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  • Silence shared in words


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  • Heart to Heart Talks


  • I don’t think anybody has spoken

    我想 沒有任何人的演說

  • really spontaneously the way I am speaking

    能真像 我這般地 "即興"

  • And I was not aware

    起初 我並未察覺 --

  • that my spontaneity

    我的 "即興"

  • would have such a tremendous effect on people

    已為人們帶來 巨大的影響

  • I am not an orator; I have never been


  • trained for oratory


  • I am just talking the way I talk

    我只是 一如平常地說話

  • when you see me personally

    就和 我私底下

  • I don t see any difference


  • But one man who was the first to introduce me to the West

    但首次 向西方介紹我的人 --

  • Aubrey Menen

    Aubrey Menen

  • He is an Anglo-lndian journalist

    一位英裔的 印度記者

  • but he lives in England


  • a very famous journalist, one of the topmost


  • He was the first man to introduce me to the West.

    是他首次 將我引介至西方

  • He wrote the first book which mentioned me.

    並將我 寫入他的第一本書

  • The book’s name is The New Mystics.

    書名是 : 新神秘家 ( The New Mystics )

  • Not only did he mention me, he has my picture on the cover.


  • I could not believe what he had written about me.

    我不敢相信 他是如此的形容我 ---

  • He wrote that he has heard the greatest orators of this century

    他敘述著自己如何見識過 當代最偉大的演說家 :

  • Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Jawaharlal Nehru,

    邱吉爾、希特勒 、尼赫魯 、甘迺迪 ... 等

  • President Kennedyhe has listened to all these people,

    他曾蒞臨現場 聆聽這些人所發表的演說

  • sitting very closely, in the front row, because he was a top journalist.

    身為一流記者, 他甚至是坐在前席, 近距離的聽

  • And he says that he was never influenced by anybody

    然而,他卻說 我是第一個

  • the way he was influenced by me.

    能如此 深深影響他的人

  • I could not believe my eyes.


  • I said, “What is this man talking about? Adolf Hitler was a great orator,

    我說 : " 他在說什麼 ? " -- 希特勒曾是偉大的演說家

  • Kennedy was a great orator, Jawaharlal was a great orator,

    甘迺迪 、 尼赫魯 、 和 邱吉爾

  • Winston Churchill was a great orator;

    皆是 偉大的演說家

  • and he is comparing me, who is not an orator at all,


  • What has impressed him?

    是什麼 觸動了他 ?

  • He says,

    他說 :

  • What has impressed me is

    " 真正打動我的 是

  • I could see simply that this man is absolutely unprepared.

    我看得出 這個人 完全沒有事先準備

  • He does not know what he is going to say next,

    他也不知道 自己接下來會說什麼

  • but somehow even, thing falls in line.

    但不知何故,一切運作得 條理井然

  • His sentences are small, conversational,


  • as if he is talking man to man,

    彷彿他 正與某人對話

  • not to a crowd.”

    而不是對群眾演講 "

  • When you are talking to a crowd,

    因為當你 對著群眾演說

  • you are talking to the walls:

    就像 對著牆壁說話

  • you are not human in your talk.

    言語中 便喪失了人味

  • Winston Churchill said that

    邱吉爾 曾說

  • when he started talking

    當他開始 發表演講

  • and became


  • an orator,


  • he was very nervous.

    他感到 萬分緊張

  • Later he said, truthfully, he was still nervous

    往後他坦承, 至今仍感到 那股緊張

  • when he stood on the podium;

    每當他站上 演講席

  • he still felt the same first nervousness he had felt sixty years before.

    就彷彿回到六十年前的自己 神經緊繃

  • But the same trick always helped.

    但有個祕訣 總能幫助他

  • And what was his trick? This must be the trick of many

    什麼秘訣 ? 這必定也是許多

  • great orators. He says, “the first thing that I

    偉大演說家的" 秘訣 " -- 他說 : " 首先,

  • repeat in my mind is that all these people are idiots;

    反複地說服自己 " 台下都是白癡 "

  • you need not be afraid of them.

    何必怕他們呢 ?

  • And once


  • I settle it in my mind that these are all idiots, then I start speaking.

