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  • The B-2 Stealth Bomber is probably one of the most iconic planes to have ever been built.

    B-2 匿蹤轟炸機可能是有史以來最具標誌性的飛機之一。

  • It's sleek flying wing design makes it practically invisible to radar and incredibly fuel efficient, allowing it to penetrate even the most sophisticated of enemy defenses.


  • But how did this incredible aircraft come into existence, and what technological advancements made it possible?


  • The rise of stealth aircraft can be tracked back to World War One, when the Germans attempted to use transparent canvas to make their planes difficult to spot.


  • That plan backfired, as the glossy canvas made the aircraft even more visible in sunlight.


  • The demand for stealth aircraft, as we think of them today, rose with the advancement of practical radar technology in the late 1930s.

    而人們對於如今我們所知的匿蹤飛機的需求,則是從雷達在 1930 年代末期開始能實際運用時開始的。

  • The technology formed the backbone of Britain's early warning system during the Battle of Britain, saving uncountable lives from German bombing runs.


  • Let's see how the technology works.


  • Radar works by sending short pulses of electromagnetic energy in the form of radio waves outwards,


  • the antenna then switches to receiver mode and waits to detect the reflections of these radio waves off distant objects.


  • The radar now receives a blip on the screen called a radar cross-section, and it's size changes with the magnitude of radio waves returning to the antenna.


  • The Radar Cross-Section is a measure of how detectable an object is with radar.


  • The size of the object is just one factor, which can be mitigated with clever engineering.


  • The B-2 has a 52 m wingspan, yet it has been reported to have the same radar cross-section as a large bird.

    B-2 的翼展長度為 52 公尺,但據說它的雷達截面積與一隻大鳥相當。

  • So how does the B-2 manage to achieve this incredible feat?

    那麼,B-2 是如何做到這難以置信的創舉的?

  • The core concept behind the B-2 is reflection.

    B-2 背後的核心概念是雷達波反射。

  • It was designed to reflect the radio waves away from the source, so that they never get the chance to be detected.


  • What is amazing is that every surface of the B-2 has been designed with this in mind.

    最令人驚奇的,莫過於 B-2 上的每一個表面都依據了這樣的原則設計。

  • The aircraft was designed with the aid of computational models and a supercomputer, which resulted in an incredibly complex curved shape.


  • This technology was not available during the development of the F-117 Nighthawk, resulting in its much simpler faceted flat panels.

    在 F-117 「夜鷹」的開發過程中,這樣的科技還沒有發展成熟,因此該戰機的外觀因此以更加單純的多面體平板構成。

  • The B-2's radar cross section is further reduced by its streamlined flying wing design, with its highly reflective engines embedded within the aircraft where radar cannot see it.

    B-2 的雷達截面積還因為它流線型的飛翼設計而近一步降低,而容易反射雷達波的引擎則被裝進了機體內部,讓雷達波無法照射到。

  • Even the engines air intakes and exhaust vents are located on top of the plane to ensure they cannot be detected by ground based devices.


  • But the flying wing has some unique flying characteristics that took many years for Northtrop to perfect.


  • One of the most notable is the lack of a tail rudder to control the yaw.


  • The B-2 instead uses a split rudders, on the tips of the left and right wing.

    B-2 使用的是分體式方向舵,其位於左翼和右翼的尖端。

  • They act as airbrakes to slow either side of the wing, and cause a yawing motion.


  • But, when in use, the split rudders can increase the radar cross section of the plane.


  • So the B-2 can also use differential thrusting of its left and right engines to allow it be controlled when stealth is a priority.

    因此在以維持匿蹤為優先的狀況時, B-2 也能藉由調整左右引擎的推力來調整方向。

  • Beyond the shape, the B-2 is also made with advanced composite materials capable of absorbing and dissipating incoming radio energy

    除了外形之外,B-2 還採用了先進的複合材料,能夠吸收並消散迎面而來的無線電波。

  • The exact composition of the B-2 is classified, but we know that the skin is made from a carbon fiber reinforced plastic,

    打造出 B-2 的具體原料仍是機密,但我們知道它的外皮是由經碳纖維強化的塑膠所包覆,

  • while the leading edge of the B-2 is likely painted with a paint which contains small particles of iron, which absorb electromagnetic energy and converts it to heat.

    而 B-2 的最外層塗裝則有可能是一種含有微小鐵分子的噴漆,能吸收電磁能並將其轉化為熱能。

  • With these technologies combined the B-2 barely even registers on radar screens.

    在這些技術的結合下,B-2 幾乎沒有出現在雷達螢幕上過。

  • What is even more terrifying to think about is the fact the Nazi 's had created a very similar plane all the way back in 1944.

    而令人細思極恐的是,納粹在 1944 年時就曾經打造過一架非常類似的飛機。

  • The Horten 229 incorporated many of the same principles as the B-2, long before the stealth technology that made the B-2 possible was fully understood.

    早在用在 B-2 上的匿蹤科技被完全發展出來以前,霍頓 229 就採用了許多與 B-2 相同的原則。

  • Today, we can only imagine what the impact this plane would have had, if it was ready before the wars end.


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The B-2 Stealth Bomber is probably one of the most iconic planes to have ever been built.

B-2 匿蹤轟炸機可能是有史以來最具標誌性的飛機之一。

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