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  • Uh, Joanna?

  • I want to talk about that interview.

  • I thought it went very well.

  • No, it didn't.

  • That's what I want to talk to you about.

  • Now, just to brief you..

  • I may cry..

  • But... they are not tears of sadness or of anger, but just of me having this discussion with you.

  • Rachel, please, don't make a scene.

  • There's nobody here.

  • Sophie, get in here!

  • You see? Now, you're making Sophie uncomfortable.

  • She's not making me uncomfortable.

  • Congratulations, you crossed the line into completely useless. Get out.

  • Do you want me to quit?

  • What? What would make you think that?

  • Well, all of those things that you said in the interview.

  • I mean, if you believe any of them, I must not be a very good assistant.

  • You know what?

  • I am just going to pack up my desk... and I will be gone by the end of the day.

  • Well, I guess there's no use me sticking around till the end of the day.

  • Alright. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

  • You can put your sad little muffin back in its drawer.

  • If you must know the truth, I didn't want to lose a perfectly good assistant.

  • What?

  • That's why I said all those things about your flirting and your drinking.

  • My drinking?

  • Oh. I must have said that after you left.

  • Said what, exactly?

  • That you enjoy the occasional drink... ing binge.

  • Oh, my God! Oh! That is it! I am leaving!

  • - You are just a horrible person. - No...!

  • Wait...! Now, if you're gonna get all sensitive about it...

  • I don't want to lose you.

  • What if I create a position for you? I'll... I'll make you assistant buyer in this department.

  • Say more things like that.

  • You can have your own office and a raise, effective tomorrow.

  • - I'd need an expense account. - Done!

  • - And an assistant. - Sophie, get in here.

Uh, Joanna?


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Friends: Rachel Confronts Her Boss (Season 4 Clip) | TBS

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