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  • Intimate photos of an estimated 100 celebrities have been leaked online,... raising major

  • security concerns. The FBI saysit is "addressing the matter"...

  • and Apple,... whose iCloud storage service is under suspicion for being the hacked network,...

  • saysit is also investigating. Our Yoo Li-an has the details.

  • Nude photos of Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and pop star Rihanna were among the

  • private photos of celebrities that turned up on the website 4chan.

  • A spokesperson for Lawrence confirmed the authenticity of the images and slammed the

  • hackers for a "flagrant violence of privacy,"... and vowed to prosecute anyone who shared the

  • images online. Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead who also had

  • her intimate photos leaked,.... criticized the people who posted and viewed her photos

  • and said they were taken in the privacy of her and her husband′s home.

  • The anonymous user who leaked the photos claimed they were obtained from Apple′s iCloud accounts,

  • sparking fears about the safety and security of the service.

  • When activated, the iCloud service automatically uploads photos, emails, and contacts on your

  • smartphone to multiple electronic devices, including table PCs and laptops.

  • Apple released a brief statement on Monday saying it takes user privacy seriously and

  • that it′s currently actively investigating the report.

  • If the hackers are caught,... they could serve some major jail time.

  • Christopher Cheney, who was found to have leaked nude photos of celebrities like Scarlett

  • Johansson, was sentenced to 10 years behind bars.

  • Yoo Li-an, Arirang News.

Intimate photos of an estimated 100 celebrities have been leaked online,... raising major


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超過100名名人的私人照片在網上洩露 미국 여배우 사진 대량유출...애 플보안 비 (Private photos of over 100 celebrities leaked online 미국 여배우 사진 대량유출...애플 보안 비)

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