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Tetris has been released so many times over the years, you start to wonder...maybe that’s
part of the plan. Maybe this is some scheme to reach out to other life forms. It’s not
like anyone on this planet hasn’t played Tetris, so maybe the repackaging of this game
is like the precursor to some kind of new Voyager program.
Only this time, instead of gold records, we’re sending Tetris: Axis.
Of course, that wouldn’t be a very nice gesture on our part. I don’t know very much
about interstellar diplomacy, but I think sending a weaker Tetris might be step one
in starting a cross-galaxy war.
Just to be safe, maybe we can send Tetris DS instead.
It’s not that Tetris: Axis is a bad game. It’s pretty hard to screw up the greatest
puzzle game of all-time, so any game built around Alexey Pajitnov’s elegant masterpiece
is an inherently good game at heart. The thing is, when it’s been rereleased as many times
as Tetris, the quality of the release really hinges on the quality of the package.
And in that respect, Tetris: Axis—while decent—is also a bit of a letdown.
The first thing you notice with Tetris: Axis is that the game seems to have more modes
and content than it knows what to do with. There are more than 20 different ways to play
Tetris in Axis, scattered across a menu system that is anything but intuitive. You feel like
you have to dig for a lot of them, navigating submenus until you find more modes you probably
won’t play more than once before going back to the original.
Among the several new ones are modes like a thinner Tetris grid, a Tetris game with
bombs in the blocks and even a falling-block race of sorts. The game also supports the
3DS AR cards for some augmented reality Tetris, which is cool...but for the most part, a good
deal of the modes feel half-heartedly tacked on.
Speaking of half-hearted, perhaps the most disappointing aspect of Tetris: Axis is the
game’s presentation. Two of the best recent Tetris games for Nintendo consoles were Tetris
DS and Tetris Party for WiiWare, each of which packaged cool gameplay with equally well-conceived
aesthetics and designs.
Tetris: Axis has neither.
In fact, the game almost looks thrown together...as if there’s no coherent idea here beyond,
“Hey, we need a Tetris game on the 3DS.” Even the Mii support, which is an excellent
addition at first, feels empty. He just...stands there. And dances. That’s the kind of thought
that went into Tetris: Axis. Let’s just stand there and be Tetris.
Fortunately, there are a lot of multiplayer options. You can play up to eight players
locally and online, and best of all, Tetris: Axis also supports download play. Your pals
don’t even need their own cartridge to play a little Tetris: Axis wirelessly, which is
an excellent addition in any 3DS game.
It sounds like nitpicking, but at the same time, there has to be a basis of comparison
somewhere. Games like Tetris DS and Tetris Party paired awesome presentation with cool
new ways to play. Tetris: Axis lacks the former, and although it packs a punch in terms of
content, a lot of it just feels thrown together. In fact, many of the options actually existed
in other games first.
I can’t tell if this is a new Tetris or a greatest hits collection.
The only problem with that is that Tetris: Axis isn’t even the greatest hits. It’s
like a Metallica show in which they only play stuff from Load. It’s still Metallica, but
it was better before.


[電玩遊戲 Nintendo 3DS俄羅斯方塊:新軸向遊戲回顧]CGRundertow TETRIS: AXIS for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

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