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  • Could a potential conflict over the island of Taiwan spill over onto islands that are part of Japan?


  • That is the question we're exploring first on today's show.


  • I'm Carl Azuz; thank you for watching.

    我是 Carl Azuz;感謝您的觀看。

  • Taiwan is located about 100 miles east of mainland China, and the governments of those two places have been at odds for decades.


  • When China's Communist Party won a civil war in the 1940s, the nation's previous government was forced to flee to Taiwan.


  • Today, the island sees itself as an independent democracy.


  • China sees it as part of the mainland, and therefore, subject to China's communist government.


  • So the two sides have an ongoing dispute; they are not at war at this point.


  • But after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, some experts have said China might be considering a similar operation in Taiwan.


  • No one knows for sure if that's going to happen, but there has been a lot of political and military activity around the island.


  • A group of US lawmakers recently visited Taiwan for a show of support for it.


  • China called that trip "provocative" and responded by holding military drills near the island with ships, bombers, and fighter planes.


  • So, what does this have to do with Japan?


  • Well, like the US, Japan supports Taiwan; it does not want China's government to take over the island, and Japan doesn't like what it sees when it comes to Chinese military patrols.


  • 20 years ago, the Japanese government says it counted fewer than 20 Chinese warships sailing near Japanese islands.


  • Last year, that number jumped to more than 70, and the Japanese who live on their country's westernmost islands are much closer to Taiwan than Tokyo, the Japanese capital.


  • So, they're deeply concerned about what could happen if China makes a move against Taiwan.


  • For the past 25 years, Kazushi Kinjo has made a living fishing in the water surrounding Japan's Nansei Islands.

    過去的25年裡,Kazushi Kinjo 在日本琉球群島周圍的水域捕魚為生。

  • That includes the uninhabited group of islands known as the Senkakus in Japan and Diaoyu in China.


  • When he started, Kinjo says he never saw Chinese ships, but in the last few years...

    剛開始從事時,Kinjo 說他從未見過中國船隻,但在過去的幾年裡...

  • [Japanese] You could see it in the video; the bow of one of their ships was pointed straight at us, and they were chasing us.

    [日語] 你可以在影片中看到;他們其中一艘船的船頭直指我們,而且在追趕我們。

  • Dangerous encounters, specifically around the contested Senkaku Islands, that Kinjo says are guaranteed.

    Kinjo 所說的那些危險遭遇是真的,特別是在人人爭奪的尖閣島周圍。

  • [Japanese] I don't know for sure, but I also saw what looked like cannons.

    [日語] 我不確定,但我也看到像大炮一樣的東西。

  • [Japanese] Looking back, they definitely could have shot at us if they wanted to.

    [日語] 回想起來,如果他們想的話,絕對可以向我們開槍。

  • [Japanese] I felt that fear.

    [日語] 我感受到那種恐懼。

  • In response to CNN, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it's carrying out law enforcement duties in its territory.


  • But it's not just the Chinese coast guard trolling these contested waters.


  • Japanese and senior US defense officials say Chinese warships are routinely patrolling Japanese territorial waters and the waters near Taiwan.


  • And according to one of the men in charge with defending Japan, that increased activity isn't limited to the sea.


  • From where I'm walking on the shores of Japan's Yonaguni Island, the east coast of Taiwan is only 110 kilometers away.


  • It's so close that, on a clear day, you can actually see it.


  • It's this stretch of waterit's been viewed as a potential battleground if China invades Taiwan.


  • It's that close proximity that has Japanese officials claiming Taiwan's peace and stability is directly connected to Japan's.


  • A security threat amplified by the ongoing nuclear threat posed by North Korea and a growing fear that China may try to take control of land that the Japanese government claims is inherently theirs.


  • [Japanese] Japan's territorial sovereignty extends to the Nansei Islands, and I'm afraid that may be infringed in the future.

    [日語] 日本的主權領土延伸到琉球群島,我擔心未來可能會受到侵犯。

  • It's for those reasons that General Yoshihide Yoshida says defending the Nansei islands is a top priority.

    正是這些原因,Yoshihide Yoshida 將軍說保衛琉球群島是首要任務。

  • The Nansei Islands consist of these 198 islands.


  • Since 2016, in a clear departure from Japan's post-World War Two pacifism, Japan's self-defense force has increased its footprint, building bases on Amami Oshima, Miyakojima, and Yonaguni.


  • Ishigaki is next.


  • How confident are you in Japan's ability to defend itself?


  • [Japanese] We are enhancing our capabilities, but our competitors are also enhancing their capabilities at an extremely fast pace.

    [日語] 我們正在增強我們的實力,但我們的競爭對手也在以極快的速度增強他們的實力。

  • [Japanese] It will be very difficult to maintain our deterrence and response capabilities unless we further increase our military capacity.


  • Back on Yonaguni, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is sparking fears that China could be emboldened to act off Japan's shores.


  • [Japanese] The people are terrified of the situation that's happening.

    [日語] 人們對正在發生的情況感到害怕。

  • [Japanese] I think that the Senkaku issue and the Taiwan contingency are similar to the Ukrainian issue.

    [日語] 我認為,尖閣島的問題和臺灣突發事件都與烏克蘭問題類似。

  • [Japanese] I have a strong sense of crisis that this island will eventually cease to be Japan.

    [日語] 我有一種強烈的危機感,這個島嶼最終將不再屬於日本。

  • But in the face of geopolitical concerns well out of his control, Kinjo and his crew do what they know: they prepare for another day at sea.

