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  • Summer break was right around the corner, and my school had decided to throw an end-of-the-year middle-school party to celebrate all of our accomplishments.


  • It was the day before the party, and during lunch period, me and my friends were all talking about what we would wear, who was going, etc.


  • As we talked, I remember having some painful stomach cramps, but blamed it on the cafeteria food and thought nothing of it.


  • When the school day was finally over and I was at home,


  • I was rummaging in my closet for something nice to wear for the party and decided on a nice casual white dress.


  • Unfortunately, my cramps came back while I was helping my mom with dinner, but once again, I ignored them.


  • The following morning, I woke up and began getting ready.


  • It was a Saturday, the day of the party, and I was a bit nervous since so many people are planning to go.


  • But I tried to focus on the positives.


  • While I was in my mom's car driving to the school, my cramps once again came back.


  • I told my mom, but she reassured me I would be fine and it was just the butterflies in my stomach.


  • I decided to deal with it and go to the party anyway.


  • Once I arrived, my mom waved me goodbye and I saw my friends standing by the school gym entrance.


  • They complimented my dress and we headed inside the large gym, barely managing to get through the large crowds of middle schoolers.


  • The gym itself was decorated with colorful banners and was packed with kids.


  • My friends explained that they were going to say hi to some others, so me and my friend, Katie, stayed and just moved around.

    我朋友說他們想要去跟別人打招呼,所以我和另一個朋友 Katie 待在原地附近。

  • Suddenly, I heard some kids laughing behind me and Katie's eyes widened as she stared down at me and whispered, "Mal, look down!"

    突然間,我聽到有些人在我背後竊竊私語,Katie 張大她的眼睛往下盯著我看,然後小小聲說:「喔不,往下看!」

  • Nervously, I lowered my head and saw that my legs and my dress were covered in blood.


  • As a sixth-grader who had just got their first period, I slowly looked around and realized everyone was staring and laughing at me.


  • I felt my face turning red and Katie quickly snatched me and ran out of the gym.

    我感覺到我的臉漲紅,於是 Katie 抓著我跑到體育館外。

  • My other friends followed us to the bathroom and we handled the situation by getting me a pad and calling my mom.


  • I was so embarrassed.


  • My mom picked me up, and while I was in the car, I checked my Snapchat to see if anyone had posted anything about the party.

    我媽媽來接我,而在車上時,我檢查了一下 Snapchat 看看有沒有人發了什麼跟派對有關的東西。

  • I was upset to find that some of the kids I had added as friends and actually trusted took a picture of me and tagged me on their stories.


  • I felt awful and unfriended them, but knew they were probably talking about me back at that party.


  • When we got home, my mom wanted to make me feel better, so we ordered pizza, watched the movies, and joked about what happened back at that party.


  • Overall, it made me feel better and I learned two things from this experience.


  • One is to always have some friends that will have your back and will not make fun of you, and two, always have some pads with you.


Summer break was right around the corner, and my school had decided to throw an end-of-the-year middle-school party to celebrate all of our accomplishments.


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