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  • So I'm going to show you how to make the  most delicious creamy mushrooms. Really  

  • gorgeous sumptuous silky, and this recipe  is a principle recipe that you can take,  

  • you can use time and time again, and you can use  it for so many things. We've got a nice array of  

  • mushrooms here: so we've got oysters, some lovely  shiitakes, we've got lovely little chanterelles  

  • here these are gorgeous, these are wild, and this  is trompette de mort, the trumpet of death - but  

  • you won't die don't worry. So we wash those  if you wish, let's talk about flavouring.  

  • I'm going to use thyme today, of course you  could swap that out for any other woody herb.  

  • I'm going to use dried chilli, just  a little bit, and then of course  

  • garlic. So, I said creamy mushrooms - what we  have here is some crème fraîche, the idea is  

  • we don't need this, right. We can make creamy  mushrooms without cream, using butter and water  

  • right, it's brilliant. So pan on, we're going to  go medium-high heat, so we'll whack that up now.  

  • I'm going to finely slice the  garlic, just into little slices.

  • The chilli, I'll just take the end off the  chilli just by slicing. Don't need much at  

  • all. I do not want you to recognise like, any  kind of hot-hot heat. Then we've got the thyme,  

  • thyme is absolutely gorgeous and it's a  nice savoury herb. Just a little teaspoon  

  • of fresh thyme like that will make all the  difference. So I love that. So, first little  

  • thing I'm going to do which is quite interesting  and really not traditional, I learnt this kind of  

  • technique in Japan and they would - over barbecueover coals - they would take humble mushrooms like  

  • this and they would just kind of dry-grill themAnd then I kind of changed that at home in the UK  

  • to dry-frying them in a non-stick pan, so no  oil right? So what this does interestingly is it  

  • starts to bring out nutty flavours. Like I say you  can go like whole mushrooms no trouble, you can  

  • just break them in your hand like that, let's just  slice a few up. This one is a king oyster, these  

  • will all reduce in size as they cook. So give it  a nice little shake, and if you toss it around  

  • you'll start to see that it's catching and  actually caramelising in its own natural  

  • sugars right, you can see that in the oyster  mushrooms, really nice. So now we're going to  

  • start almost cooking in a more traditional waySo I'll make a little gap in the middle of the pan  

  • like this, we're going to go in withlittle drizzle of extra virgin olive oil,  

  • we'll go in with a little knob of butterwe'll go straight in with the garlic.

  • And now we're going to go in with the chilliand then the savoury fragrant notes of the thyme.  

  • Now we can start to toss, and this is much more  kind of traditional mushroom cooking. Season  

  • nicely with salt and pepper. I'm going  to serve these mushrooms with pasta,  

  • tagliatelle, so I'll just put that into some  boiling salted water. This will only take like  

  • four or five minutes to cook. Now is the really  interesting bit - we're going to take some of  

  • this starchy water from this pasta and i'm  going to put it into here. And that water  

  • emulsifies with the fat and you get an emulsionand that emulsion is the creaminess, a natural  

  • creaminess without using cream okay, that's  what we want. So give it a shake, look at that!  

  • Can you see? There's the creaminess, it's  there, that's there it's coming together now  

  • that's the creaminess. And now we can turn the  pan off and it's done. So at this stage in the  

  • game the pasta is done. I'll also take some  more water to mix with the creamy mushrooms,  

  • and i'm just tossing that pasta in  that creamy sauce, look at the colour!  

  • What you can do if you wish, is just add  a little parmesan. So let's plate up.

  • If you're a mushroom lover it's  such a nice expression of mushrooms,  

  • it really is. Little kiss of olive oilAnd that is beautiful mushroom tagliatelle  

  • with thyme, a tiny bit of chilli, and  parmesan. Have we got the creaminess,  

  • that's the question. What's lovely is the pasta  really does soak up that gorgeous natural sauce.

  • Mm, the mushrooms are so savoury and rich, really  hearty. Those mushrooms as they sat in the pan  

  • untouched, so that could go on a steak, you  could have it on polenta, on toast, you could  

  • put it in a quiche, you could put it on a pizzathe list goes on... That's a really fundamental,  

  • delicious, honest mushroom recipe. Great  texture and it gives you loads and loads  

  • of opportunity, so guys get cooking, get  the mushrooms out and enjoy, take care.

So I'm going to show you how to make the  most delicious creamy mushrooms. Really  


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奶油香菇(Creamy Mushrooms | Jamie Oliver)

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