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  • It’s a sightand a soundthat never gets old


  • The world’s fastest cars, twisting and turning through the streets of one of its most picturesque cities


  • Each year, a country that’s smaller than New York’s Central Park, builds a world-class street circuit that spans a third of its length and sees its population grow by more than 500% overnight

    每一年,這個比紐約中央公園還要小的國家打造橫跨其國土三分之一長度的世界級競速賽道,並在一夜之間人口成長了超過 500%。

  • It’s an incredible feat of logisticsengineering, and temporary construction that requires some serious planning and patience


  • This is how the world’s second smallest nation... becomes a racetrack.


  • The Monaco Grand Prix is an event that turns an entire country on its head.


  • From the resurfacing of roads to the construction of standsbarriers, entire media centers,


  • and the small matter of some 200,000 people arriving incity that’s normally home to 38,000—it’s one of the most impactful sporting events there is

    還得解決 20 萬人湧入這個常住居民只有 3 萬 8 千人城市的「小」問題-這是世界上最具有影響力的體育盛事之一。

  • First held in 1929, the event made its Formula 1 debut in 1950 and has since become a staple of the world championships,

    在 1929 年時首次舉辦,並在 1950 年時首次主辦 F1 賽事,摩納哥大獎賽從此成為了世界大賽的固定班底,

  • appearing on every season’s calendar since 1955, apart from in 2020 of course when almost everything fun was cancelled

    從 1955 年開始每一季都有摩納哥的份,除了被取消的 2020 年以外。

  • The overall layout of Monaco’s track has changed very little over the yearsit’s a small country and there’s not that much else you could do


  • Outside of the Grand Prix, the route is used as a public road, and keeping that up to FIA regulations is a serious job

    除了在大獎賽期間使用外,整條路線通常作為公眾道路使用,而要將其維護在符合 FIA 標準下可是個艱難的工作。

  • Prior to each year’s racing, about a third of the 3.3-kilometer circuit is planed and resurfaced,

    在每年比賽開始之前,長達 3.3 公里的賽道上有約三分之一的部分會被壓平並重新修補,

  • removing any deformations that could impact drivers on what's already considered to be one of F1’s most challenging routes.

    移除這個被公認是 F1 中最困難路線的賽道上,任何可能影響到賽車手的不平整表面。

  • It runs along some of the country’s main thoroughfares, so these works and the line repainting are carried out largely at nights, in sections, and over a three-week period


  • With the track establishedthings start to move up a gear with the construction of the temporary facilities, about six weeks out from the racing.


  • Much of this is prefabricated away from site, reducing the set-up time in Monaco itself


  • Relying on a team of highly skilledfull time engineers to keep on-tracksome 600 trucks carry grandstands, pit garagesbarriers, footbridges and more into the countrycompletely transforming it.

    仰賴一群由技術純熟的全職工程師們追蹤進度,大約有 600 輛卡車運載著大看台、修車車庫、屏障、天橋等建設進入該國,並完全改造整國的面貌。

  • While the pit facilities in Monaco are only temporary structuresthey are no less high-tech than those at the permanent circuits.


  • Arriving in 120 different sections, these modules are lifted into place by a crane and assembled over just 14 days,

    以 120 個不同分段的形式被運送過來,這些模組在僅僅 14 天內由吊車吊掛至定位並組裝完成,

  • creating 450 square meters of space for each of the 12 teams across three floors, divided into mechanicaltechnical and hospitality sections.

    為 12 個隊伍各自創造出單樓面積為 450 平方公尺的三層樓空間,分別為機械、技術與接待部分。

  • With limited open space along the circuitthe majority of the seating is located along the waterfront of Port Hercule, with smaller stands located at key positions:


  • like the Monte Carlo Casino and the entrance of the tunnel section near Portier Cove


  • Of course, boats, rooftops and the terraces of surrounding hotels and restaurants all act as VIP sections for fans.

    當然,船隻以及附近旅館和餐廳的樓頂和露臺都是粉絲們的 VIP 座位區。

  • The circuit’s official capacity is 37,000, making it the smallest of any in Formula 1.

    整個賽道的官方觀眾容量為 3 萬 7 千人,是所有 F1 賽事中最少的。

  • But Monaco’s unique landscape gives thousands of people views of the track, and it has a much larger non-ticketed audience than other Grand Prix events.


  • In a normal year, around 200,000 people come into the country for the Grand Prix, and 100,000 attend the final Sunday

    通常來說,每年大約有 20 萬人會湧進該國觀看大獎賽,並有 10 萬人會參與到星期日最後的比賽。

  • With so many spectators near the track, over 20,000 square meters of safety mesh and more than 21 kilometers of safety railing are installed to protect the public, buildings and drivers.

    由於賽道附近觀眾相當多,官方安裝了超過 2 萬平方公尺的安全網以及超過 21 公里的安全圍欄,來保障大眾、建築與賽車手的安全。

  • While the pandemic has forced some countries to hold their Grand Prix without spectators, Monaco is allowing 40-50% of ticketed seats to be sold

    雖然疫情大流行導致一些國家必須在沒有觀眾的情況下舉辦大獎賽,摩納哥准許賣出了 40-50% 的座位票,

  • marking the biggest return to capacity since the disrupted 2020 season.

    而這是從 2020 賽季的中段以來最大幅的回流。

  • To keep the country connected while the race is on, a maze of footbridges and gangways is installed


  • Then, 670 event marshals are brought in to help coordinate the nearly 3,000 strong team that it takes to pull off the event.

    接著,670 名活動管制員被招募來協調舉辦整個活動所需,人數將近 3000 人的團隊。

  • The organizers work hard to minimize disruption as far as possible, and access to the circuit is largely unrestricted.


  • It’s only completely closed to pedestrians and traffic between 5:30am and 7:30pm on the race days.

    只有在比賽當天的早上 5:30 到晚上 7:30 之間才會完全封閉。

  • That's a major break with other circuits like Singapore and Melbourne which remain closed for the duration of the event


  • After the racing, everything is cleared away again, and the country returns to its more peaceful self


  • With its global reach, a place on Formula 1’s calendar is a highly sought-after prize, and some emerging markets have managed to edge-out smaller ones over the years

    由於在全球各地的知名度,許多地區都希望能舉辦 F1 的賽事,而一些崛起中的市場在過去數年已成功地擠掉了一些較小的市場。

  • Despite its size, Monaco’s unique blend of history, prestige and atmosphere has seen it attain near untouchable status in the world of racing,


  • all enabled by an incredible team of construction workers and engineers who pull off this amazing transformation, most years


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It’s a sightand a soundthat never gets old


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