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  • First, you'll need to start

  • by coming up with an idea for your simulator game.

  • A good way to get inspiration for your ideas

  • is by playing popular Roblox simulator games,

  • such as Pet Simulator X, Fishing Simulator,

  • and Fitness Simulator.

  • Your idea needs to have a solid gameplay loop

  • to key players engaged.

  • A gameplay loop is simply a set of actions

  • that players do in your game repeatedly.

  • For example, in Pet Simulator X,

  • players collect coins, buy better pets,

  • and unlock more rewarding zones.

  • In Fishing Simulator, players catch fish and sell them.

  • They then buy better rods

  • that allow them to catch better fish.

  • This gives them better rewards.

  • In Fitness Simulator,

  • players lift weights and get money.

  • They then buy better weights to get more money.

  • Once you have your idea,

  • you can then move on to the development stage.

  • A simulator game is broken down into different categories.

  • The user interface is anything you can see

  • and interact with on your screen,

  • such as buttons, menus, and other similar assets.

  • Simulator games typically have pet menus,

  • shop menus, setting menus, and quest menus.

  • You can get started by opening up

  • any photo-editing program,

  • such as Photoshop or

  • For more information,

  • check out the resources in the description,

  • including a helpful video on how to make a loading screen.

  • Building is one of the most important pieces

  • to making a simulator game.

  • Building on Roblox involves piecing together

  • different assets of different shapes

  • to make a bigger, more grand structure, such as a house.

  • To get started with building,

  • you simply need to open up Roblox Studio

  • and start moving blocks around.

  • If you would like to have a better-looking simulator game,

  • consider learning about 3D modeling.

  • To get started with 3D modeling,

  • download software such as Blender and experiment.

  • There are many tutorials on YouTube

  • available to learn on how to use Blender.

  • Coding is what breathes life into your simulator game.

  • Through the use of code,

  • you can add features to your game

  • that helps define it as a simulator.

  • For example, you can create a shop system

  • where players can purchase upgrades for their characters,

  • or you can make a pet system

  • where players purchase pets and upgrade them.

  • And if you're feeling adventurous,

  • you can also make a fast-travel system

  • to take you to different zones.

  • To learn how to code,

  • check out the resources we included

  • in the description below.

  • By piecing these three components together,

  • you too can make your very own simulator game on Roblox.

  • And for more general tips on making a game,

  • check out our video on how to make a Roblox game,

  • linked in the description below.

First, you'll need to start


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How to Make a Simulator on Roblox

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