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  • Hey, Psych2Goers, welcome back to another video.

    - [旁白]嘿,Psych2Goers。歡迎回來觀看另一個視頻。

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  • How're you doing?


  • Like, how are you really doing?


  • In these trying times, everyone is struggling with something behind the scenes, whether it be mental health difficulties, financial problems, relationship struggles, or school issues.

    在這個艱難的時期。每個人都在為幕後的事情而掙扎。 無論是精神健康方面的困難。 財務問題,關係糾葛。 或學校問題。

  • Life can feel so difficult sometimes.


  • In perspective, life is really short, considering we spend about 26 years of our entire life sleeping.

    從長遠來看,生命真的很短暫考慮到我們花了大約26年時間 我們整個生命的睡眠。

  • So, how do we make the most of life, knowing the uncertainties?


  • You have to ask yourself, "What does it mean to live a full life and how can I achieve this?"

    你必須問自己。完整的生活意味著什麼 以及我如何才能實現這一目標?

  • Here are eight habits that can help you live your best life.


  • Number one, take care of all aspects of your health.


  • Do you eat a well-balanced diet?


  • While maintaining all aspects of your health may seem tedious, in the long run, you'll be happier and healthier.

    在保持各方面健康的同時可能看起來很乏味,從長遠來看。 你會更快樂、更健康。

  • Put in a little time and effort every day to take a walk, eat some fruits and vegetables, or take some self-care time to help prevent dealing with health problems later on in life.

    每天投入一點時間和精力出去走走,吃點水果和蔬菜 或花一些自我照顧的時間 以幫助防止處理健康問題 後來在生活中。

  • After all, prevention is much cheaper, less stressful, and, overall, healthier than trying to treat any symptoms.

    畢竟,預防要便宜得多。更少的壓力,和整體上更健康 而不是試圖治療任何症狀。

  • Knowing this, try to get into the habit of treating yourself with the same love and care you treat those you love with.


  • Number two, self-reflect.


  • Have you tried journaling before?


  • If so, how was it, and did you enjoy it?


  • Many people don't like to journal because it seems too time-consuming or they feel pressured to have the prettiest, most expensive supplies.

    許多人不喜歡寫日記因為這似乎太耗費時間,或者他們感到有壓力 要有最漂亮、最昂貴的用品。

  • However, what's really important is taking the time for self-reflection, whether it be by jotting down your thoughts on a scrap of paper or recording a voice memo.

    然而,真正重要的是是花時間進行自我檢討。 不管是通過記下你的想法在一張廢紙上或錄製一個語音備忘錄。

  • Taking even five minutes a day for self-reflection can help you immensely.


  • It allows you to figure out your values, what you truly like and dislike, and learn from past experiences.

    它使你能夠弄清你的價值觀。你真正喜歡和不喜歡什麼。 並從過去的經驗中學習。

  • So, try to figure out what reflecting methods work best for you and be authentic about it.


  • Number three, maintain social connections.


  • Do you make it a habit to prioritize social connections?


  • While it's hard during a pandemic, it's more important than ever.


  • Everyone needs a support system, no matter how independent or introverted they may be.


  • Try to make it a habit to maintain social connections with friends and family, even if it's simply a quick conversation once every few weeks.

    試著把保持社會關係作為一種習慣與朋友和家人一起。 即使是簡單的對話 每幾週一次。

  • It'll help you lead a balanced, well-rounded life.


  • After all, your ups and downs are meant to be shared with people who love and care about you.


  • Number four, focus.


  • Have you ever tried to multitask?


  • While it's tempting to do so, according to a study by Stanford University, multitasking is one of the biggest myths out there.

    雖然這樣做很有誘惑力。根據斯坦福大學的一項研究。 多任務處理是目前最大的神話之一。

  • In reality, your brain cannot properly do two things at once.


  • Instead, it switches between them rapidly, giving the illusion of multitasking.


  • You'll end up taking the same amount of time or longer to do the tasks with a significant decrease in quality.

    你最終會花同樣多的時間或更長的時間來完成這些任務 而品質顯著下降。

  • This means you should try to get in the habit of focusing on one thing at a time.


  • If you're doing work, shut off the television.


  • You'll likely end up doing higher quality work faster.


  • Once the work is done, you can fully enjoy your show afterward.


  • Number five, live in the moment.


