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  • Hey folks, you may have seen a while back that YouTube announced it was experimenting

  • with making dislike counts private to only the creator of the video.

  • Now, if you're like me, you were surprised by that.

  • I mean, I've always thought

  • seeing the number of dislikes on a video helps us know, as viewers

  • if it's a good video or not, if it's a helpful tutorial or not

  • or if what a creator is saying in their video is generally agreed with or not.

  • But unfortunately, research teams at YouTube have found

  • there's this whole other use for disliking a video

  • that I had never experienced as a creator and you may not have either.

  • Apparently, groups of viewers are targeting a video's Dislike button

  • to drive up the count.

  • Turning it into something like a game with a visible scoreboard.

  • And it's usually just because they don't like the creator

  • or what they stand for.

  • That's a big problem

  • when half of YouTube's mission is to give everyone a voice.

  • So, earlier in 2021, YouTube experimented with making the public dislike count private

  • to see if it would help reduce these coordinated "dislike" attacks

  • across the platform.

  • And after analysis, they did see a reduction.

  • So, the update from YouTube is that the Dislike button is staying

  • but the dislike counts will now be private.

  • You can still dislike videos

  • and that action will be used to tune your own recommendations

  • but you won't be able to see the dislike count.

  • only the creator can find it on the backend, if they want.

  • Now, a few common questions we saw from the initial experiment.

  • First, without a public dislike count

  • how can viewers tell if a video is worth watching.

  • Again, I kind of had this question too

  • but it turns out that while viewers might use the dislike count

  • to give them a sense of a video's worth

  • when the teams looked at the data

  • across millions of viewers and videos in the experiment

  • they didn't see a noticeable difference in viewership

  • regardless of whether they could see the dislike count or not.

  • In other words, it didn't really matter

  • if a video had a lot of dislikes or not

  • they still watched.

  • Next common question

  • if creators can still see the dislike count on the backend

  • how's that any different?

  • They can see it if they look for it inside Studio Analytics, under the Engagement tab

  • but overall, it's much less likely to cause stress and embarrassment

  • if the count isn't visible to the public.

  • And one more common question: is this because YouTube Rewind got lots of dislikes?

  • No, although there are some teams internally

  • who have learned the hard way what it feels like to get lots of dislikes.

  • Now, this again is about protecting all creators

  • and making sure they have a chance to succeed and feel safe in doing so.

  • Alright, so that's the update.

  • I hope it doesn't cause too much frustration.

  • Honestly, I think you're gonna get used to it pretty quickly

  • and keep in mind other platforms don't even have a Dislike button.

  • So, consider that, thank you and I hope you're well.

Hey folks, you may have seen a while back that YouTube announced it was experimenting


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Update to YouTube's Dislike Count(Update to YouTube's Dislike Count)

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