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  • How a Glock Works

  • As the trigger is pulled, the trigger bar pulls the firing pin back.

  • The Connector guides the trigger bar downward, releasing the firing pin

  • and allowing it to strike the bullet primer.

  • The expanding gases from the powder charge, propel the bullet out of the barrel.

  • The recoil forces the slide back

  • unlocking the barrel as it tilts downward

  • and allows the extractor to remove the spent cartridge from the chamber.

  • As the cartridge case is fully extracted,

  • it comes into contact with the ejector and is forcefully ejected from the firearm.

  • As the Slide moves forward,

  • the bottom rail of the slide strips a new cartridge from the magazine

  • and pushes it up the ramp of the barrel and into the chamber.

  • The cycle is now complete, and the Glock is ready to fire the next round.

  • As the slide moves back,

  • the hook on the connector is forced inward.

  • This allows the trigger bar to move upward.

  • As the slide returns forward,

  • the trigger bar is then able retain the firing pin.

  • Releasing the trigger, allows the connector to move back into place,

  • again enabling the downward movement of the trigger bar.

  • The Glock contains three safeties.

  • The first is the Trigger Safety.

  • The trigger cannot be pulled back unless the safety is engaged,

  • allowing it to move past the frame.

  • The second is the Firing Pin Safety.

  • The firing pin cannot move past the safety

  • unless the trigger bar has pushed it up,

  • allowing the firing pin to move past this safety.

  • The final is the Drop Safety.

  • The trigger bar is held in place by the housing.

  • The firing pin cannot move forward,

  • unless the trigger bar has moved back and cleared the ramp of this housing.

  • The inside of the barrel contains polygonal rifling.

  • This rifling causes the bullet to spin,

  • providing stabilization throughout its flight and increases accuracy.

  • Cartridges are fed into the firearm via a spring inside the magazine.

  • When the final cartridge has been ejected,

  • the magazine follower forces the slide lock lever up

  • and locks the slide back when the magazine is empty.

  • How a Glock Works

  • Modeling, Texturing, Animation: Matt Rittman

  • Voiceover: Andy Taylor

  • Music: Landscape (Killer Tracks)

  • Created with Cinema 4D, Corona Renderer, After Effects, Substance Painter, and RizomUV

How a Glock Works


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格洛克手槍(GLOCK)如何運作?(How a Glock Works)

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