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  • Hi everyone it is Jennifer from Tarle speech  with a Christmas week pronunciation lesson.  

  • And I have a guest with me today, my  elf, sassy boo, and drum roll please -  

  • it's Claire! Everyone's been asking to  see her. How old are you now Claire 8.

  • Okay so Claire planned this video today and the  video is on the word mistletoe. So the word is  

  • mistletoe. Mistletoe is a plant that grows  on a tree. And it's traditional to hang it  

  • over your door and then when it is hung over the  door if you catch someone standing under it you  

  • have to give them a kiss. yes. So to say mistletoe  correctly Claire can you please hold my board  

  • thank you very much. To say mistletoe correctly  we have three beats: miss ul toe miss ul toe

  • So for the first syllable miss you're going  to start with closed lips for that m. Move  

  • to that short i sound with relaxed open  mouth. You're just going to see your tongue  

  • peeking out there. Everything is relaxed. And  then move to the sss keep that air moving.  

  • Tongue does not touch your teeth. Tip of  the tongue is down or flipped back. Miss

  • Next we're going to move to syllable  number two ul. To do this you're just  

  • going to move your tongue up to touch the  back of your top front teeth. ul ul ul

  • And then you end with toe. Start by touching the  tip of your tongue to the back of your top front  

  • teeth for that t and then end with the o. To do  that open mouth and it moves to a pucker. Toe

  • Let's put it all together miss ul toe.

  • mistletoe mistletoe mistletoe mistletoe And now Claire's turn  

  • give me three times mistletoe mistletoe mistletoe

  • I hope that someone that you love is standing  under the mistletoe so that you can give them  

  • a smooch. And Claire would also like  to introduce her reindeer and what is  

  • your reindeer's name is mistletoe. Say  it again mistletoe show us mistletoe.

  • Okay this is mistletoe and sassy boo our  elf who's up there on the tree brought  

  • mistletoe for us so merry Christmas  and we will see you again soon bye!

Hi everyone it is Jennifer from Tarle speech  with a Christmas week pronunciation lesson.  


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How to Pronounce MISTLETOE - American English CHRISTMAS Pronunciation Lesson

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