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  • The global road network is one of the largest systems ever built by man.


  • In the United States alone, the total length of roadway exceeds 6.6 million kilometers, enough to circle the Earth 165 times.

    光是在美國,所有道路的長度加總起來便超過了 660 萬公里,足以繞行地球 165 次。

  • While relatively simple to build as compared to other structures like skyscrapers or dams,


  • the sheer scale of the global network makes road construction one of the largest sources of material consumption on our planet.


  • While road types can vary greatly depending on their use, location and construction method,


  • the majority are formed from crushed rock, sand and asphalt in a process that releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

    大部分的道路都是由碾碎的石頭、沙子與柏油打造而成,並在過程中釋放出揮發性有機化合物 (VOCs) 到大氣層中。

  • In order to curb the environmental impact of road construction, a number of new innovations are now being trialed.


  • Replacing some of the finite resources used in road construction with one of humanity’s most notorious waste products, all whilst extending the life of the roadway itself, makes a lot of sense.


  • In India, the process of melting plastic to fill in potholes has been happening on a small scale for a number of years.


  • British engineer, Toby McCartney, recognized the benefit of using plastic in roads while travelling the country,

    名為 Toby McCartney 的英國工程師在該國旅行時,察覺到了在道路上使用塑膠的好處,

  • and developed a method of turning plastic bottles into small pellets that could be added to an asphalt mix to increase its bulk.


  • McCartney’s solution has created roadways that are 60% stronger and last 10 times longer than those built with conventional methods.

    McCartney 的解決方案創造出了比用一般工法所鋪設的道路強度增強 60%,壽命延長 10 倍的道路。

  • The UK county of Cumbria quickly noticed the benefits of this innovation and have adopted the process for new public roads in the region.


  • Using 3 to 10 kilograms of waste plastic per ton of asphalt, and with roughly 10 tons of asphalt used in every kilometer of roadway construction,

    該工法在每公噸的柏油中使用了 3 至 10 公斤的廢棄塑膠,而鋪設每公里道路約需 10 公噸的柏油,

  • this process has the potential to lock-up a considerable amount of waste material that could otherwise end-up in landfill or our oceans.


  • Taking things a step further, Dutch company KWS, together with Wavin and Total, have developed PlasticRoad: a prefabricated, modular roadway made from recycled plastic.

    而將這樣的概念更進一步推展,荷蘭公司 KWS 與 Wavin 與 Total 公司合作發展出了「塑膠路」:這是一種以回收塑膠為原料,預先製造完成的模組化道路。

  • The product’s anticipated lifespan is three times longer than that of a normal road build-up.


  • It’s also four times lighter and can be constructed 70% faster than a traditional asphalt roadway.

    它還比傳統柏油道路更輕,並且鋪設速度快上 70%。

  • PlasticRoad’s hollow design allows service pipes and cables to be fed through its road deck without the need for extensive digging.


  • Some of the space can also be used to store excess water during storms.


  • With a number of trial projects now planned, including this bike path in the Netherlands, which opened in September 2018,

    如今當地已準備計畫數個試驗建案,包含了這個在 2018 年九月開張的荷蘭腳踏車道,

  • you could see prefabricated plastic roads on a street near you in the not too distant future.


  • Incorporating solar panels directly into the road network has the potential to turn an otherwise static piece of infrastructure into a major source of renewable energy production.


  • Companies such as Solar Roadways in the United States, Wattway in France, and SolaRoad in the Netherlands

    如美國的 Solar Roadways 公司、法國的 Wattway 公司,以及荷蘭的 SolaRoad 公司

  • have all developed prototype systems that are durable enough to withstand traffic loads and the elements.


  • While the concept may sound advantageous, critics have raised a number of concerns around this new type of roadway,


  • including the safety of vehicles driving over the toughened glass or silica that is required to protect the photovoltaic elements,


  • and how effective horizontal solar panels can be as compared to those positioned diagonally on roofs.


  • Several pilot schemes are now underway, seeking to overcome these challenges.


  • With a drive to reduce pollution, recycle plastic and construct a more sustainable built environment,


  • innovative solutions like these could make a significant difference when applied to something as vast as the global road network.


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The global road network is one of the largest systems ever built by man.


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