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  • (Laughter)

  • Oh man. That movie was so much fun, huh?

  • I had fun...with you!

  • We should hang out more often then.

  • How about coffee tomorrow

  • Daniel's Thought: Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes!!

  • It's a date

  • (giggles)

  • Bye

  • Daniel's thought: OH yeaa, Second date!

  • I can't believe this

  • What's wrong?

  • I wrote this amazing review and this troll completely bashed it

  • I hate it when that happens

  • yeah, this time he crossed the line.

  • Listen to this.

  • AJ, your review is garbage

  • and your grammar sucks!

  • Go back to Kindergarten, you hack writer!

  • (cough)

  • Daniel's thought: Oh crap! That was her? No-no-no-no, this has got to be a mistake.

  • are you alright, Daniel?

  • Yeah, um wrong pipe

  • you're.. you're not, um, AJ, the film critic, right?

  • "AJ" is my pen name so that people can't troll me in real life.

  • why?

  • no.. no reason. Just didn't know that I was on a date with a celebrity

  • Daniel's thought: Smooth, Dan! Now she totally know it's you.

  • you know, he tells me my grammar sucks

  • I hope he sees the irony

  • It's probably not that bad

  • (Anna reads the review) "The only thing emptier than your review

  • would be your bed.

  • Where you cry alone every night, forever!"

  • Usually I just laugh off negative comments, but this guy is a real low-life.

  • Scum of the earth, definitely. You know, he probably has some good points

  • But he's not worth talking about

  • You're right. He's not worth talking about in the least

  • And the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them completely

  • and never look up their personal information

  • (scoffs) are you kidding me?

  • I'm going to find this guy and I'm gonna destroy him

  • I'm going break his fingers and then I'm going to feed them to my snakes

  • so that he can never type again

  • you have a snake that sounds interesting let's talk about that

  • I found his blog

  • I can't tell if this guy's just an awful writer

  • or an awful person who just happens to write

  • At least he's not an Elitist liii... Elite film critic like you

  • I bet this guy's a total shutin

  • A fat tub of lard covered in pimples

  • acne is a natural stage of development for some people

  • Daniel's Thoughts: She can't see my zits, right? I just put BB cream on this morning

  • Whatever, he probably doesn't even know how to talk to girls

  • Daniel's Thought: I'm talking to you right now, aren't I?

  • Besides, he has the worst taste in movies

  • He wrote a ten-page post about how Step-Up 2: The Streets is the most misunderstood movie of all time.

  • C'mon, don't you see that the dancing is clearly a metaphor for the class divide

  • (silence)

  • yeah I mean you're right

  • Step Up 2 is a silly movie

  • a beautiful silly movie

  • Daniel's Thought: okay I should be in the clear

  • well, this is me

  • so, uh, how about a third date?

  • sorry, I'll pass

  • I guess you'll just have to

  • cry alone in bed?

  • every night, forever?

  • Reel genius.

  • Did I just get live-trolled?



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