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  • Who's a good girl?


  • You are! Yes, you are!


  • Yes, you are! Yes, you are!


  • Um... do you even know what I'm saying?


  • If you're one of the millions of dog owners who talk to man's best friend like this, you're not alone.


  • But how effective is it?

  • Do you want to have a real conversation with your dog?

  • Well, here's how to do it, "according to science".


  • At times, you might feel silly or a little embarrassed to talk to your dog in a high-pitched, baby-like voice.


  • But don't be!


  • Talking to your pets as if they're human is a sign of high intelligence.


  • It's known as "anthropomorphizing", which is when you consider something that isn't human to have human characteristics.

    這被稱為 "擬人化"。也就是當你考慮到不是人的東西時 具有人類特徵。

  • So, although talking to your Golden Retriever like a baby might make you feel stupid, you're really smart!


  • And even if we wanted to stop talking this way, it'd be pretty difficult, and here's why.


  • A 2017 study asked 30 women to record their voice while reading phrases you might say to a dog, like, "Hi, cutie, who's a good boy?"


  • The women recorded the phrases while looking at pictures of dogs and humans.


  • When they looked at a pictures of humans, their voice was normal, but as they looked at pictures of dogs and puppies, their voice got higher-pitched and more baby-like.

    當他們看著人類的圖片時,他們的聲音是正常的。但當他們看著狗和小狗的照片時。 他們的聲音變得更高,更像嬰兒。

  • Talking to dogs like this is natural for us, and it's not because we're so overwhelmed with their cuteness that we just can't help it.


  • Well, there might be a little bit of that.


  • But it's also because talking to them like this is the best way for them to understand us.


  • Dogs are incredibly attentive animals.


  • Notice how whenever you talk to your dog, they look at you as if they're listening.


  • You typically don't get that with your cat, guinea pig, or any other house pet.


  • Amazingly enough, even monkeys, the animals most similar to humans, won't look at you when you speak.


  • Oh, and when dogs tilt their heads and perk up their ears when you're talking to them?


  • That's not just for looks; it's them trying to understand what you're saying.


  • Wait, I'm anthropomorphizing there; why would a dog do anything "for looks"?

    等等,我在那裡擬人化了,為什麼狗會做任何 "為了好看 "的事情?

  • Now, just because they're trying to understand what you're saying, [it] doesn't necessarily mean that they're interested in discussing the current political climate or what happened between you and Jean at work.

    只是因為他們試圖理解你所說的內容並不一定意味著他們有興趣討論 當前的政治氣候 或者你和Jean之間在工作中發生的事情。

  • A 2018 study out of Emory University found that dogs are most likely listening and responding to us in hopes of making us happy.


  • Or in hopes of getting some food.


  • But that doesn't mean they don't understand or don't have their own language that they like to be spoken to in.


  • A study from the University of York in England learned that talking to your dog with dog-directed speech and dog-related words is the best way to speak to them.

    英國約克大學的一項研究得知用針對狗的語言和與狗有關的詞語與你的狗交談 是與他們交談的最佳方式。

  • In other words, asking your dog, "Hey, boy, wanna go for a walk?" is much more appealing to them than saying, "I picked up groceries."

    換句話說,問你的狗 "嘿,孩子,想出去走走嗎?"比起說 "我剛買了雜貨",對他們更有吸引力。

  • Here's the thing, though, you can't just trick them and talk about picking up groceries in a high-pitched tone and then expect your dog to get all excited.

    但問題是,這裡有一個問題。你不能欺騙他們,只是用高亢的語調談起買菜的事。 然後期待你的狗變得非常興奮。

  • The study concluded that you have to use both dog speech and dog-related words for it to work.


  • Although it may seem obvious, the study found that talking like this is the best way to get your dog to listen to you.


  • What's less obvious is that talking this way creates a stronger bond between you and your pet.


  • So, if you're someone who talks to your dog as if you're talking to a baby, you're doing it right!


  • And if you don't, you should probably start.


  • Another tip for all you dog owners out there: listen to your dog.


  • The length, strength, and pitch of your dog's barking can tell you so many things about your little buddy, and help the two of you communicate better.

    你的狗吠叫的長度、強度和音調可以告訴你關於你的小夥伴的許多事情。 並幫助你們兩個人更好地溝通。

  • We'll see you next time on another "according to science".


Who's a good girl?



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根據科學,如何與你的狗交談 (How to Talk to Your Dog, According to Science)

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