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  • Happy new year, everyone, I'm Carl Azuz, and it is great to see you as we launch into a new calendar year of objective news coverage.

    各位新年快樂!我是 Carl Azuz,迎接全新日曆年,我們會繼續堅守崗位,為各位報導客觀新聞。

  • For more than two years now, a leading news story around the world has been COVID-19.

    新冠疫情盤踞全球各地的新聞頭條至今已經超過 2 年。

  • It's still going


  • In fact, new international records have been set in recent days for the number of people testing positive for coronavirus.


  • In the United States, the majority of those new infections ⏤ 90% in some placeshave been linked to the newer Omicron variant of the virus which was first identified in South Africa last Fall.

    在美國,新冠肺炎的新確診病例多數,有些地區甚至高達九成,都與去年秋天首次在南非現蹤的 Omicron 變異株有所關聯。

  • Health officials say it's extraordinarily contagious, more so than other versions of COVID-19.

    衛生官員表示,Omicron 變異株的傳染性極強,傳播速度超越過去幾個被發現的變異株。

  • The US government says COVID vaccinations are the best defense against all of the virus variants that are currently spreading, and some hospital officials have told CNN that most of their COVID patients have been unvaccinated.

    美國政府強調,接種疫苗是抵擋各種新冠病毒的最佳防禦方式。部分醫護人員向 CNN 證實,多數新冠肺炎患者都未接種疫苗。

  • But despite the fact that more than 62% of the entire US population has been fully vaccinated, according to the CDC, the country has seen more new infections than ever.

    雖然全美國有超過 62% 的人口已經完成完整的疫苗接種,不過美國疾病管制與預防中心表示,美國的確診病例卻是前所未有之高。

  • The record set last Monday was over 1,082,000 positive tests, as Omicron has infected both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated.

    隨著未完成和已完成疫苗接種的人相繼淪陷於 Omicron 病毒風暴,美國的累積確診人數在上週一寫下全新記錄,一共是 108 萬 2000 人。

  • There is a silver lining, though.


  • Experts believe Omicron is less severe than other COVID variants, it has milder symptoms overall, and while more people may catch it, it appears to be causing fewer deaths.

    專家相信 Omicron 沒有其他變異株來得嚴重,因為比起其他變異株,Omicron 的癥狀相對較輕,而且雖然感染率增加,但致死率卻降低了。

  • Still, there've been major differences in how communities and governments have responded to Omicron spread.

    儘管如此,我們還是觀察到了不同社會和政府間面對 Omicron 的不同反應。

  • In some cities, for instance, people need to show proof they've been vaccinated in order to go to restaurants, gyms, bowling alleys, or concerts.


  • In other areas, people are going about their business as usual without requirements or restrictions in place.


  • When it comes to schools, research has shown that in-person learning is better for students' mental health, but concerns about Omicron's threat to physical health have renewed debate in some communities about whether schools should stay open

    至於教育,研究顯示,面授課程對學生的心理健康發展比較有利,不過部分地方社會卻為了學校重新開放是否引發感染 Omicron 的風險而展開全新一輪的辯論。

  • Back-to-school hangs in the balance for the country's third-largest school district as negotiations between Chicago public schools and the teachers union remain deadlocked over returning to in-person learning.


  • I'm not happy that we're not at work; we want to be at work and we... we want people to understand that this... this idea was to go remote, not to stop working.


  • Melanie Lopez is a high school teacher in the school district and a union member.

    Melanie Lopez 是芝加哥的一名高中老師,她同時也是教師工會的會員之一。

  • It's a teachers union that has argued the city of Chicago hasn't provided adequate resources to be in-person safely.


  • Did you feel like you had what you needed in the classroom for it to run safely?


  • I did 'cause I bought it; I don't know if that makes...


  • - With your own money? - With my own money. Right.

    - 你自掏腰包嗎? - 對的,我自掏腰包買的。

  • The city, however, has argued, through masking, vaccinations, testing, and more, that school is still safer than being at home, even with record numbers of cases among students, staff, and across Chicago in recent weeks.


  • The difference between now and a year ago is, obviously, we have vaccines, uh, for a huge swath of our, uh, school-based population.


  • I think that the issues that are on the table, as I understand them, we can narrow the divide and get a deal done.


  • Schools are safe, um, there's been no question about that.


  • The union disagrees, and one of the major sticking points in their ongoing negotiations with the city is testing.


  • Governor JB Pritzker's office confirmed Friday it had been in touch with the White House in recent days, asking for more tests.

    伊利諾伊州州長 JB Pritzker 的辦公室週一指出,他們持續與白宮聯繫,以爭取更多的篩檢支援。

  • The White House confirmed those conversations with Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot to assess their needs.

    白宮確認 Pritzker 及芝加哥市長 Lori Lightfoot 的確聯絡了白宮,目前正在評估他們的需求。

  • All the while, students have been out of class and parents have been frustrated.


  • 10-second trivia: In terms of land area, which of these nations is the largest?

    10 秒問答!以下這些國家當中,哪一個國家的領土面積最大?

  • Iran, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, or Ukraine.


  • Though it's not the most populated nation on this list, Kazakhstan is by far the largest in area.


  • Kazakhstan's been grappling with violent protests over the past week.


  • At least 164 people there have been killed, including dozens of demonstrators and at least 18 law enforcement officers.

    在這場抗議活動中,至少 164 人喪生,包括許多的示威者和至少 18 名執法人員。

  • More than 5,000 people are reportedly being held by the government.


  • It's declared a state of emergency and asked other nations to help protect government buildingssome of those have been burned.


  • The unrest started after the price of a type of gasoline suddenly doubled.


  • Afterward, the Kazakh government said it would limit what those prices would be, but the protests grew to include other complaints over corruption, the standard of living, poverty, and unemployment.


