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  • We work, we sweat, so give us our respect.

    - 我們工作,我們流汗,所以給我們以尊重。

  • We work, we sweat, so give us our respect.


  • Starbucks workers nationwide are filing for union elections like never before.

    - 全國各地的星巴克員工正在申請工會選舉前所未有。

  • It's a movement led by young employees that Starbucks has sought to halt.


  • We only have about 1 person who's over the age of 35.

    - 我們只有大約一個人超過35歲。

  • Most of us are either Millennials or Gen Z.


  • Joseph Thompson is one of the organizers at this Santa Cruz, California Starbucks.

    - 約瑟夫-湯普森是組織者之一在加州聖克魯斯的這家星巴克。

  • I started at Starbucks when I was 16 years old.

    - 我16歲的時候開始在星巴克工作。

  • I was working two jobs during high school in Texas, and I needed to work at Starbucks to get healthcare.


  • Thompson says a lot has changed at the world's largest coffee chain.

    - 湯普森說有很多變化在世界最大的咖啡連鎖店。

  • Starbucks used to be a good company.

    - 星巴克曾經是一個好公司。

  • They used to treat their workers with respect.


  • And throughout the pandemic, we have seen them disrespect workers over and over.


  • The unionization movement began last December at a Buffalo, New York store.

    - 工會化運動始於去年12月在紐約州水牛城的一家商店。

  • And we're standing here, having succeeded in spite of everything that has been done to try and prevent this.

    - 我們站在這裡已經成功了,儘管已做的一切努力都是為了防止這種情況。

  • Since then, Starbucks has been hit with a complaint from the National Labor Relations Board for penalizing two employees who are part of the union push in Phoenix.

    - 從那時起,星巴克就被投訴了來自國家勞動關係委員會 因處罰兩名僱員 他們是在鳳凰城推動工會的一部分。

  • Today, another Starbucks announced that they're joining the fight.

    - 今天,另一家星巴克宣佈他們正在加入這場鬥爭。

  • Over 140 Starbucks stores across 27 states have filed for a union election, and 6 have won.

    - 遍佈27個州的140多家星巴克店已申請參加工會選舉,6人獲勝。

  • Support for unions, specifically among younger generations, is at an all-time high.

    - 對工會的支持,特別是在年輕一代中,這一點達到了前所未有的高度。

  • According to a 2021 Gallup poll, approval of labor unions is at the highest point since 1965, currently at 68%, and higher in the 18-34 age range, at 77%.

    - 根據2021年的蓋洛普民意調查。對工會的認可達到了1965年以來的最高點。 目前為68%,18-34歲年齡段的比例更高,為77%。

  • There's so many different things that are coming together with the pandemic, you know, watching the financial crisis unfold and watching, you know, wealth inequality soar.

    - 有這麼多不同的事情正在發生與大流行病。 你知道,看著金融危機的發展。 並看著財富不平等的飆升。

  • But because of our antiquated labor laws, only 1 in 10 Americans are currently in a union.

    - 但由於我們過時的勞動法。目前只有十分之一的美國人参加了工會。

  • Hope Liepe works at a Starbucks in Ithaca, New York.

    - 霍普-利佩在紐約州伊薩卡的一家星巴克工作。

  • Hi, it's gonna be $5.56 for ya.

    - 你好。這將是5美元。56為你。

  • I'm part Gen Z; I've seen a lot more backing of this than of any other union movement.


  • Liepe says growing up with social media has helped her see past the performative politics of a corporation and demand more.

    - Liepe說,在社交媒體中成長起來的幫助她看透了表演性的政治 的一個公司,並要求更多。

  • We grew up in a time where, at a school, shootings were a thing, so we're a lot more looking, just, past, like, the politics, "Oh, everything's fine."

    - 我們成長在一個學校槍擊事件頻發的時代。是以,我們更多的是看過去,比如,政治。 "哦,一切都很好。"

  • We were noticing, in fact, that things weren't fine because they were directly impacting us.


  • Liepe and other Starbucks workers believe the company is engaging in union busting by suggesting bargaining be done by districts rather than individual stores.

    - Liepe和其他星巴克工人認為該公司正在進行破壞工會的活動 建議由各區進行議價的方式 而不是個別商店。

  • So, now, we're gonna go against that and say, "No, Starbucks, you can't do that and we're gonna win that case."

    - 所以現在我們要反其道而行之,說,"不,星巴克。你不能這樣做,我們會贏得這個案子。"

  • We've never lost that case around the nation.


  • Starbucks really does that just to stall it out.


  • A Starbucks spokesperson said that claims of anti-union activity are categorically false, adding,

    - 星巴克的一位發言人說,索賠反工會活動的說法是絕對錯誤的,並補充說。

  • "We've encouraged our partners to exercise their right to vote in the elections and have their voices heard."


  • And we can see this in Starbucks.

    - 而我們可以在星巴克看到這一點。

  • We can see that, in the original cases in Buffalo, Starbucks' first response was to say,

    我們可以在布法羅的原始案件中看到這一點。星巴克的第一反應是說。 "這個談判組織、部門太小了。

  • "This bargaining unit is too small. It shouldn't just be the single store. It should be a much larger bargaining unit."


  • And the National Labor Relations Board then said, "No."


  • They know they're going to lose, but they do it as a way to slow the process down 'cause they believe the morethe longer they can slow it down and drag it out, the more likely it is that the committed workers will leave.

    他們知道他們會輸。但他們這樣做是為了延緩進程 因為他們相信,他們能減緩的時間越長 並把它拖出來。 承諾的工人就越有可能離開。

  • In March, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson stepped down.

    - 3月,星巴克首席執行官凱文-約翰遜下臺。

  • Howard Schultz, the CEO before him, assumed the role.

    他之前的首席執行官霍華德-舒爾茨(Howard Schultz)擔任了這一職務。

  • Balancing profitability with our commitment to our peoplethat is rock solid.

    - 在盈利能力與我們對員工的承諾之間取得平衡 --那是堅如磐石的。

  • Rock solid.


  • Starbucks declined to answer questions from "The Washington Post" about Schultz's position on the unions forming across the company.

    - 星巴克拒絕回答問題來自《華盛頓郵報》的關於舒爾茨的立場的報道 對整個公司形成的工會。

  • The Starbucks spokesperson did say,


  • "We've been clear in our belief that we are better together as partners without a union between us."


  • And that they will "follow the NLRB's process to resolve the complaint" in Phoenix.

    並表示他們將 "遵循NLRB的程序"。以解決投訴 "在鳳凰城。

  • But even if these stores win their elections, challenges still remain.


  • The big question will be, "How much does this spread across Starbucks as a whole?"

    - 最大的問題將是。"這在整個星巴克中的普及程度如何?"

  • And then do we see people in other industries or other employers look at this and say, "Hey, we want to do this as well"?

    然後我們是否看到其他行業的人或其他僱主看了這個後說。 "嘿,我們也想這樣做"?

  • And having democracy in the workplace is gonna be a, you know, huge factor that influences Gen Z and the politics that are gonna be pushing us to further unionize other stores.

    - 而在工作場所擁有民主是會成為一種。你知道,影響Z世代的巨大因素 和將會推動我們的政治以進一步讓其他商店加入工會。

We work, we sweat, so give us our respect.

- 我們工作,我們流汗,所以給我們以尊重。

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Z世代正在推動星巴克的工會化運動 (Gen Z is driving the Starbucks unionization movement)

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