've

  • done everything and then you experience this kind of love and this kind of adoration and

  • it's very humbling, you know. It's very, it's very satisfying and, actually, it sort of

  • re-sets your sense of wonder and innocence and reminds you, oh, now I know why, I remember

  • why I did this and why I love to do this.

  • Samuel L Jackson admitted he thinks superheroes are an important part of society.

  • For a long time we had Buck Rogers and then there was Superman, you know, the television

  • show, the movie started to show and all of a sudden we figured out how to get people

  • with real super powers on screen. And, everybody has a fantasy about flying or being stronger

  • than everybody else or having some kind of power that they could use and it feeds into

  • everybody's fantasies of being more than what we are. And I like that and I like a world

  • like that. So, it's great for us to inhabit it and you know, bring it to life for people.

  • And, I want to see myself in those things.

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Ant-Man" are released in 2015.

Comic-Con has once again played host to some of the biggest names in Hollywood as two MAJOR


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漫展。復仇者聯盟和蟻人的演員在紅毯上亮相 (Comic-Con: Casts of Avengers and Ant-Man on Red Carpet)

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