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  • whenever you're ready dude

  • yeah hi my name is cynthia rose  no not a dude it's not a dude

  • it was cool but it was all

  • i'm sorry what was that hello my name

  • you is the time wasn't long until  i called you behind yeah yeah

  • hi everybody my name is stacey my hobbies  include cuticle care and the e-network

  • and all you'd ever hear me say is how it pictured

  • i get what i want

  • i just can't take it

  • is

  • performing live gives me such a rush

  • crushed it okay that is everybody  really not that impressed this year guys

  • oh wait there's one more i'm martin hi  

  • hello um i didn't know we had to prepare that  song oh that's okay sing anything you want oh

  • man

  • hmm

  • i got my ticket for the long way round  

  • two by the whiskey far away andsure would like some sweet company

  • oh i know you're gonna miss me when i'm gone

  • the sopranos jessica mary elise lily the mezzos  cynthia rose stacy corey and our altos that amy  

  • denise ashley and becca we shall begin by drinking  the blood of the sisters that came before you  

  • dude no don't worry it's boone's farm  well well well look who's in trouble

  • classic punt i know

  • no benji now if you will place your scarves  in your right hand i sing your name i  

  • promise to fulfill the duties and  responsibilities of a bella woman promised

  • and i solemnly promise to never have  sexual relations with a troublemaker  

  • or may my vocal cords be ripped out by wolves

  • you are all bella's

  • you did now

  • you

whenever you're ready dude


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B1 中級 美國腔

歌喉讚(Pitch Perfect | "Since U Been Gone" & "Cups" at the Bellas & Treblemakers Auditions in 4K HDR)

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