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  • Oh, my God, I might get emotional.

    - 哦,我的上帝。我可能會變得情緒化。

  • Okay.


  • The biggest thing I wanna tell you is that it's okay to struggle.


  • For anyone who is out there struggling, know that you're not alone.

    - 對於那些在外面掙扎的人來說。知道你並不孤單。

  • There's other people going through what you're going through, too.


  • Being good to yourself⏤I think sometimes people don't give themselves permission to honor themselves and be good to themselves.

    - 對自己好一點。我認為有時人們不給他們自己允許尊重 自己,並對自己好。

  • What you feel is real and it matters.

    - 你的感覺是真實的,它很重要。

  • Right now, you might be feeling like there is no way out, and you might be feeling like your only way out is to end it all.

    - 現在你可能覺得就像沒有出路一樣,你可能覺得 好像你唯一的出路就是結束這一切。 但這樣做,你是在搶奪 自己沒有機會找到幸福 並認識到這種生活真的很美好。

  • But by doing that, you're robbing yourself from the opportunity to find happiness and to realize how beautiful this life really is.

  • Give yourself a break.

    - 讓自己休息一下。

  • Um, take some time off, even if it's just, uh, just for, you know, a day on the weekend or something.


  • Be patient with yourselfwe all go through hard times.

    - 對自己要有耐心。

  • And don't let anyone tell you or discourage you from what you're going through.

    我們都經歷過困難時期,不要讓有人告訴你或勸阻你 從你正在經歷的事情。

  • You know, when I went through what I was going through, I had such a difficult time with my parents.

    - 當我經歷了我所經歷的。我有這樣一個困難的時期 我的父母,因為他們不知道 如何與我溝通的問題 而我不知道如何與他們溝通此事。

  • Because they didn't know how to communicate with me about it and I didn't know how to communicate with them about it.

  • The world is so big now.


  • The Internet is there; there... there are resources.


  • You just have to know what the right questions are to ask and... and howfigure out how to find the people that are going through the same things as you.

    你只需要知道什麼是正確的問題問,並想辦法找到這些人 正在經歷和你一樣的事情的人。

  • Get off the couch; just, like, get off the couch.

    - 從沙發上下來。只要離開沙發就可以了。

  • I know it's so easy to sink into it when you're feeling crummy.


  • Force yourself on a walk.


  • Make sure you're moving your body, whatever that looks like.


  • Dance, yoga, hiking, footballanything; just move your body.


  • Whatever it takes, go get help.

    - 無論如何,都要去尋求幫助。

  • We live in a place where you can get help.


  • If it takes five weeks, three weeks, a monthjust wait patiently; don't give up.

    如果需要五個星期,就三個星期。一個月,只要耐心等待。 不要放棄。

  • Don't give up on your life because you will eventually be the person you were before.


  • Trust me on that.


  • I just want you to remember that you can create something from the pain that you're feeling.

    - 我只是想讓你記住,你可以創建從你所感受到的痛苦中獲得一些東西。

  • You can help people, and in the midst of all of it, just love yourself, be patient with yourself.

    你可以幫助別人,而在這之中的所有,只是愛自己。 對自己要有耐心。

  • These are things that make you wonderful and unique and develop the personality and develop you into the person that you are meant to become.

    - 這些都是使你精彩和獨特的東西。和發展個性,發展 你將成為你所要成為的人。

  • And know that you are loved and you're... and you're special and you're wonderful.


  • Every day, I'll write down the things that I'm grateful for.

    - 每天我都會寫下那些東西我很感激,而當 我在那些黑暗的地方,即使 我不相信,我就看看 在這個名單上,大聲說出來。 並提醒自己一切都會好起來的 和你有這麼多的生活。

  • And when I'm in those dark places, even if I don't believe it, I will just look at that list and say it out loud, and remind myself it's going to be okay and you have so much to live for.

  • Be good to yourself, beforgive yourself, be kind to yourself.

    - 對自己好一點。寬恕自己。 對自己好一點。

  • You deserve it.


  • It starts with you, and I promise, I promise it'll get better.


  • Find people who care, and if there is no one who does care, stick up for yourself and advocate for yourself 'cause you're worth it.

    - 找到關心的人,如果沒有關心的人,堅持的人 自己,為自己代言 因為你是值得的。

  • Things will start to happen, motion will start to happen.

    - 事情將開始發生。

  • And it's never, ever, ever going to be cut-and-dry, easy, black-and-white⏤I'm... I'm anxious, I feel betterlike, it's... it's never going to be that, but...

    運動將開始發生,而這是永遠不會發生的。永遠,永遠不會是簡單明瞭的。 簡單,黑白分明,我很焦慮,我感覺更好。

  • At the end of the day, it feels so much better to move forward than to stay stuck.

    它永遠不會是那樣,但在最後的時候,感覺好多了 勇往直前,而不是固步自封。

  • (What's the best advice you've ever received?)

Oh, my God, I might get emotional.

- 哦,我的上帝。我可能會變得情緒化。


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