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  • how powerful is the n-law anti-tank  missiles used by the ukrainian army

  • the sweden developed the n-law missile asshoulder-fired man-portable armor-defeating  

  • infantry-level weapon the rise of the mbt in the  cold war decades gave rise to increasing potency  

  • of tank killing systems in turn culminating  in the many useful options experienced on the  

  • modern battlefields of today design of the  n-law missile began by sab bofors dynamics  

  • in 2002 utilizing key qualities of several  well-tested developmental systems as well as  

  • those accepted into the at4cs model of 1987 this  adopted by the united states army as the m136  

  • the end result is an appropriate answer to  the constantly evolving threat that is the mbt

  • the n law fires a 150 millimeters missile at  subsonic speeds out to an effective range of  

  • 600 meters with a maximum range of 1000 meters  listed the system includes the launcher which is  

  • disposable after a single use the launcher  includes an optics set as well as its own  

  • power supply and features a basic tube  form with accessible muzzle and breech  

  • the open breach nature absorbs much of the  recoil force which allows the n law to be  

  • shoulder fired by a single person usually  over the right shoulder overall weight is  

  • 12.5 kilograms with an overall length of 1016  millimeters allowing for inherent portability  

  • at the infantry level a shoulder strap is  provided in this way several n-laws can be  

  • carried into action by riflemen and brought to  bear when needed providing effective portable  

  • tank-killing firepower against unsuspecting tanker  crews from nearly any angle as an armor-defeating  

  • weapon the n-law can also be utilized against  fortified structures with good results and holds  

  • the inherently quality of being able to fire from  enclosed spaces extremely useful in urban fighting

  • the missile initially clears the launcher before  igniting its propellant to provide an added safety  

  • measure for the fire initial velocity is rated  at 131 feet per second and minimum engagement  

  • range as 20 meters for additional safety  guidance is achieved through a predicted  

  • line of sight system and inertial guidance while  the warhead seated on each missile can attack  

  • targets through a top-down angle usually the most  vulnerable of any armored vehicle including mbts

  • in swedish army service the n-law has been  adopted under the rb-57 designation the  

  • weapon has also been taken under use by the  armies of finland indonesia luxembourg and  

  • united kingdom as of november 2013. the finns  designate the type as the 102 rslpstohjn law  

  • while the british army have replaced their aged  stock of law 80 and ilaw weapons with the mbt law

  • you

how powerful is the n-law anti-tank  missiles used by the ukrainian army


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反戰車飛彈(How powerful is the N-LAW anti-tank missiles used by the Ukrainian Army?)

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