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  • Is it safe to take activated charcoal daily or  use it in food? The answer to this question is  


  • answered by an article titleHere's the  truth about activated charcoal, the latest  

    由 發布 的一篇文章標題“活性炭的真相,最新的

  • supplement trendpublished by, which is  a website associated with The Today Show, which is  


  • ​​s American news and talk morning television  show that airs on NBC. According to this article,  

    美國新聞和談話早報在 NBC 播出的電視節目。根據這篇文章,

  • many people take an activated charcoal supplement  because they believe it candetoxtheir bodies  


  • or absorb alcohol. But is it safe to do so? DrMichael Lynch, medical director for Pittsburgh  

    或吸收酒精。但是這樣做安全嗎? 匹茲堡 毒藥中心的醫學主任兼匹茲堡大學醫學院急診醫學系助理教授

  • Poison Center and assistant professor in the  department of emergency medicine at the University  


  • of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, tells TODAY that  it would be minimal risk to do so, but activated  


  • charcoal really does not do what fans claim it  can. Activated charcoal is not helpful to treat  


  • over-drinking because It does not bind well to  ethanol or alcohol. And the very concept ofdaily  


  • detoxis dubious because activated charcoal can  only be used to detox very specific substances  


  • that we usually do not ingest on daily basisAnother risk of ​​activated charcoal is that  


  • it does bind well to many prescription drugsthough. This means that people who take blood  


  • pressure medication and also take charcoal may  reduce the effectiveness of the medication.  


  • As to whether or not you should put it in  your food, it is controversial too. I found  


  • an article titledSurprise, NYC Apparently Has  a Ban on Black Foods with Activated Charcoal”  

    了 Eater 發表 的一篇題為“驚喜,紐約市顯然禁止使用含有活性炭的黑色食品”

  • published by Eater. According to this articleThe Department of Health of New Yorker says  

    的文章。 根據這篇文章,紐約人衛生部表示

  • that activated charcoal is banned from all food  and drink in the city. And it seems that FDA does  

    ,該市的所有食品和飲料都禁止使用活性炭。而且似乎 FDA

  • not approve it to be used in food in the first  place either. But again, it would be minimal  


  • risk to use it as food coloring if you want to  try.Hello, everyone! This short video is part of  


  • the original What People Also Ask series, in which  I preach how to find useful information using  


  • Google's People Also Ask feature. Every week, I  make a video focusing on one specific entity with  


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Is it safe to take activated charcoal daily or  use it in food? The answer to this question is  



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