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  • "Me ha gustado mucho." Blue is the colour of La Vie d'Adele, the Palme d'Or of Cannes

  • and one of its actresses picked up the award dressed this same colour for the

  • best special effects in Sitges for "Afflicted".

  • Is blue a very warm colour? At least this is what is said in the comic which the film is based on. La Vie d'Adele. The Palme d'Or of the last Festival of Cannes.

  • And of course one of the big events of the year.

  • Blue also is the hair colour of the character played by Lea Seydoux.

  • And blue is the colour that predominate in all the international movie posters of this film.

  • Diferent images, with more or less lesbian intention, according to the country where the film is released.

  • The origin: A comic named "Blue is the warmest colour" by Julie Maroh.

  • The main character is named Clémentine but in the film is Adèle, the same name of the actress that plays it..

  • A litlle bit of her, a little bit of the character.

  • While her girlfriend Lea Seydoux, very diva in the real life and avid of atention in front of the camera.

  • In the film she totally hides behind Emma.

  • The tender and crude history, radiates a poetic and painful feeling intrinsic in the heartbreak stories.

  • And very difficult to achieve this level of reality.

  • The critics, dazzled in Cannes, compared the director with "director" or "director", but he has other references.

  • "Se esta bien eh?"

  • And although the promotional images of the film we will not find bed scenes, the truth is that there are.

  • And moreover, so explicit that can even incommode.

  • But there isn't any kinky intention.

  • "Es que ha estado mal y no nos lo quieres contar? Pareceis la inquisición sexual."

  • Peter Jackson, before his interest for elfs of furry feet, did a very laudable incursion in the lesbianism.

  • And also Lisa Cholodenko gambled wiht a family story that has a slap-up support..

  • Two great actresses that were mom and mom.

  • But the most common, is the kinky treatment of the relationship between two women destinated to the masculin audience.

  • Far away from the topics, the film of Kechiche is seen as a love story without labels.

  • "La infancia es la edad que ya habréis pasado espero."

  • "Porque mientes? Yo no miento. Entonces porque lloras? No lloro"

"Me ha gustado mucho." Blue is the colour of La Vie d'Adele, the Palme d'Or of Cannes


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La vie d'Adèle for Cinema 3 millorada [SUB] (La vie d'Adèle per Cinema 3 millorada [SUB])

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