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  • Medicine is a great field,  

  • but it’s not for everyone. Here arereasons you shouldn’t become a doctor.

  • One, youre in it for the money. If  you consider the length of training,  

  • debt, and opportunity cost associated with  becoming a doctor, youll realize that there  

  • are much quicker and easier paths to wealthIf money is your main concern, look elsewhere.

  • Two, you hate hard work. Becoming a doctor is  less about intelligence and more about work ethic.  

  • You will spend much of your twenties and early  thirties studying and grinding out long shifts  

  • in the hospital. If youre not willing to put  in the time and effort, youll quickly burn out.

  • Three, you don’t enjoy working  with people. Although there  

  • are a few specialties that have  limited contact with patients,  

  • nearly all will require you to at least  regularly communicate with your colleagues.  

  • If you don’t enjoy interacting with other  people, medicine probably isn’t a good fit.

  • Four, you don’t enjoy being a leader. As a doctor,  

  • it’s up to you to guide the healthcare teamAlthough leadership skills can be developed,  

  • if you don’t enjoy that level of responsibility  then youre not going to enjoy being a doctor.

  • Are there any reasons I missedLet me know with a comment below.

Medicine is a great field,  


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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Go Into Medicine #SHORTS

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