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  • Why is bubble tea addictive?Which is the next PAA we are gonna talk about.

    為什麼珍珠奶茶會上癮?我們要討論的下一個 PAA 是哪一個。

  • The answer is extracted from an article titled "The Main Reason Why Bubble Tea is Addictive

    答案 摘自新加坡在線雜誌 發表

  • & It's Not Due to the Pearls" published by, which is a Singapore online magazine.

    的一篇題為“珍珠奶茶會上癮 的主要原因,不是因為珍珠”的文章。

  • I just read their about page, it sounds like a Singapore version of BuzzFeed.

    我剛剛閱讀了他們的關於頁面,這聽起來像是新加坡版的 BuzzFeed。

  • According to this article, the main reason that bubble tea is addictive is the caffeine in the tea.


  • I want to say I do not agree with the thesis of this article, because if that is the case,


  • The sales of the Chun Shui Tang teahouse should be evenly distributed to all caffeinated drinks, right?


  • It won't be like ...bubble tea makes up 80-90% of their sale?


  • I give kudo to this article because it did point out how much caffeine you can potentially ingest by drinking bubble tea.


  • It cited statistics from, in which they tested ten samples of bubble

    它引用了 的統計數據,他們在其中測試了十個珍珠

  • tea, the amount of caffeine in each cup is about 100 to 160 mg, which average out to

    奶茶樣品,每杯咖啡因的含量約為 100 至 160 毫克,平均

  • about 130 mg per cup.

    每杯約 130 毫克。

  • To put you into perspective, some coffee only has about 100 mg per cup.

    比較起來,有些咖啡每杯只有大約 100 毫克。

  • So you can potentially drink more caffine by drinking bubble tea compared to drinking coffee


  • Well, it sure is crazy, but it won't kill you, right?


  • Let's talk about another two PAAs : Can tapioca pearls kill you?, and Does tapioca contain


  • cyanide?Hello, everyone!


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Why is bubble tea addictive?Which is the next PAA we are gonna talk about.

為什麼珍珠奶茶會上癮?我們要討論的下一個 PAA 是哪一個。


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