  • Some Kazakh leaders have resigned, though the nation's president remains in place.


  • He's characterized the protesters as criminals, murderers, and terrorists, and he's ordered government troops to shoot those who don't surrender.


  • Kazakhstan rarely makes headlines in the west, but that changed when these protests over rising living costs were met with brutal repression.


  • As so-called peacekeepers from Russia and other post-soviet states hit the streets of the country's biggest city, Almaty, there's deep unease at where the Central Asian state is now heading.


  • The rest is going to be keeping an eye on Russian imperial ambitions, and perhaps they could start stationing troops there.


  • But nonetheless, they could... they could make several power plays.


  • Home to 19 million people spread over the ninth-largest sovereign land mass, Kazakhstan stands between 2 increasingly autocratic superpowers, Russia to the North and China in the east.

    孕育著 1900 萬人口的哈薩克斯坦在世界國土面積排名第九,並坐落在兩個專制勢力日強的超級大國——北部的俄羅斯和東部的中國之間。

  • Economically, it still has one foot in the past, relying on Russia for most of its trade, whilst also hosting the Baikonur cosmodrome, crucial to the Kremlin space program.


  • Large deposits of coal and natural gas, as well as a 3% chunk of the planet's oil reserves and 40% of its uranium, mean that Kazakhstan's people could be rich.

    哈薩克斯坦蘊藏富饒的煤礦和天然氣,石油和鈾的儲量分別佔全球的 3% 和 40 %,憑著得天獨厚的資源優勢,哈薩克斯坦人民理應過上富有的生活。

  • But, thanks to a ruling elite in power since the fall of communism, few share in that wealth.


  • For now, it's unclear what the future holds for Kazakhstan and the country's stymied potential.


  • What is becoming clearer is the world is watching and is worried.


  • Nina dos Santos, CNN, in London.

    Nina dos Santos,CNN 倫敦採訪報導。

  • Up next today, thunderstorms in the American South, sub-zero wind chills in the Upper Midwest, treacherous, icy conditions in the Northeastall of it is because of a cold front that swept across the country over the weekend.


  • Tens of millions were under a winter weather alert Sunday morning, with freezing rain, ice, and sleet threatening some parts of the Northeast.


  • It came less than a week after another snowstorm led to a number of accidents and a shutdown of Interstate 95 in Virginia.

    美國在不到一週前,才剛經歷了導致數起意外事故發生以及維吉尼亞州 95 號州際公路遭阻斷的嚴寒天氣。

  • Hundreds of drivers were stranded along a 50-mile stretch of the road and the backup was too severe for even snowplows to get through.

    當時數百名司機受困在長達 50 英里的路上,厚厚積雪妨礙了救援行動,連除雪機都難以通過。

  • Thankfully, no injuries or deaths were reported, even though people were stuck in their cars overnight.


  • If you ever get caught driving in a fast descending snowstorm, here's a tip.


  • So, we're all used to seeing cars fishtailing on icy and snow-packed roads, but the more common and more expensive skid is called an understeer.


  • We turn in and the car doesn't want to respond.


  • And to make it turn better, I have to take steering outand notice how the ark came right back, and we're now where we wanna be.


  • - Wethe car almost re-corrected itself. - Correct.

    - 我們,車子幾乎自己重新修正了。 - 沒錯。

  • If I... if I had just kept the steering turned in or added more, which is what's commonly donebecause our instinct is to, well, if it isn't steering enough, I need to go ahead and steer a bunch morethe car is gonna respond even worse.


  • Eventually, you run into a curb or into oncoming traffic.


  • Your speed's good.


  • Alright, now go ahead and turn in.


  • Notice how it doesn't want to respond? Straighten the wheel out slightly, OK.


  • So, by letting go of the steering wheel, you almost notice it straightened out too much.


  • - Yes, right. - Okay, so just feed the steering wheel back gently.

    - 對啊。 - 好,那現在輕輕地拉回方向盤。

  • Okay, break, break... off the brakes completely... now turn.


  • What a marked difference.


  • Henry Ford once said, "Customers could have a Model T painted any color they wanted, as long as it was black."

    美國汽車工程師兼企業家亨利·福特曾說,顧客可以隨意為福特 T 型車漆上任何一個他們喜歡的顏色,只要它是黑色的就好。

  • As far as this BMW concept is concerned, customers could have black or white or a whole lot in between, as this thing can change color.

    由 BMW 推出的這款新車,車身可以自由變換顏色,所以顧客可以把車子變成黑色、變成白色,甚至黑白色組合也沒問題。

  • The vehicle's wrapped in electronic ink, like the kind found in e-readers, that allows a variety of monochromatic patterns, including racing stripes.


  • If and when it's produced, other color options may also be possible.


  • So, it's both color-shifting and monochrome-automatic.


  • Would it make a "hue" difference? It would across the spectrum of buyers who are looking to break free from the "prism" of single-color options.


  • But while this is something that hasn't really been seen "Roy G" before, critics will say it's just "throwing shade".


  • I'm Carl Azuz; Elizabeth High School, thank you for watching from Elizabeth, Colorado.

    我是主播 Carl Azuz,科羅拉多州伊丽莎白市的 Elizabeth 高中,感謝你們收看我們的節目。

  • The one place we look for the schools we mention is our YouTube channel, that's at

    想要被我們的節目「翻牌」嗎?很簡單,到我們的 YouTube 頻道留言即可,網址是。

  • We hope to see y'all tomorrow.


Happy new year, everyone, I'm Carl Azuz, and it is great to see you as we launch into a new calendar year of objective news coverage.

各位新年快樂!我是 Carl Azuz,迎接全新日曆年,我們會繼續堅守崗位,為各位報導客觀新聞。

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