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  • Calling all lovers of musicals on stage and screen.


  • Wondering what else to watch after you've seen "West Side Story"?

    想知道在你看完之後還有什麼可以看的嗎?看過 "西城故事 "嗎?

  • Get your vocal cords ready for these musical movies and series that you can't help but sing along with.


  • Impossible things are happening every day.


  • Rodgers & Hammerstein's take on the beloved fairy tale "Cinderella" is a must-watch, featuring Brandy and more.

    羅傑斯和漢默斯坦對心愛的仙女的看法故事 "灰姑娘 "是一個必須觀看的節目。 以白蘭地和更多人為主。

  • Plus an absolutely spectacular soundtrack that will have you on your feet.


  • An animated princess accidentally winds up in the big city?


  • That's how you know you're watching "Enchanted".

    這就是你如何知道你在看 "魔法"。

  • Fantasy meets reality in this heartfelt musical comedy starring Amy Adams.


  • Looking for an "Encore"?


  • In this Disney+ original series, you'll see former high school class mates reunite to perform their musicals a second time around.

    在這個迪斯尼+原創系列中,你將看到前高中生演員們重聚一堂,表演他們的音樂劇 第二次的時候。

  • This just in.


  • Fun is front-page news in "Newsies", the iconic movie musical starring Christian Bale.

    樂趣是 "新世紀 "的頭版新聞由克里斯蒂安-貝爾主演的標誌性電影音樂劇。

  • Join a cast of underdogs ready to have their voices heard for a newsworthy good time.


  • We don't talk about Bruno, but let's talk about the magic of Walt Disney Animation Studios' latest film, "Encanto".


  • Meet the Madrigals and find out how love can bring a family back together.


  • And the original music by Lin-Manuel Miranda will have you singing along in no time.


  • And speaking of Lin-Manuel Miranda, don't throw away your shot to watch the Tony-winning sensation, "Hamilton".

    說到林-曼努埃爾-米蘭達。不要放棄觀看託尼獲獎作品的機會。 感覺,"漢密爾頓"。

  • This stage-to-screen film captures the incredible original Broadway cast as they perform the story of Alexander Hamilton in a way you've never seen before.

    這部從舞臺到銀幕的影片記錄了令人難以置信的百老匯原班人馬。 他們在表演亞歷山大-漢密爾頓的故事時,採用的方式是 你以前從未見過。

  • The best seat in the house can be wherever you are.


  • From "West Side Story" to "Hamilton" and beyond, don't miss a single note from these marvelous musicals now streaming on Disney+.

    從 "西區故事 "到 "漢密爾頓 "以及其他。不要錯過這些精彩的音樂劇中的任何一個音符 現在在迪斯尼+上播放。 [興奮的音樂]

Calling all lovers of musicals on stage and screen.


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