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  • Does China's Xi Jinping have a sweet tooth?


  • How does he feel about salty snacks?


  • As it turns out, Xi's culinary preferences are wide-ranging and global.


  • Keep watching to see what China's leader likes to chow down on.


  • In 2013, Xi Jinping's lunch hit the headlines when he ate at a local-style Qingfeng restaurant in Beijing.


  • His order went viral, becoming known as the "Uncle Xi Combo".

    他的命令流傳開來,被稱為 "習叔組合"。

  • This laid-back lunch consisted of pork and onion steamed dumplings, liver, and stir-fried green vegetables with the local people.


  • While the dishes Xi Jinping ate are Chinese and follow their own specific recipes, liver and onions is a traditional meal many people enjoy the world over.


  • Want to go celebrate


  • I feel like liver and onions.


  • An article in "The Atlantic" suggests that eating this casual lunch in public, which is a rare sight in China for a leader, is in keeping with the president's anti-corruption stance and his views on excessive dining by officials.

    大西洋》雜誌的一篇文章認為,在公共場合吃這種休閒午餐,是一種罕見的在中國,對一個領導人來說,這是與總統的反腐立場相一致的。 以及他對官員過度用餐的看法。

  • In other words, a down-to-earth lunch of steamed buns may have been a message against government gluttony.


  • Either way, a Chinese leader eating in a restaurant among the locals is definitely going to create a stir.


  • The next day, the lines for the restaurant were huge.


  • Whether politics was mixed into the ingredients or not, the restaurant's boom in popularity after the President's visit is real proof in the pudding of just how interested so many people are in what Xi Jinping eats.

    無論政治是否摻雜在食材中,該餐廳的人氣蓬勃發展在總統的訪問之後,真正證明了這麼多的人是多麼感興趣。 人們在習近平吃的東西中。

  • Xi Jinping and his love of the food of the people does not stop when he travels abroad.


  • In 2015, the then British Prime Minister David Cameron invited Xi Jinping for a thirst-quenching pint of ale during his visit to the UK.


  • The two leaders drank beer at a village pub in the heart of the English countryside, close to Cameron's country retreat in Chequers.


  • During their visit to The Plough at Cadsden, the two sipped a pint of Greene King IPA, which subsequently became in big demand in China.


  • In an article in "The Guardian", an importer of the beer reported that demand had, quote, "gone berserk".


  • Within a couple of days of the pub lunch between the two world leaders, people from all across China were calling the importer because they wanted the same beer Xi drank.


  • The two men did not have just a liquid lunch, however, with Xi Jinping and his political dining partner eating traditional British fare with a mini fish and chips served with homemade tartar sauce.

    然而,這兩個人並不僅僅是吃了一頓液體午餐,習近平和他的政治夥伴們還在一起。吃飯的夥伴吃著傳統的英國菜,有一個迷你的魚和薯條,配以 自制的塔塔拉醬。

  • In England, the word chips refers to fries in the US, and what are known as chips in the US are called crisps across the pond.

    在英國,薯條一詞指的是美國的炸薯條,而在美國被稱為薯片的是在英國,美國人稱其為 "脆片"。

  • During 2016, a photo opportunity in Warsaw snapped Xi Jinping eating apples with Polish President Andrzej Duda.


  • As well as enjoying the rosy-red apple, Xi Jinping was taking a bite to promote China's signing of an agreement allowing Polish apples to be exported into the country.


  • Poland is the main producer of apples in Europe and the produce can be brought to China via rail, making the transport less expensive than by air and quicker than by sea.


  • How d'you like them apples?


  • In 2017, news footage captured Xi Jinping eating Swiss fondue with his wife during a visit to Bern, Switzerland for the annual Davos World Economic Forum.


  • Dining with former Swiss President Doris Leuthard, the presidential Chinese couple Xi enjoyed dipping their fondue forks of bread into the gooey melted cheese.


  • A cheesy fondue could be seen as, perhaps, the least likely dish that Xi Jinping may eat as cheese doesn't really feature all that much in Chinese cuisine.


  • In recent years, however, China seems to have fallen in love with cheese and all things dairy, including yogurt and chocolate.


  • While Xi Jinping may have sampled foods from around the world, as well as enjoyed simple Chinese foods, he is also passionate about food waste.


  • In 2020, Xi Jinping launched Operation Empty Plate, a campaign that aims to achieve greater food security.

    2020年,習近平發起了 "空盤行動",旨在實現更大的糧食安全。

  • According to a report highlighted in "China Daily", it's estimated that the food China throws away could feed around 30 to 50 million people annually.


  • Highlighting this is a way of creating a more sustainable future, not just for the Chinese, but people around the world.


  • For a man who pushed his plate away at the idea of fancy banquets of excess, it doesn't seem at all surprising that Xi Jinping wants everybody else in China to think about what they eat, and how much.

    對於一個一想到花樣繁多的宴席就把盤子推開的人來說,這並不習近平希望中國的其他所有人都能思考什麼,這似乎一點也不令人驚訝。 他們吃什麼,以及吃多少。

  • That said, when exploring what Xi Jinping likes to eat, it certainly seems to be the case that his favorite type of food is one that gets eaten.


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Does China's Xi Jinping have a sweet tooth?



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這就是中國領導人的真實吃相 (This Is What China's Leader Really Eats)

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