  • When something exciting happens, is your first instinct to take your phone out and snap a picture?

    當發生令人興奮的事情時你的第一反應是把手機拿出來嗎? 並拍下照片?

  • Many people claim they do this so they can look back on and remember fond memories.


  • However, which is really going to bring you more enjoyment: a photo or fully experiencing moments with your friends and family?

    然而,哪個才是真正能帶給你更多的享受。照片或充分體驗的時刻 與你的朋友和家人?

  • In the end, your thoughts and emotions are likely going to give you more enjoyment and fulfillment than trying to take a photo for social media.

    最後,你的思想和情感可能會給你帶來更多的樂趣和成就感 而不是試圖為社交媒體拍攝照片。

  • With this in mind, try to put your phone away and truly enjoy the people and experiences you get to be a part of.

    考慮到這一點。試著把你的手機放在一邊,真正享受人們的生活。 和你能參與的經驗。

  • Number six, manage your inner critic.


  • Do you have a little voice in the back of your head telling you that you're not good enough, you're gonna fail, or you're not attractive enough?

    你的腦海中是否有一個小小的聲音告訴你,你還不夠好。 你會失敗或者你不夠有吸引力?

  • There is a lot of pressure to be flawless because we see perfection from social media around us everywhere.

    要做到完美無瑕的壓力很大因為我們看到了完美 從我們身邊隨處可見的社交媒體。

  • This can lead to low self-esteem and a constant feeling of not being enough.


  • While it can be hard to fix the root cause of low self-esteem, you should try to recognize when you're being too hard on yourself.

    雖然它可能很難解決自卑的根本原因。 你應該試著去認識 當你對自己太苛刻的時候。

  • If you can get into the preemptive habit of realizing when your inner critic is getting the best of you, you can break the thought pattern.

    如果你能養成先發制人的習慣,意識到當你內心的責備得到最好的結果時。 你可以打破這種思維模式。

  • Try to remember that no one is perfect, and that's what makes people so uniquely beautiful.


  • Number seven, complain less.


  • What's the worst day you've ever had?


  • At the end of it, did you let it all out and have an hour-long rant session with a friend or family member?

    在結束的時候,你是否將其全部釋放出來並有一個小時的咆哮會議 與朋友或家人一起?

  • Complaining can be stress-relieving, but if it gets out of hand, it can end up doing more harm than good.

    抱怨可以緩解壓力。但如果它失去控制。 它最終可能是弊大於利。

  • For example, by complaining about something you can't change, you're giving it more power to ruin your day.

    例如,通過抱怨關於你無法改變的事情。 你會給它更多的權力來毀掉你的一天。

  • Also, you're more likely to be resentful and hold grudges against people you may not even see again.


  • This extra burden can weigh you down without you even realizing it.


  • Instead, try to let go of things you cannot change, especially past experiences you didn't learn anything from.


  • Remember that at the end of the day, complaining too much doesn't make you happier, so why waste time on it?

    記住,在一天結束的時候。抱怨太多並不能使你更快樂。 所以,為什麼要在這上面浪費時間。

  • And number eight, don't be afraid to take action.


  • What's something that you've always wanted to do?


  • Many people are afraid to try new things, whether it be fear of failure, thinking it's already too late, or not being able to find the time.

    許多人害怕嘗試新事物。無論是對失敗的恐懼。 認為這已經太晚了。 或找不到時間。

  • However, there really is no better time to take action than the present.


  • You can't assume you won't be good at something unless you try.


  • And even if you want the best, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself.


  • It's never too late to try something new.


  • So, try to make time to do something you've always wanted to do.


  • Do you think you'll try to implement some of these habits?


  • Even though we can't fully control what happens to us, we can at least have positive growth mindsets.


  • If you try your best to maintain healthy habits, chances are, you'll end up living the best life you can.


  • And, in the end, that's all we can do.


  • So, you don't have to worry about being perfect or trying to control everything.


  • Doing your best is enough, and you are enough.


  • Do you think these habits will help you in life?


  • If so, how and which ones?


  • Feel free to comment down below with your suggestions, experiences, or feedback.


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  • Thanks for watching, and we'll see you next time.


Hey, Psych2Goers, welcome back to another video.

- [旁白]嘿,Psych2Goers。歡迎回來觀看另一個視頻。


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