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  • Have you ever noticed the four lettersSSSSprinted on your boarding pass?

    你的登機證上面有被印上 'SSSS' 標記過嗎?

  • Some people have, and it has often led to some frustrating and lengthy airport delays.


  • So for those who are lucky enough to not know what it is and have never experienced it, what does this four letter code mean?


  • In short, the code SSSS is used on domestic and international US flights to indicate that additional security screening should be carried out.

    簡單來說,SSSS 編號被用於在美國的國內與國際航班上,標記出需要進行額外安全檢查的旅客。

  • Airport security in many countries was beefed up significantly after the events of 2001.

    在 2001 的恐怖攻擊之後, 許多國家機場的安全措施便有顯著地提升。

  • The US Transport Security Administration (or TSA) was formed at this time, and has increased security since with several schemes, including the Secure Flight program.

    美國的運輸安全管理局 (TSA) 即是在這個時期成立的,並在之後以多項手段提升了安全層級,其中包含了安全飛行計畫。

  • The use ofSSSScodes has been formalized and strengthened under this, but its use is reported before then as well

    'SSSS' 編碼的使用便在這個計畫之下開始正式設立並強化,但亦有在此之前使用過的紀錄。

  • According to TSA: "Secure Flight is a risk-based passenger prescreening program that enhances security

    根據 TSA 的說法:「安全飛行計畫是個將乘客依風險程度預先分級的計畫,並藉由以下方式來提升安全性:

  • by identifying low and high-risk passengers before they arrive at the airport by matching their names against trusted traveler lists and watchlists."


  • Passengers are screened for security using government databases and their travel information.


  • This can result in several actionsof course, travel could be denied and law enforcement involved in the most severe cases,


  • while passengers identified as being of increased risk and requiring extra checks will have the codeSSSSprinted prominently on their boarding pass.

    而那些被標記為風險有所提昇並需要額外檢查的旅客,則會在登機證上被顯眼地印上 'SSSS' 標記。

  • Security and border agents then know to apply enhanced security checks.


  • This is used by TSA on all US domestic flights and international flights from the US.

    TSA 將這套方法使用在所有美國的國內與國際航班上。

  • Several factors influence the use ofSSSS,’ but the exact processes and decisions are not made public for obvious security reasons.

    有許多因素會影響是否採用 'SSSS' 標記,但確切的流程與決策原因則理所當然地因為安全原因而沒有向大眾公開。

  • Being on security watchlistsincluding the FBI counter-terrorism watchlistis sure to trigger the code

    在安檢監察名單上-包括 FBI 的反恐監察名單-肯定會觸發。

  • Other factors might include the booking of one-way trips, booking flights last minuteor frequent recent travel.


  • Travel between certain airports, or to or from certain countrieswill make it more likely as well.


  • Discrepancies between boarding pass and passport or ID information could also be to blame.


  • Additionally, ‘SSSSis sometimes assigned at random

    另外,'SSSS' 有時也會被隨機指派。

  • Extra security checks are, of course, good in the overall scheme of improving securitybut for individual passengers, they can be frustrating.


  • Having the code on your boarding pass will likely subject you to more checks and a longer time to clear security.

    登機證上印有 SSSS 編碼可能會讓你接受更多的檢查,並使你得花更多時間才能通過安檢。

  • These are not usually carried out separately, but will delay you as part of the main security screening


  • Extra screening might mean additional scans, a more thorough check of luggageand taking swabs from your hands, clothes, or baggage to check for narcotics or explosives.


  • Agents are also likely to ask you questions about your travel, and you may have to wait while additional passport or identity checks are carried out


  • One of the problems withSSSSis the same travelers tend to get selected repeatedly.

    'SSSS' 制度的問題是,同樣的旅客常被重複選擇到。

  • Fortunately, there are some ways to address thisalthough nothing is guaranteed, and you may still be highlighted for security reasons.


  • Joining the TSA PreCheck program is reported to help

    加入 TSA PreCheck 預先安檢計畫能有所幫助。

  • There is also a US Homeland Security process for addressing security problems, includingSSSS’ codes and issues with watchlists.

    美國國土安全局也有能夠舉報包含 'SSSS' 標記與觀察名單相關安全問題的管道。

  • The DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program allows travelers to report issues with boarding and airport securityissues that will be investigated and evaluated


  • Have you ever seenSSSSon your boarding passWhat extra checks did you experienceLet us know by leaving a comment.

    你有在自己的登機證上看過 'SSSS' 標記嗎?你經歷了那些額外檢查?在評論欄位中留言給我們知道吧。

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Have you ever noticed the four lettersSSSSprinted on your boarding pass?

你的登機證上面有被印上 'SSSS' 標記過嗎?

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