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I'm pretty sure you guys can guess that I'm kind of obsessed with watermelon.
And not just the food, things that look like watermelons, too.
So today, I'm going to be showing you how to transform your shoes into watermelon shoes.
And I'm also going to be showing you a couple ways that I like to wear mine. So let’s do this!
For this project, you will need
a pair of red sneakers and I just got mine from Target,
green paint, and you wanna make sure this will work on a rubberized surface,
a permanent fabric marker, some masking tape, and a small paint brush.
Oh, ready! The first thing you gonna wanna do is tape up your shoe.
You just wanna cover the very top of the sole.
This is gonna create that white part in the watermelon.
So take your time putting this on. You want to make sure it is as straight as possible.
And on top of all of that, this also helps protect the fabric of the shoes so you're not gonna let paint everywhere.
Then just grab some scrap paper so you don't get paint on your working surface. And get ready to paint.
I’m starting up with one coat at the green paint and going all the way around the edge of the shoe.
And don't worry if the paint looks thin or streaky because this is just the first coat and we're gonna be coming in with another one later.
If you are wondering why I don't have tape around the tip of the shoe,
that's just because I prefer to eye this area and just kinda paint slowly around it.
Then you're gonna wanna let this sit for twenty minutes and come back and put on a second coat.
And you see the second coat you’re gonna cover up all of those imperfections.
And when you finish, let this sit overnight so everything can dry completely.
When you come back, run your fingers along the painted part of the sole to make sure everything is dry.
And then it’s time to draw the watermelon seeds!
So I just take the fabric marker and I start drawing basically teardrop shapes all over the shoe.
And I just like covering the very front part but you can over the entire shoe. You can do a small section of the front.
You can really do whatever you want. I just personally like to doing it this way.
And when you finish, you are going to be left with a super cute pair of shoes that look like watermelon.
Okay, so you're probably wondering how I wear these crazy watermelon shoes.
Well, I have a couple different ways. This first look is really casual and simple and one of my goto looks just in general.
I have on one of my favorite tops from Madewell, a simple necklace from DailyLook, and my American Eagle boyfriend jeans.
If you haven't noticed, I've been wearing these jeans a tons because they are my favorite right now.
They are really comfortable. they have the slightly looser fit and I just like converting them at the bottom cause it give it a bit more laid back casual look.
And now it’s time for the awkward skipping with Ingrid.
Yep, I just playing my arms around because that just what I do
I'm in my second outfit now, but let’s talk about how I found watermelon juice first because I was very excited about this and I was also pretty found about the sweets that I found.
What can I say guys? That’s a way to my heart, through my belly.
Alright, so now that I have my snacks, let’s talk about what I'm wearing.
I have on a top from DailyLook and I think this is super cute. Is this really casual tank top that I dress up with a BaubleBar necklace.
And I love the color in this necklace. It’s so pretty.
My skirt is from DailyLook and I am obsess with this. I love the length, I think it’s just really different from a mini skirt. And it’s classic.
And I love the whole look of tucking in a casual shirt into this skirt and then wearing like a statement necklace, I think it’s super cool.
So yeah, that’s pretty much it for today. And if you guys miss my last videos I will have their link right here.
All you need to do is to click one of the boxes. You know how it works. It will take you to the video, and you can watch it right now.
And this is where I stick around and just be weird while I wait for you to click on the boxes.
So I hope you guys enjoy the video. 
I hope you're having an awesome day.
I love you. Thanks for watching and I'll see you latter. Bye~



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