    我說服了自己: " 台下只是白癡 "後 , 就能進行演說

  • Who is afraid of idiots?

    畢竟 誰怕白癡呢 ?

  • And then one word leads to another

    於是我 出口就能成章

  • and then gathers momentum;

    氣勢 也營造了出來

  • then one is just


  • going like a computer.”

    機器般地 滔滔不絕 "

  • All your great orators

    你所謂 偉大的演說家

  • are just


  • repeating speeches

    覆誦著 秘書

  • already written


  • by their secretaries.


  • Jawaharlal’s secretary, told me that all his speeches were written by him.

    尼赫魯的秘書告訴我 : 所有尼赫魯的演講,都借他之手 。

  • Not only has he told me, he has written in his memoirs

    他不只告訴了我,更在他的回憶錄自白 :

  • that all those great speeches that Jawaharlal was famous for

    其實 尼赫魯所有撼動人心的演講 都出自

  • were written by him.


  • And before going,


  • Jawaharlal would have a look

    尼赫魯 會先瀏覽過

  • at the speech,


  • and figure out


  • how he was going to manage it.

    該如何 妥善表達

  • But


  • with me it is a totally different matter.

    我卻是 另行其道

  • You are not idiots.

    你們 並不是白癡

  • I am speaking to people

    我是正在與 充滿了

  • who are potentially enlightened beings;

    成道潛力的人們 對話

  • I am speaking with immense respect


  • and love.


  • And I have never felt any kind of nervousness because

    我從不緊張 因為我並不是

  • I am not an orator,


  • I am just


  • conversing with you.


  • Hence, many times it is bound to happen:

    以至於,常發生這樣的情況 :

  • I will tell only half a story,

    當我的故事 才訴說至一半

  • and then,


  • wherever the wind blows,


  • my cloud starts moving.

    我的雲朵 便隨之飄舞

  • I have never made any effort

    我不曾 刻意地努力

  • that things should be otherwise.

    否則情況 將有所不同

  • I want to remain absolutely spontaneous.

    我想要保持 全然的即興

  • And I want you also to hear me spontaneously.

    也希望你們 能即興地聽我

  • In the same way I don’t know what I am going to say,

    就像 我並不知道自己 會說出什麼

  • you should also be


  • in that emptiness

    安然處於 " 並不知道

  • where you don’t know what you are going to hear.

    自己會聽見什麼的 " 空 "

  • Then there is a possibility

    如此才會 產生一種

  • of a transmission


  • of something which is not in the words

    那樣的交流 超乎言語

  • but follows the words like a shadow

    卻隨著言語流動 像個影子

  • or an aroma.


  • Then the word will be there;


  • you will hear the word,


  • but the fragrance, the shadow,

    但那個芬芳、 那個影子

  • will enter your being

    會深觸 你的本質

  • and will stir your heart.


  • My whole effort is not to convince your intellect:

    我的整個努力 不是要說服你的聰明才智

  • It is to have a little love affair with your heart.

    而是與你的心 交織出一段戀曲

  • These are heart-to-heart talks,

    那是一種 心心相印

  • not oratory:


  • Not great

    也非 偉大的

  • lectures,


  • but just simple, human talks.

    而只是一場 單純的 人性對話

  • So forgive me,


  • I am going to remain the same way

    我會一直 即興下去

  • but you can always


  • remind me


  • that I have left something out in the middle.

    若中途 我脫軌了

  • I can always complete it.

    我總是能 再繞回來的

  • I would love to complete it but what can I do?

    我也想說得 滴水不漏,但又能怎辦呢 ?

  • There is so much to sayand nothing to say.

    待說的話 這麼多;卻也 無話可說

  • You can understand my problem:

    你可以體會 我的困難 --

  • so much to say

    待說的話 這麼多

  • that even if I go on for lives

    就算要我 花上好幾世

  • it will still be there

    也說不完 ;

  • and nothing to say,

    卻又 " 無話可說 "

  • because that which I want to give to you

    因為 我希望傳達給你的

  • is not something which can be said.

    無法藉 "言語" 道破

  • I am living in this dilemma


  • but trying


  • for some middle way;


  • and


  • I have the feeling I have found the middle way.

    那中庸之道 已被我走出來了

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Silence shared in words



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