    但面對遠遠超出控制範圍的地緣政治問題,Kinjo 和他的船員們也只能做他們該做的事:為在海上的日子做好準備。

  • Blake Essig, CNN, Yonaguni, Japan.

    Blake Essig,CNN,日本與那國島報導。

  • 10-second trivia: Which of these airlines was founded first?

    10 秒鐘小知識:這些航空公司中,哪一個最先成立?

  • Southwest, Spirit, Frontier, or JetBlue.


  • Dating back to 1967, Southwest is by far the oldest airline on this list.


  • As demand for airline travel increases this summer along with ticket prices, one challenge airlines are facing is pilot fatigue.


  • An airline pilots association says that's the number one safety threat for Southwest Airlines, but that's not the only company whose employees say they're exhausted.


  • Airline travel hasn't completely recovered from the COVID pandemic, but it's getting there.

    航空旅行還沒有完全從COVID 大流行中恢復過來,但正在快速復甦。

  • US government data shows that this month, there were about 90 percent of the travelers there were in 2019, but there's an ongoing shortage of pilots.


  • Thousands of them retired during the pandemic, others have complained of not enough pay, long and expensive training, being put on leave without pay, and COVID vaccine requirements.


  • The federal government has rules about how much airline pilots can fly.


  • Those are set at 30 hours max in the air each week and at least 9 hours of rest in between shifts.


  • But pilots say changes because of weather, delays, and other issues are taking their toll.


  • It is the latest challenge to your next tripunderstaffed airlines and overworked flight crews causing carriers to cancel flights.


  • After hundreds of cancellations last weekend, JetBlue announced it is cutting 8 to 10 percent of its summer schedule, citing a "challenging staffing situation".

    在上週末數百架航班取消後,捷藍航空宣佈將削減 8-10% 的夏季班機,理由是「人員配置困難」。

  • The latest numbers show that airlines are still shy, more than 30,000 workers compared to before the pandemic.


  • There's a lot of burnout and...and especially amongst some workgroups; I'm hearing from folks saying, "I just can't take it anymore."


  • Crew shortages are hitting airlines, large and small.


  • Alaska Airlines is canceling 2 percent of its flights through June; Delta pilots say they are being pushed to the limit on a regular basis.


  • Longer days with shorter nights at home, shorter layovers, and our pilots are tired and fatigued.


  • Pilot reports of fatigue spiked at Southwest Airlines last month.


  • Their union says the company is struggling to retain its newest hires.


  • This is going to be a...a critical issue, um, em, every month and every year that we move forward.


  • Help comes in the form of sky-high hiring goals.


  • Delta wants to hire 200 new pilots each month.

    達美航空希望每月招聘200 名新飛行員。

  • JetBlue has already hired 3,000 new crew this year alone.

    僅在今年,捷藍航空就已經僱傭了3000 名新船員。

  • United Airlines came up with a different solution: opening up its own flight school, a first for any major airline in the United States.


  • The pilot shortage is real.


  • We can hire pilots at United Airlines, but the regional airlines and smaller airlines all have a real pilot shortage and are having real challenges.


  • For 10 out of 10, Toby Keith is the oldest dog in the world.

    不用懷疑,Toby Keith 世界上最古老的狗。

  • That's not a knock on the country singer; Toby Keith is also the name of a chihuahua.

    我不是在說這位鄉村歌手是狗喔;Toby Keith 同時也是一隻吉娃娃的名字。

  • This chihuahua, which Guinness World Record says is the oldest canine alive.


  • He was adopted from a shelter a few months after he was born on January 9, 2001, which means Toby Keith recently celebrated his 21st birthday, and he's said to be in good health, though he spends a lot of time sleeping.

    牠於2000年1月9日出生,而幾個月後就被人從收容所領養,這代表著Toby Keith 最近剛慶祝了牠的21歲生日,儘管花了很多時間在睡覺,牠的健康狀況良好。

  • When that dog growls at the door, you better "Let the Old Man In".

    當那條狗在門口咆哮時,你最好讓「這個老人進來」。(註:Don't Let the Old Man In 是Toby Keith 的歌)

  • He's probably thinking, "How Do You Like Me Now?"

    他可能在想,「你現在做何感想?」(註:How Do You Like Me Now 是Toby Keith 的歌)

  • "Every Dog Has Its Day", I'm "Unleashed", and "I Wanna Talk About Me"; don't "Pull My Chain".

    「凡人皆有得意日」,狗也是,我現在「無拘無束」,所以「我想談談自己」;「不要拉我的鏈子」。(註:Every Dog Has Its Day、 Unleashed、I Wanna Talk About Me、Pull My Chain 皆是Toby Keith 的歌)

  • I was "Made in America" longer ago than any other and I never thought I "Should've Been A Cowboy".

    我在美國的時間比其他任何人都長,而且我從不認為我「應該成為一個牛仔」。(註:Made in America、 Should've Been A Cowboy 皆是Toby Keith 的歌)

  • I'm Carl Azuz; today's shout-out goes out to Mancelona High School.

    我是 Carl Azuz;今天我們要向曼塞洛納高中打招呼。

  • It is great to see you watching from Mancelona, Michigan.


  • Our YouTube channel at is the only place we look for shout-out schools.

    若你希望我們向你說聲哈囉的話,記得到我們的youtube頻道 喔。

Could a potential conflict over the island of Taiwan spill over onto islands that are part of Japan?


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