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  • This is the check-in hall and will be the first queue you will encounter.

  • The queuing system may appear strange as it is not straight line.

  • Passengers are guided through a winding line through the queuing section.

  • There can be a significant wait

  • so you may wish to provide a quiet activity to pass the time.

  • Also make sure you have made a visit to the toilet if necessary,

  • before you join the queue.

  • You may have arranged for escorted assistance from OCS

  • and this could include being taken to the front of the queue.

  • Checking-in is the process of confirming you are prepared for the flight,

  • where your flight documents are checked

  • and you will be issued with a boarding pass to get on the plane later.

  • This is also where you drop off large luggage

  • that will be put on the plane for you, in its cargo section.

  • This luggage will be weighed

  • and confirmed as below the limit set for your journey.

  • If your luggage weighs more, you may be asked to pay an additional charge.

  • Your luggage will pass through to an area behind the desks,

  • to be taken to the plane.

  • You will be allowed to take hand luggage onto the plane with you,

  • but the amount, size and weight will be limited.

  • Importantly, there are restrictions

  • on what items are allowed to be taken on the plane with you in hand luggage

  • as well as any loose items you may carry.

This is the check-in hall and will be the first queue you will encounter.


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